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10 Best Budget Tent [Cheap Tents Reviewed]

Most of the times, we pay more than the value of the product we buy and regret later when we come across a cheaper one that offers the same or more features and better quality. 

The reason is we blindly trust expensive products while paying no heed to the inexpensive ones.

It also takes more time and deep scrutinization to find the best quality product at a low price. So, we usually buy a product without researching.

You do not have to do all the work because thetenthouse has got the best budget tents for you.

Before going to the Best Cheap Backpacking tents, go through a brief guide on how to choose the best cheap tent in 2020.

Best Budget Tent 2021 Review

1. Coleman Sundome Tent   
2. GeerTop Budget Backpacking Tent
3. Coleman Hooligan Cheap Backpacking Tent
4. Bessport Budget Camping Tent
5. Weanas Professional Lightweight Tent
6. Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2-person Tent
7. Winterial 3-person Affordable Tent
8. Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent
9. Wakeman Outdoors 2-Person Dome Tent
10. Alpha Camp 2 Backpacking Tent

If I call this tent a tank, it would not surprise the people who have used it. This can withstand storms and whatnot. 

It has welded seams, and the rounded rectangular shaped floor provides maximum protection in extreme weather. The coated polythene walls and rain fly do not let even a single drop to enter even when it is raining buckets. 

This backpacking tent has smart ventilation arrangements. With two windows, one vent at the bottom for fresh air, and a large door with hooded fly together provide boosted ventilation. Other than the windows, it has mesh vents on the roof, which add more freshness to the already cool tent.

Coleman Sundome has a zippered opening for electrical access, and pockets are added inside the tent to hold your essentials. 

It provides ample space for two persons; it can shelter three if they are okay with cuddling. This has a perfect height; you can even stand inside the tent. 

Most of the two-person tents we came across were not big enough for a queen size mattress, but this Coleman Sundome tent is. 

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up this tent and to take it down.

Coleman Sundome tent

Coleman Sundome Tent Key Features:

  • Best value backpacking tent                        
  • Rugged and durable
  • Surprisingly waterproof
  • Well-ventilated 
  • Spacious space 
  • 3 Season Tent

An all-season tent that is lightweight and compact enough to take on backpacking. It is a Bruce lee among backpacking tents; light but durable.


It is a double layer tent, an independent outer tent, and rainfly. It is one of the best cheap backpacking tent.


It is made of high-quality materials, 210T anti-tear checkered polyester, coating features 3000mm water-resistant finish and excellent UV-resistance, and PU 5000mm Oxford tent floor sheet.


The waterproof index, together with double stitched seams and the PU 5000mm tent floor sheet not only provide perfect water resistance in snowfall and rainstorm but also prevent condensation inside the tent. 


It is a breathable tent with two doors and two pop-up mesh windows. A spacious space together with two vestibules of 18 cm each on opposites sides of the tent provides are more than enough for two persons and the gear. A queen size air mattress fits inside easily. 


Winter camping is quite different from summer camping; you expect more from your tent. Apart from the waterproof feature, you need the tent to stand firm against strong winds.


Geertop backpacking tent has taken care of that by equipping the tent with freestanding poles, Triangular Aluminum tent pegs, and Reflective windproof ropes. 


Do not be too rough with the zippers; they are not tough like the rest of the tent.


You cannot get a better 4-season tent at such a low price. It is even better than the expensive ones.  

GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2 Person 4 Season Camping Tent Double Layer

GEERTOP Budget Backpacking Tent Key Features:

  • Lots of feature for the price
  • Two Vestibules for wet gear
  • 4-Season tent 
  • The high-quality material used to keep it warm
  • Double doors 
  • Boosted Ventilation 

Coleman is known for its rugged and durable tents. It has kept the legacy by introducing this masterpiece tent at an affordable price. 

The WeatherTec™ system of Coleman with its patented welded floors and inverted seams do not let even a single drop to enter even when it is raining buckets. 

