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11 Best 6 Person Tent [Buyers Guide 2022]

We go camping to escape from the unending troubles of the modern world.  As the modern world has also taken over every corner making it nearly impossible to live without the help of human-made products even, we try to spend a few days away from urban life. 

But tents give a feeling of Tipis—which is also a human-made product—taking us away from the worldly troubles and closer to nature. Camping has been a popular activity, and the growth rate is taking more pace with the increase of urbanization. 

Therefore, more and more outdoor companies are competing to increase their market share while doing so; the consumers are provided with a variety of products that are affordable and elegant.

Choosing the best 6-person tent can be intimidating, as there is a wide variety of tents which make it challenging to select the right tent among too many options. 

Also, the fear to disappoint fellow campers can affect your decision-making skills. Considering that, The Tent House made a list of 12 best 6 man tent that will save your time as you do not have to choose among thousands of shelters, but among 12. Moreover, our list is versatile, covering different needs. 

Let’s go and check the best 6-person tents.

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Best 6 Person Camping Tent Reviews

Kodiak Canvas Tent is a Rolls-Royce among tents; elegant and comfortable. You won’t regret spending a few dollars more on this high-end canvas tent as it offers more value than the price tag.  It is a 4-season tent, you can use it in severe winters and still wake warm and dry as you do inside a house with a central heating system. But it is heavier than conventional tents so, if you are fond of hiking, then it is not the best choice.

It is made of high-quality materials; The floor is 16-ounce polyester-reinforced vinyl with welded seams, the walls are 8.5-ounce Hydra-Shield canvas, and the ceiling is 10-ounce Hydra-Shield canvas. The funnel flow vents are a smart touch from Kodiak; they, together with the four windows, provide a refreshing environment in every weather condition.

The generous awning provides a dry entryway, and it is large enough to keep the extra gear, and one can sit under it on a rainy day to enjoy the wet weather.

The majority of the canvas tents are difficult to pitch, but the unique frame design of Kodiak Canvas allows a single person to pitch it in less than 15 minutes.

It has two doors for convenience, and the zippers are durable enough to stand to rough use.

If you are planning to go on a long hiking trip, then you should check our best ultralight tents review.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent Key Features:

  • High quality Tent
  • Spacious
  • Large Awning
  • Most Luxurious among 6 Person Tent
  • 4 Season Tent
  • Best 6 Man Tent

Eureka is building tents since 1895, and many of its shelters have won prestigious awards. It even builds tents for the military! This three-season camping tent is no exception from Eureka; it has all the qualities that one can expect from a hundred- and twenty-five-years old company.

The eye-catching feature is the spacious space; even the tallest person will not feel confined because of the 7 feet center height and vertical walls. One feature that is rare to find is the removable fabric panels that are attached to reflect light so the occupants can read books and do other activities in ease. Another benefit of the illuminating fabric is that it can absorb heat.

The tent is highly convenient; it is compact when packed and can be pitched in a breeze because of the ring/pin assembly and a clip pole sleeve.

One cannot doubt the waterproof capability of Eureka, but still, we tested its waterproof capacity, and it stayed dry throughout the whole process. For strong wind, it has a solid aluminum and steel frame. The three windows, mesh roof, and large door keeps the tent breathable in every weather condition.

The tent interior is well-organized; it has gear lofts, and mesh pockets to keep essential off the floor. Moreover, it has an E-port and pockets for smartphones and tablets.

The only drawback of the tent is the fragile zippers of the front door, don’t be too rough with them.

Eureka Desert Canyon 6 People Tent Key Features:

  • Extemely Waterproof
  • Spacious
  • Illuminating Fabric
  • 3 Season Tent

Gazelle tent not only looks like a steam locomotive but also feels sturdy like it. It is the best 6 person pop up tent in our list.

It has two impressive features; one is the removable floor, which is a dream come true for all the lazy campers who find it hard to clean the floor. They can now remove the floor and shake out dirt and snow. 

The other awesome feature is the convertible screen room when the divider is removed; the tent looks like a spacious barrack.

It is a pop-up tent; it means you can set it up in less than a minute; you only have to take it off from the storage bag, leave the rest to the pop-up technology.

The tent is highly convenient; it has two doors so that you can sneak out easily without disturbing the occupants, and the five large windows—with screens—are something that you will find a blessing from Gazelle on a hot summer night. Plus, the YKKK zippers of the shelter are highly durable.

The structure is solid because of the fiberglass poles and hub design. Also, it is equipped with guy lines and stakes on which you can totally depend on a windy night.

It is roomy for 6-person, you can even take your dog along and won’t feel crampy at all. But the tent is slightly large for the bag provided, so, for smooth packing, take a larger storage bag.

It is one of the best 6 man tent that you will ever come across.

Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up Tent Key Features:

  • Best 6 Person Pop up Tent
  • Removalbe Floor
  • Convertabile Screen Room
  • Well Ventilated
  • 3 Season Tent

Coleman Montana tent is impermeable; no matter how long and hard it rains, you will come out dry to see the rainbow.  The WeatherTec™ system of Coleman with its patented welded floors and inverted seams does not let even a single drop to enter even when it is raining buckets, and the design is flawless.

Other than being weatherproof, the shelter is spacious enough to accommodate 6-person and the luggage. 

Plus, the extended awning provides protected space to keep wet shoes and extra gear. The mesh pockets keep the floor organized by storing essentials.

The angled windows of the tent are smart as they can be opened on a rainy day, without providing entry to the droplets. Additionally, it has E-port to bring electric cords inside safely and easily.  It has a mesh roof that, other than providing fresh air, allows for stargazing while staying in your comfort zone.

The tent usually requires two persons to set it up, but if you are pro, you can pitch it in less than 15 minutes single-handedly.

It is a well-designed shelter with no prominent drawback, and above all, it is much cheaper than the high-end tents.

Coleman Montana Family Tent Key Features:

  • Weatherproof
  • Extended Awning
  • Angled Windows
  • 3 Season Tent

This core instant cabin tent is very easy to set up and take down; the pre-assembled poles take less than a minute to pop-up. Also, it is compact and lightweight compared to other 6-person tents in our list so that one can take it to remote campgrounds.

It has an oversized storage pocket, a detachable gear loft, and other gear pockets that together save you more space and keep the tent organized by keeping small items off the floor.

The H2O block technology is quite effective; it doesn’t leak even during downpours. But the tent is suitable for slumber parties and scout trips as it is not designed for extreme terrains and conditions.

It has large ground vents that prevent condensation inside the tent. Plus, it has large windows and panoramic mesh ceiling for stargazing and cross-ventilation. The rainfly is super easy to take down and to attach to the tent.

It has ample space for two queen size mattresses, but it is not built for 6-adults. Three adults and three juveniles can easily fit in with extra space for luggage and elbow room.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent Key Features:

  • Easy to Setup and Take-down
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • 3 Season Tent

Science says that orange color can create stimulated mental activity; it is a hidden pro of the Big Agnes. Apart from the color, the tent is lightweight that allows you to carry it on a long hiking trip.

It is well-ventilated and feels super cool without the rainfly. With the rainfly on, the tent protects like a cave house.

It has nearly vertical walls that make it more spacious, a perfect tent for family camping. The interior is quite organized with ten mesh pockets, two bin pockets and gear loft loop galore. And it has a welcome mat on a front door for clean entrance.

The tent is rainproof, and it doesn’t have any design flaws, so it is nearly impossible for the rainwater to seep in.

Color-coded webbing and buckles allow a single person to set up this tent in less than 10 minutes. The guy lines and ten aluminium stakes are well-built and keep the tent intact during storms.

It has two doors to let you move in and out without disturbing the fellow campers, and two windows are included for cross-ventilation. The mesh roof and walls allow you to enjoy the surrounding without compromising your privacy. Also, the walls are dense mesh to keep the bugs at bay.

Because of the lightweight and excellent ventilation arrangements, it is an ideal tent for summer camping.

Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Camping Tent Key Features:

  • Well Ventilated
  • Best Lightweight 6 Person Tent
  • 3 Season Tent

The main reason to buy this Coleman Sundome tent is its sturdy and rugged character; it lasts longer than an iceberg. Other than the durability, the tent is extremely weatherproof no matter how strong the rainstorm gets, the tent will stay dry and intact.

It has an extended awning that provides a dry entrance and a place to keep wet shoes.

The tent has excellent ventilation arrangements for every condition; in winter, the ground vents keep the tent free from condensation. 

In summer, the two windows, and a large door with hooded fly together provide boosted ventilation. Other than the windows, it has mesh vents on the roof, which add more freshness to the already cool tent.

It has plenty of space and a decent center height, but six adults will feel crampy since it doesn’t have vestibules to store extra gear. 

It has E-port to provide safe entrance to electric cords. The storage pockets are large and within easy reach.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to assemble, but the setup procedure is not convoluted; it is a conventional setup tent even a newbie can pitch it without following the instruction. 

The stakes that come with a tent are delicate, so it is better to invest a few dollars on stronger stakes. To find the best tent pegs check our best tent stakes review.

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Family Tent Key Features:

  • Comes with Snow skirt and Footprint
  • Durable and Rugged
  • Packs down small
  • High Quality Lightweight Tent
  • 4 Season Tent

After you set up OT QOMOTOP Tent instantly, you might consider selling your house and keeping this 6-person instant tent as your permanent shelter. It is extremely easy to pitch and takedown and looks spacious.

Two queen size mattresses can fit in pretty easily, and still leaves enough space to store the luggage. The tent is highly livable because of the high-quality material used to build it even the zippers can stand up to rough use.

