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“When hunting and camping go side by side, you’d need something for shelter and your comfort, i.e. a hunting tent.”

Why? You might ask!

For starters, the best hunting tent is necessary to keep you away from strong winds, rain, and other unhandled circumstances.

More than that, it could help you sleep better at night so that you can wake up completely fresh and ready to go for the hunt.

While talking about hunting shelters, I must warn you that making the right decision is quite daunting with so many options available in the market.

Lucky for you, we have already done our homework and researched dozens of options before compiling our top 8 list.

It includes models from quality brands with a plethora of qualities and an affordable budget.

All in all, let’s dig deep into discussing the top-rated hunting tents of 2021:

Top 8 Best Hunting Tent Options Reviewed for 2021 (Beginner to Professional)

Seasons of Hunting:

Depending upon the weather and climate conditions of a specific area, we could discuss different seasons of hunting.

That said, many hunters would want to know about specific hunting seasons so that they could prepare their gear according to the requirements.

Some of the major seasons in which pro hunters become active include:

Deer Hunting [August – September] (Firearms and Archery)

One of the most favorite times for hunters is to look out for deer and hunt it down.

Deer comes in Big Game hunting and its seasons might vary from place to place.

However, we could assume that it roughly starts in August and continues till the end of September.

Multiple states only allow archery to be used in this type of hunting.

However, few of them are okay with using specific types of firearms during this hunting season.

Hunters during this season should consider the type of gear they want to pack.

In that aspect, if they want to take an active part in deer hunting, they should get themselves a 3-season hunting tent. It will help them camp with convenience and comfort. On top of that, using appropriate gear will also increase their chances of hunting deer.

Hence, the 3 tents we recommend for this hunting season include:

  • Big Agnes Copper Spur
  • The North Face Stormbreak
  • Best Budget Hunting Tent
  • Resist winds of up to 20 mph
  • Uses super-ventilated nylon-mesh material
  • Offers sun protection

Weight: 3.5 lbs| Capacity: 3 Persons| Seasons: 3| Fabric: Polyester

Big Agnes Copper Spur with lightweight option, resistance against bad weather, and a spacious inner design will leave you in awe. Why? Well, this shelter comes with the most advanced construction. Plus, you can set it up within few minutes and enjoy looking out for deer or elk on adventurous terrain.

For starters:

The 3-person tent is specifically designed to resist strong winds. It can easily bear winds for up to 20 mph, which is quite extraordinary.

Made with ultralight and super-ventilated nylon-mesh, Big Agnes won’t disappoint you if it’s raining cats and dogs. Not only that but the vestibule is made from same material to help keeping your hunting stuff safe and protected enough.

You’d be surprised to know this shelter is capable of protecting your skin from sunburns. Yeah, you heard that right. The special UV extra protection feature enables it to keep the hunters away from intense sun radiations for a long time.

All in all, the single door, excellent tent gets adjusted within few minutes and the best thing is that it maintains stability and rigidity. However, it will cost you a fortune as it’s quite expensive.


★ Rugged nylon-mesh construction
★ Ultralight body
★ Spacious from the inside
★ Resists water and strong winds 
★Offers UV rays protection


✖ Available in an expensive price range

  • Large doors for easier access
  • Spacious design
  • Resistant to multiple kinds of weather

Weight: 5 lbs| Capacity: 2 Persons| Seasons: 3| Fabric: Polyester

The North Face is one of the most reliable brands when the talks of camping or hunting start. Stormbreak 2 is one versatile hunting shelter capable of offering shelter, and a warm cozy place to rest at night. With a unique shape and design, it gets adjusted in small areas and could provide more space than you’d imagine.

To get started with:

Stormbreak 2 comes with an easy-to-pitch design. That is, it will take you no more than 2 minutes to make it stand with all its peripherals. Assembling it is quite convenient.

Furthermore, you’d get two large doors for entering or leaving your place without facing any hurdle. Two twin zips with a multifunctional vestibule are there to enhance the durability and space inside it.

Not to forget, Stormbreak 2 could really persist in harsh winds. As far as our testing is concerned, the tent was able to bear winds of about 20 to 25 mph without any worries.

All in all, we’d have to conclude that The North Face with such a comfortable, compact, and lightweight tent has made it easier for campers to finally decide on something.

It’s literally perfect from every aspect. However, we don’t recommend it to large families as it can only accommodate two persons at a time.