The floor is a bathtub style—a smart touch from Coleman— and 1000D polythene that protects from extreme weathers together with 45000mm polyester coated rain fly. The rain fly covers the entire tent with 12 tent stakes to hold it firm against winds. 

This backpacking tent has smart vestibule which performs multiple duties: It keeps inside of the tent clean by creating a dry place to enter, stores wet shoes and extra gears, and when the tent is positioned such that the vestibule face the wind in windy condition, it guides the wind up and over the tent, the rods in front of the tent are stronger than the rods in back. 

The trademark Pin-and-ring system of Coleman is one of its kind. This patent Pin-and-ring system, coupled with four external guy points, hold the tent firmly by not letting the corner pole connections from slipping and keep it stable in high winds and storms. 

This tent is also ideal for the summer season; it has all mesh body for maximum airflow and stargazing at night, you will love this feature! 

It has pockets inside of the tent within easy reach to hold things like flashlights and other such essentials. 

This tent has only one cone; it takes slightly more time to pitch than the other tents in our list. It has six stakes for the tent and 12 stakes for the rain fly, but all this to keep you dry and warm. 

Overall, this is the best cheap 2-person tent. 

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan Cheap Inexpensive Tent Key Features:

  • Well-engineered to keep you dry and warm 
  • Rugged and durable 
  • Smart Vestibule 
  • All mesh body for maximum Ventilation
  • Best Budget Backpacking tent
  • 3 Season Tent

It is not precisely a 2-person tent, but a 2.5-people tent, do not hesitate to take along your pet for camping, there is enough space for it, but do not if you have a buffalo.  

This tent can accommodate a queen size air mattress.  This champ is excellent for hiking because of its lightweight. Its lightweight should not be taken as its weakness to face rainstorms and high winds. 

The progressive design of this tent provides excellent protection from extreme weather; It uses thermally sealed seams and water-resistant fabrics to keep you dry. The structure of the poles coupled with guy ropes, when pitched, provide maximum protection from high winds.

The densely mesh body of the tent gives a refreshing experience without compromising on privacy.

Because of its clips system, it takes less than 4 minutes to pitch this tent and less than 5 minutes to take it down.

It has two large doors for convenience; you can move in and out without disturbing fellow camper. Besides, two doors it has two large windows for cross-ventilation. All these attributes make this an all-weather tent. 

In addition to the affordable but high-quality product, Bessport offers excellent customer services, if you face any problem after getting the product you can contact them, and they will get back to you in no time.

Bessport Camping Tent

Bessport Affordable Camping Tent Key Features:

  • Roomy for two persons
  • Inexpensive 
  • Surprisingly Waterproof
  • All mesh body without undermining privacy
  • Attention to details in the manufacturing process
  • 3 Season Tent

Almost an all-season tent that is compact, easy to carry, and yet enough room for four people. It seems Weanas is on a mission to meet every need of campers.

It is waterproof and warm, a dream of every backpacker. It has a waterproof index of 4000mm that means it is nearly impossible to get wet inside this perfect Backpacking Tent.

A weatherproof tent that comes with two closeable ventilation Skylights to take you closer to nature, and at the same time protect you from pouring sky. It provides ventilation by allowing you to stare at the sky while you are inside the tent; not all tents have this feature, especially in low budget tents.

The tent is made lightweight without compromising on the quality. It can protect you from heavy winds as the aluminum poles are strong enough to hold the tent, and the walls are made of high-quality fabric that not only stop winds but also do not tear or scratch easily.

It has pockets inside to hold essentials like cellphones and flashlights.

Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

Weanas Professional Lightweight Backpacking Tent Key Features:

  • Spacious Space  
  • WeatherproofLow Budget
  • 3 Season Tent

Alps takes pride in the quality of their products and offer a limited lifetime warranty, which makes this 2-person budget tent more attractive. 

The entire mesh walls and the two doors offer a top-notch ventilation arrangement and a perfect view of the starry sky.