It is waterproofed with taped seams and a well-designed rain fly; it keeps you dry no matter how long and hard it rains. 

Moreover, high-quality and durable polyester fabric keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It has an E-port which can be closed when not in use.

Ground vents are blessings in chilly nights to prevent condensation, and this tent has well-designed vents that, coupled with windows, provide soothing air circulation. Also, the starry sky is visible when the rain fly is removed.

Though it doesn’t have extended awnings, the doormats help to keep the tent clean.

OT QOMOTOP Family Tent Key Features:

  • Easy to Pitch
  • Convenient
  • Roomy
  • 3 Season Tent

Coleman Elite Tent has a sunny screen room and a built-in LED that provides it an edge over its competitors. Other than that, the tent can take pride in the generous space it provides.

One cannot find a tent with a center height of six feet and 8 inches in that price range, but Coleman took into consideration the problem of tall people while designing an inexpensive tent. Well, the tent is spacious and well-equipped, but it is heavier than most 6-person family tents, although the shelter is heavy but is compact when packed.

The built-in LED has different modes that can be controlled through the wall switch. Whether you are reading a book or sleeping, the LED illuminates according to your needs.

A single person can pitch the tent, but unlike pop-tents, this tent takes time to assemble. It comes with instructions, when followed properly, the tent stands like a rock against high winds.

The tent has inverted seams and zipper cuffs for maximum rain protection. Plus, the fabric is of high-quality that makes the tent livable in every weather condition, other than severe winters.

For dry weather, it offers a mesh roof and rolling windows so that you can enjoy the starry sky while inhaling fresh air. It can be called a best 6-person family tent for all the extra benefits it provides.

Other than the weight, this tent has no significant drawback, and the weight shouldn’t be a problem if the campground is easily accessible. 

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent Key Features:

  • Spacious screen room for lounging
  • Built-in LED light
  • Weatherproof
  • Comes with a footprint
  • 3 Season Tent

Coleman Cabin tent is big enough to provide elbow room to six persons, yet super easy to pitch. Plus, the fabric is durable. 

The only drawback that compelled us to put this at the bottom of our list is its waterproof feature; it is not 100 percent waterproof. Therefore, it is better to seal the seams before heading out on your next adventure.

Without compromising on the cross-ventilation, the tent is designed to block sunlight so that you can get long sleeps on your camping trips. Moreover, the rain fly has vents to keep the inside breathable even in most extreme weather conditions.

The pre-assembled poles help to pitch the tent in less than a minute, saving you more time to spend with your family.  After the tent is pitched, you will be surprised to see the spacious interior, especially the generous height of 6 feet.

The Cabin has storage pockets and comes with a decent storage bag. Other than that, it has two large windows and one door. It may surprise you if I tell you that it is one of the cheapest 6-person tents. 

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup Key Features:

  • Built to Last
  • Inexpensive
  • Spacious
  • Best 6 Person Tent for the money
  • 3 Season Tent

Coleman Dome Tent is an economical tent that offers all the basic features that one expects from a conventional tent. It is roomy and has a smart ventilation arrangement. Plus, it has a screen room for lounging, great value for the price.

The extended awnings over the windows is a unique touch from Coleman as it allows the air circulation in every condition, unlike other budget tents which could not prevent condensation in rainy condition due to unvented rainfly and orthodox window designs.

The enlarged rainfly of the tent keeps the tent livable in every weather condition except in heavy snowfall. The only drawback of the tent is that the lounge is not as waterproof as the bedroom, so there are chances that the screen room may let raindrops seep in on a rainy night because of a minor design flaw. 

Other than the screen room, the tent is waterproof and wind responsive. Also, the floor is exceptionally waterproof due to welding-inspired technology.

It is easy to set up because of its instant-clip pole attachment. Above all, it has a conventional dome design without continuous sleeves to make it less complicated for newbies to set up the tent.

It is sturdy and durable like the other Coleman tent; it will last longer than your longing for camping if used with care. 

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room Key Features:

  • Built to Last
  • Inexpensive
  • Spacious
  • 3 Season Tent

Best 6 Person Tent FAQs

A best 6-person tent is weatherproof, spacious, portable, and has a vestibule, extended awning, screen room, interior pockets, and E-port.

The price range of 6-person tents is $100-$5000

The price range of 6-person tents is $100-$5000

An expensive tent is ultralight, elegant and highly sophisticated so if you can afford it, then go for it.

Read here the complete details and difference between Ultralight vs Lightweight Backpacking Tents


As you can see, we have mentioned every feature of the tents and reviewed each 6 person camping tent in detail. All of them are comfortable and reliable as our experts do extensive research and test the products before finalizing a list.

Also, we have mentioned the flaws that we found in the 6 man tents review to make it easier for you to decide. All you have to do now is to choose one that is according to your needs and falls under your budget.

If you found our 6-person tent review helpful, check out our other product reviews that you may find helpful too.

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