★ Weighs only 5 pounds
★ Durable 75D polyester quality materials construction
★ Resists harsh weather conditions  
★ Suitable for elk and deer hunting
★ Comfortable for two persons


✖ Average customer support

  • Ultralight Bivy for solo hunters
  • Compatible with 3 seasons
  • Resists insects and other small creatures

Weight: 3.5 lbs| Capacity: 1 Person| Seasons: 3| Fabric: Polyester

Not too fond of using the solo tent we mentioned above? Don’t worry! We’ve got something better than that anyway. The GEERTOP Bivy comes with an ultralight and a unique design to get started with. Offering resistance to harsh weather and wind, this tent for heavy rain can bear it all. That’s one of the reasons it can work perfectly in 3 seasons without causing any problem.

Starting with some major features:

The BIVY is extremely lightweight and that’s one of the reasons solo hunters prefer it over other shelters. That said, it barely weighs 4 lbs. and is quite compact at the same time.

Not to forget, the use of PU5000 material maintains its sturdiness and ruggedness. Thanks to this, GEERTOP Bivy could keep you safe from water leakage, strong winds, and other extreme weather conditions

The brand has also ensured proper comfort and relaxation with this bivy. In this aspect, it does offer enhanced ventilation via two opening doors. A rugged vestibule is also there to help you hang your hunting gear easily.

With a setting time of less than 10 minutes, this Bivy won’t cost you a large sum of money. The affordability along with a plethora of features surely makes it one of the best lightweight hunting tents in the market.


★ Wind and waterproof
★ Keeps the insects and other crawling creatures away 
★ Comfortable inner environment with proper ventilation
★ Extremely portable and compact
★ Gets set up in less than 10 minutes


✖ Complex assembly

2. ELK and Mule/Whitetail Deer, Dove Hunting September to November (Rifle/Archery)

Hunting for ELK becomes more interesting in the states where only archery is allowed to hunt them down.

These wild beasts become prey while they are rutting from September to November. Hence, hunting them is rather easier for archery hunters.

Although many states will allow only archery, hunters could expect few states to offer certain types of rifles as well.

The states suitable for elk hunting include the likes of New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana.

Up next we have mule or whitetail deer hunting season that starts from end of August and continues till November.

Different states have different laws about hunting whitetail deer or mule deer. So, the weapon type could change depending upon the geography.

However, states like Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado offer a big deal of mule deer hunting.

Similarly, if you want to go after whitetail deer, then consider states like Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, and Kentucky.

Dove hunting, at last, starts statewide from September 5th to November 21. Multiple hunting rifles are allowed for this type of hunting and they might vary from state to state.

For hunting elk, mule/whitetail deer, or dove, hunters will need shelters that could offer resistance against harsh weather conditions.

Hence, the 3 tents we recommend for this hunting season include:

  • MSR Hubba NX
  • ALPS Mountaineering Lynx
  • Clostnature 1-Person Tent
  • Xtreme Shield for blocking sun rays
  • Lightweight shape makes it easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble and set up

Weight: 3.5 lbs| Capacity: 2 Persons| Seasons: 3| Fabric: Nylon

Everyone loves innovation and so do the hunters who want to explore new places while they go on camping or hiking. That said, the MSR Hubba NX is one of a kind as it has got a unique shape. 

Besides, we loved how lightweight and portable it gets. In fact, it’d be fair to say that it’s the most reliable backpacking hunting tent available in the market.

Getting started;

We’d want to mention that Hubba NX’s tent body is constructed with Nylon Xtreme Shield 3D floor ensures excellent protection against wet surfaces. Other material used is polyurethane, which can resist strong winds, heavy rain, and stormy weather.

Suitable for 3 seasons, you’d be delighted to know that Hubba NX resists water 3x more than any other shelter we have discussed above. Thanks to Xtreme Shield, water won’t leak or seep through the walls of Hubba NX no matter how much it rains.

Apart from the accommodation for two persons, we were impressed with the extra space that could actually help hunters keep their gear safe and protected from heavy rain.

As the end comes, MSR Hubba NX arrives with a 3-year limited warranty, means you’ll have peace of mind while utilizing it. However, we must mention that this Hubba NX is quite expensive compared to other options available above.