Apart from being well-ventilated, this tent has a long rain fly which covers the entire tent.

Some two-person tent is not enough for two persons if the camping gears are placed inside the tent. Realizing that problem, Alps provides two vestibules for your gear that does not only protect your equipment but leaves enough space for two persons.  

It has a waterproof index of 3000mm, this together with the factory sealed seams are more than enough to keep you dry in rainy weather.

It has a minor design flaw; the plastic window is not durable like the rest of the tent. Take extra care of the window to protect from leaks.

This tent should not be used during snowfall as Alps has not considered extreme weather while designing it. The ventilations fill with snow while pitching it in a snowfall.

The aluminum two poles design together with guy ropes, not only makes the tent stable but easy to assemble too. It is compact, easy to set up, and well-constructed.

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2-person tent

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr Cheap 2-person backpacking Tent Key Features: 

  • Excellent After-sales services
  • Two vestibules for your gear 
  • Mesh Walls 
  • Two doors for convenience 
  • 3 Season Tent

Lightweight and easy to pitch, the Wintreal 3-person backpacking tent is spacious and yet compact when folded. With only 4.4 pounds, this an ideal tent to take on hiking. 

It is surprisingly waterproof with an addition of the removable rain fly, which makes it impossible for the rainwater to seep in by covering the whole tent from head to toe. The floor of the tent is waterproof and, if used with a tarp, feels very comfortable and cozy. 

Not only is it perfect for winter but also spring and summer; The two large ventilation screens refresh the tent through cross-ventilation. 

Apart from the two screens, it has a pair of two-layer, zippered doors that not only make it easy for the campers to move in and out but also help in keeping the tent crispy. 

It has a small vestibule area to store wet gears. With only two aluminum poles, it is very easy to pitch the tent.  

A tent of that weight may imply confined space, but Winterial has done exceptionally well to make it spacious without altering the weight. 

This tent can fit a full-size air mattress. It has a height of almost 4 feet when pitched; this means you would not feel cramped in it at all.  

It might be slightly small for people taller than 6’2’’, but if they are okay with sleeping diagonally, then this tent is perfect for them too. 

Winterial 3-person tent

Winterial 3-person Affordable backpacking Tent Key Features:

  • Splittable doors; Two separate entrances 
  • Amazing rainfly 
  • Well-ventilated
  • Lots of feature for the price 
  • 3 Season Tent

Pop up tents are at their best when they offer a decent amount of space, and boosted ventilation, coupled with weather protection. This pop-up tent offers all, and the low price is cherry on the cake. 

The beautiful looking tent has an Advanced Hydraulic pressure mechanism which helps to set up and take down the tent in less than 1 minute, A real face-saver at the campground. 

The tent has a decent waterproof index of 3000mm and waterproof tape on every seam, sufficient to protect from rain. The 210D waterproof oxford fabric is sturdy enough to keep you comfy and warm in chilly weather.

Not only best for chilly weather, but the two doors together with the window also provide ample airflow, which keeps the tent cool in hot summer nights without letting the bugs to enter. 

The rain fly can be separated to make the tent perfect for beaching and fishing. This feature rarely comes in inexpensive tents like this; it is like buying a convertible car for a few grands. 

A queen size mattress can fit inside, but it would leave little room for other stuff. 

The tarp that comes with this tent fits perfectly. 

Like few other tents in our list, this tent comes with indoor pockets to hold your essentials, buckles to make it easy to remove and connect the rain fly and strong fiberglass poles to hold the tent firmly. 

The roof of the tent is strong enough to hold a rainstorm, but the walls, unfortunately, are not reliable as the roof, so be careful if you are expecting heavy rains.

Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

Night Cat Waterproof Budget Camping Tent Key Features:

  • Pop up tent; can be pitched in seconds
  • Multiuse; The rainfly can be separated as a pavilion Good-looking tent 
  • 3 Season Tent

This 2-person nylon tent though comes at a very low price but has all the qualities which an expensive backpacking tent offers.

It is user-friendly, even a rookie can pitch it in less than 5 minutes, and it is easy to carry because of its surprisingly lightweight.

This dome tent comes with dual-layer big D shaped door, which can come handy in summers. Other than that, it has a ventilation window. So, the dual-layer and the window can provide cross ventilation without attracting bugs in summer.

The rain fly is slightly short, which might be a problem in heavy rain. You can buy an extra rain fly to cover the only con of this backpacking tent. The floor is waterproof, and it made a bit high to protect from the water beneath.

This tent has a pocket inside to hold a variety of items.

I would suggest not to buy this tent if you are planning to go on winter camping as this is not made for extreme weather. Other than that, this the perfect tent if you want to go cheap without compromising the basic fun.

Wakeman Outdoors 2-person dome tent

Wakeman Outdoors Cheap 2-person Dome Tent Key Features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Low Budget Dome Tent
  • Cheap Hiking Tent
  • 3 Season Tent

This conventional setup tent exceeds expectations when it comes to the pitching time and the spacious space. It takes less than five minutes to assemble this cheap backpacking tent because of the clips and ring system. It has a shock-corded fiberglass system, which reduces the pitching time exceptionally.

It has enough space for two persons and the accessories and camping equipment. Two air mattresses or a queen size mattress can fit inside easily without compromising on anything. 

The large roof mesh and windows provide an ideal combination for cross-ventilation. Also, the large D shaped door has a small window for ventilation. All the windows can be zipped up and are covered with curtains. 

It has closeable electrical port access and small pockets to hold essentials. The mud pad attached to the door is a smart value addition since a dirty tent is the last thing you want.

The fiberglass poles, together with the four wind ropes, hold the tent firmly in windy conditions.

This Alpha tent has a waterproof index of 1000mm, which compared to other tents in our list is low, but it is still a waterproof tent with its sealed fly and floor seam, but it is not a perfect choice for extreme weathers.

Alpha Camp 2 Tent

Alpha Camp 2 Backpacking Tent Key Features:

  • Surprisingly easy to assemble and dissemble 
  • Plenty of Room
  • Attached Mud pad

Best Cheap Tent Buying Guide 2021

Light Weight: The last thing you want when hiking is a heavy backpacking tent; with all the heavy gears, it gets nearly impossible to walk. Besides, high-quality tents are always lightweight and compact.

All the tents which made to our list of best cheap backpacking tents are lightweight, and few are surprisingly light.

Cheap lightweight tent:  Most of the lightweight tents cost a hefty amount of money, but not all. The backpacking tents that we have chosen for you are cheap but of high build quality. 

Why pay more when you can pay less!

Weatherproof: After enjoying the whole day doing hiking, fishing, and whatnot, at the end of the day, campers want a sound sleep, and that is not possible without a weatherproof tent. We have selected only those tents which are astonishingly weatherproof.

Rugged and durable: It is not a good idea to take a delicate tent on an adventurous trip. You might be thinking about how a cheap backpacking tent can be rugged and durable. Well, after in-depth research and examining various tents, we have found the cheap and sturdy and durable for you. 

Pitch time: The most irritating thing while camping is wasting time doing stuff that you do not like. Why spend your precious holiday setting up a complicated tent?

Always choose a tent that takes less time to set up and take down as we did for you.

Ventilation: We go on camping to get closer to nature as much as we can, to enjoy the fresh air and stargazing. Then why would we want a confined and suffocating tent?

All the tents in our list are well-ventilated and do not come between you and nature.


It becomes very difficult to choose among the so many good options, when all of them are top-notch cheap tents. We have already discussed about how to choose a perfect Budget backpacking tent at the start of the article. Follow the guidance and just choose the best option according to your requirements.  

Besides, you would not regret buying any of the best affordable tents we have reviewed.

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