★ Unique shape and design 
★ Up to 3x water resistant as compared to other models
★ Rugged nylon and polyurethane construction
★ Easy to set up and assemble


✖ A bit expensive

  • Two-pole design for easy assembling
  • Resists water and UV rays
  • Two vestibules for extra storage

Weight: 8.6 lbs| Capacity: 4 Persons| Seasons: 4| Fabric: Polyester

Earlier our focus was more on single person tents so as to meet the demands of solo hunters. However, if you want to go hiking or camping with a group of friends, then there’s nothing better than ALPS Mountaineering Lynx for you to check out. 

This solid 4-person tent body is spacious enough. On top of that, ALPS offers durable material construction, and that’s why this Mountaineering Lynx won’t disappoint you.

Breaking down some of its features;

Assembling this durable tent is easier than you’d expect. The two-pole design along with the use of clippers allows the Lynx to get assembled within few minutes.

Not only that, as we already said before, the Lynx is quite spacious. It does feature two vestibules for keeping important hunting gear safe. Cherry on top is that it also has a mesh storage pocket available on the inside to keep small peripherals in it.

As far as the pegs are concerned, the Mountaineering Lynx does come with the reliable tent stakes. As a result, it would be easier for you to adjust it anywhere you want.

Compatible with 4 hunting seasons, it surely resists water, winds, and harmful UV rays. However, we did not like the zipper’s quality as it was bang average.


★ Mesh storage pocket for keeping important things 
★ Resists water, harsh weather, and winds
★ Aluminum poles with polyester construction
★ Coated floor resists wetness
★ Features two vestibules for keeping your gear safe


✖ Average zipper quality

3. Antelope Hunting Season October – December (Archery, Firearm)

If you want to chase and hunt down antelope, then it’s better to keep your gear ready for winter.

Hunting season for antelopes gets started in October and it continues till the end of December.

Many states will allow hunters different rifles, however, archery is allowed in almost all the states.

Moving forward, states like Wyoming, Arizona, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Montana are perfect for hunting antelopes.

However, as it is winter, you will need a proper 4-season tent to increase your chances of hunting an antelope.

The 3 tents that we recommend in this aspect include:

  • Elk Mountain Tent
  • Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent
  • Camppal 1 Person Tent
  • Suitable for a large group of hunters
  • Made with a combination of canvas, polyester, and fabric
  • No water leakage or wetness issues

Weight: 10 lbs| Capacity: 6 Persons| Seasons: 4| Fabric: Canvas, Polyester, Fabric

ELK Mountain Tent one of the most advanced hunting and camping tents available in the market. The Elk Mountain is a notorious shelter option for a large family who wants to go on a hiking trip. More than that, it also suits the demands of a large group of hunters who are looking to take down deer and elks.

Starting with some majors;

The best hunting tent comes with a combination of durable cotton canvas, polyester, and fabric. In this aspect, it will never leak water and will maintain its balance for a long time.

In addition to the waterproofing quality, the tall tent does offer a spacious inner design. It can accommodate 4 people with a wooden stove and 6 people if there ain’t any stove included on the inside. The tent with stove jack makes it easier for hunters to keep the inner environment away from any smoke.

Not to forget, assembling it isn’t a piece of cake. It will require at least 2 persons to properly pitch and adjust the tent tightly. Besides, Elk Mountain with a plethora of features is pricey and that’s why we deem it as a long-term investment.


★ Canvas, polyester, and fabric construction 
★ Ensures water and wind resistance
★ No cotton shrinking problem
★ A multifunctional hunting shelter


✖ Pricey 
✖ Bulkier than other tents we’ve discussed above

  • Canvas enhances toughness and durability of the shelter
  • Breathable on the inside
  • Large vestibule for keeping hunting gear safe

Weight: 7.6 lbs| Capacity: 8 Persons| Seasons: 4| Fabric: Canvas

TETON Sports Mesa offers extreme protection from the freezing cold weather and it’s a packed size family tent. Not to forget, it works like a charm in all seasons as you can utilize it to hunt elk, deer, or go camping in a basecamp without any worries. With the kind of space it offers, you can easily adjust at least 8 to 10 members in it excluding the tenting stuff and gear.


The tent body has got a sturdy canvas material construction, which can endure chilly winds, heavy rainfall, and extreme weather. In terms of reliability, Sports Mesa is one of the most reliable tents for extreme winter conditions.

Besides, the canvas is completely breathable, means it will keep the inside of tall tent ventilated yet warm and comfortable enough.

Even with an extra-large design, you could expect Sports Mesa to get adjusted within a short time. We recommend reading the user manual that comes with the package to avoid any hassle.

A large vestibule along with high ceilings would make it feel like you are living in a home away from home. However, not only does this shelter costs a lot of money, it’s not easy to carry around from one place to another.


★ Armrest and ergonomic pillow 
★ Goes with hammocks, cots and sleeping bags


The valves are delicate 


  • Perfect for hunting antelope in winters
  • Resists extreme weather conditions
  • Folds into a small backpack

Weight: 2.7 lbs| Capacity: 1 Person| Seasons: 4| Fabric: Polyester

Camppal offers a professional hunting tent at an affordable rate for hunters who want to go all solo to hunt their prey. The shelter comes with a durable design and it could last 4 seasons without any hassle. More than that, it barely weighs 2.7 pounds, so carrying it around is rather easier than expected.

Stating some major features;

The hunting shelter from camppal features a robust construction. The use of 3500 – 4000mm polyester keeps it rugged and sturdy enough. Good thing is that it’s capable of resisting strong and cold winds without any hassle.

Not to forget, the tent is 100% waterproof and that’s something the brand claims itself. It has got a waterproof outer fly along with proper seam tapping across Velcro and zipping. Hence, it will not allow water or humidity to disturb your comfort and convenience.

Another aspect that impressed us a lot about this tent is its extendable option. You heard that right. In case you are taller than 6 feet, simply extend this shelter to its full capacity of 8.2 feet and enjoy a relaxing time while you are looking out for antelopes.

In the end, setting up the tent takes no more than 3 minutes. It already comes with all accessories included, so you just need to assemble and set up the shelter as soon as possible.


Can be rolled up 
It has connectors for similar mattresses
★ Budget Tent mattress for Camping 


Short for people taller than 6 feet
✖ Only two and a half inches thick 


Buying Guide: Best Tent for Hunters 2021

Get it: Choosing the right tent will make your hunting, camping, and hiking experience much more convenient and relaxing.


Well, with a perfect hunting tent, there would be no worries of water leakage, balance, issues of keeping the hunting gear safe, and ability to carry it.

In case you don’t know how to make a perfect decision, then we are here to help you out.

The following guide includes all necessary information that you’ll need in order to get the best hunters tent:


First things first, before you move forward with checking out other peripherals, it’s important to have knowledge about different kinds of tents.

Knowing the type of tents will make it convenient for you to have an idea of what you need and demand.

A brief discussion of different types go as under:


Tents with this unique shape are getting extremely popular these days.

Such shelters utilize two tent poles with a cross in the center and anchored into the surface.

Tents with a dome shape are suitable for casual hiking and camping. Hunters could also use it for targeting normal prey.

A-Frame Tent:

Resembling the “A” letter, these shelters were popular back when the hunting industry was not so developed.

Usually made up of durable canvas and fabric, they could easily endure harsh weather, heavy rain, and could provide a spacious inner capacity as well.

However, you must know that A-Frame shelters aren’t as portable as Domes, and that’s the main reason hunters don’t go for this type more often.

Multi-Room Tent:

Suitable for large families or group of hunters, multi-room shelters are now gaining popularity and getting famous among the hunting community.

Made with canvas oftentimes, they resist water, winds, and weather like a charm. Moreover, they can easily adjust 6 to 8 persons along with extra hunting stuff and gear.

Not to forget, these kinds of shelters take time to adjust and it will take at least 2 persons to set such tents.

Backpacking Tents:

Backpacking tents meet the demands of hunters who are on their own to camping or a hiking site.

They are made up of lightweight materials to help hunters keep them without any hurdle.

Besides, setting them up is as easy as cutting butter with a sharp knife.


Of all the types discussed above, make a choice that suits your demands and don’t exaggerate anything. Else it will become difficult for you to go hunting in a specific tent.


Next, the kind of material a tent is made with plays a significant role in making it either reliable or not.

Commonly, different brands use polyester, nylon, mesh, or nylon-mesh in most of the shelters as these materials could withstand water, rain, and wind easily.

However, the brands that focus on making 4-season tents use canvas and fabric as their primary construction material to enhance durability and ruggedness.

So, if you need a tent for casual use only, then it’s better to go for one that’s made with polyester.

In contrast, if you need more reliability, then go with the options with canvas or fabric construction.


Space does matter no matter if you want to go all solo, with a friend, or with a group of hunters.

The inner capacity of the tent must be more than enough to accommodate extra peripherals along with persons.

In this context, you may want to consider the models that have got large vestibules if you want to keep your gear safe and protected from any unwanted scenario.

Space also depends upon your own priority. Depending upon the people you want to go with, you can choose either a solo, a two-person, a 4 person, or a 6 person tent accordingly.


Most of the tents come with 3-season compatibility means they will work just fine in spring, summer, and fall.

On the other hand, the better options offer 4-season compatibility. That is, you can use them in harsh winter conditions as well.

But bear in mind that 4-season tents are not affordable at all. The best hunting tent for 4 seasons will cost you somewhere around $150 to $1000 easily.


The most important quality to look out for in a hunting shelter!

No matter which place you choose for hunting or camping, it will have a certain type of wetness depending upon the surface.

So, first off, make sure that the base of the tent resists water at all costs. Check out the material of the floor and see whether it can resist wetness or not.

Similarly, you surely would not want yourself or your hunting gear to get wet in case if there’s heavy rain. To avoid this situation, make sure that the shelter you get offers complete water resistance and doesn’t cause any leaks.


After all, the main purpose of a tent is to help you go asleep with comfort and relaxation.

While looking for a comfortable option, you should choose one that has a spacious design.

The ease of getting in and out also matters. So, go with the model that offers extra wide doors to avoid any mess.


Tents with mesh and nylon construction and windows for ventilation enhance the rate of fresh air coming inside.

If you face breathing issues especially when visiting mountainous areas, then you should care about getting a super-ventilated shelter.

This way you will not only enjoy your hunt but will breathe properly without any hassle.


Last but not least, you’d want to invest in a tent that offers easy assembly.

Imagine you complete a fatiguing hike and then you are unable to pitch your tent just because it doesn’t offer an easy setup.

You will certainly get angry and frustrated in such a scenario.

To avoid this, make sure that you get a tent that comes with an easy setup interface.

4 Season vs 3 Season Tent:

As discussed briefly above, a 4 season tent is compatible with spring, summer, fall, and winter.

On the contrary, three-season tents offer compatibility for spring, summer, and fall only.

Both types of tents might resemble in shape and design.

The basic difference arises in terms of construction materials.

4 season shelters are mostly made with canvas, polyester, and fabric combo so that they could resist extreme winter conditions with ease.

However, 3 season tents have got either polyester, nylon, mesh, or a combination of nylon-mesh.

Rest assured, both 4 season and 3 season shelters offer almost same other qualities including water resistance, portability, and easy setup.

Tent vs Bivy: What’s the Difference?

A tent is kind of a shelter mostly used for hunting, camping, and hiking purposes.

It usually comes with poles that you have to adjust to set it up properly.

On the other hand, a Bivy is kind of a sleeping bag, which is extremely lightweight, foldable, and does not need the support of the poles.

Bivy is mostly used for fishing purposes, however, hunters could use it for winter hunting as it can endure extreme conditions easily.

There’s no compromise on the quality and construction of a tent and a bivy, so that’s a similar trait between two types.

Best Tent for Hunting FAQs

While choosing a backcountry hunting tent, first figure out whether you need a single-walled or a double-walled tent. Next, choose either a 3-season type or a four-season tent depending upon your priorities. Make sure that the tent offers proper space on the inside and is not too weighty.

It all comes down to your priorities and preferences. If you are going solo, then it’s better to get a tent that’s not too tall, as you’ll face difficulties assembling it. Moreover, if you’ve got a large family or group to hunt with, then you can opt for a 6-person or an 8-person tent accordingly.

You can clean normal dirt stains using a bristle brush soaked in water. However, if the shelter’s too dirty, then go for a thorough cleaning operation that would require scrubbing the dirt off with a soapy mixture and then rinsing it off.


Choosing the best hunting tent requires time and effort. However, with the right instructions and information, you can make a decision that will benefit you on your next venture.

The tents we have mentioned possess qualities like waterproofing, resistance to weather, and heavy wind, etc. You can choose from the list mentioned above.

If you still have any confusion, then go with the North Face Stormbreak 2 as it’s the most reliable option for two persons.

For a large group, you can choose Elk Mountain as it’s one of the most advanced shelters available in the market.

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