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SUV Tailgate Tent

SUV Tailgate Tent

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Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

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Napier Sportz Cove Tailgate Awning

Napier Sportz Cove

Over the years, camping has become more versatile and easier with different types of tents such as rooftop tents, truck bed tents, SUV trunk tents and Rear-Access tents. 

Few years back, only people with trucks could enjoy car camping, but now that we have best SUV car tents in the market, almost everyone can enjoy car camping trips as SUV car tents can be attached to almost any car and minivan.

Although SUV car tent is an interesting invention, these tents are slightly more complicated than regular tents. But rest assured this SUV tent review has got you covered and provided all the information that you’ll need to buy the best SUV car tent.

Types of SUV Tents

To ensure that the tent you are buying is compatible with your car, you have to know the different types of SUV tents.

The most popular type of SUV tent is hatchback camping tents – as the name suggests, these tents attach to the back of the SUV hatch. When the trunk of your SUV is attached to a tent, it leaves a spacious sleeping place and gear storage.

The second type is SUV Tailgate Tent. It directly attaches to the backside of the vehicle, thus allowing for more space and easy assembling. This type of tents are getting quite popular recently as people who have got trucks with tailgates, prefer them over other tents.

Campers could carry them to lakeside picnics, trips, and for camping purposes.

The last type is the SUV Awning, which directly attaches either to the sides or back of the vehicles, making proper shadow for the users. It is also easier to attach than the hatchback camping tents.

One thing to consider here is that awning is used for shadows only. You cannot utilize it as a proper tent until and unless you have the proper accessories.

Best SUV Hatchback Camping Tents Reviewed

Best 3 Season SUV Tent

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent
  • Bug-free Entrance
  • Universal Vehicle Sleeves
  • Big tent with three large windows

Waterproof: Partially| Season: 3| Material: Polyester| Attachment: Universal

It is the largest tent in the Napier’s Backroadz series with a size of 10’ x 10’ x 7’. It can accommodate four adults and lots of luggage. Like the other tents in the series, it has universal vehicle sleeves, which means it can be attached to almost every SUV, car and Minivan.

When attached to an SUV it provides bug-free entrance and you will be surprised to see the luxury it provides together with the SUV.

It takes 12-15 minutes for a single person to assemble and fit the tent as it includes only two poles. However, you have to follow the instructions carefully on your first try.

Although it comes with a rainfly, but you have to waterproof the seams as they leak in heavy rain. For bad weather conditions weather, metal stakes are provided, which penetrate into the ground easily. However, if your intended area of camping is rocky, then you have to replace the stakes with heavy steel stakes.

Although it is a big tent, but it has three large windows and a large opening in the front, which together provides plenty of ventilation in hot summer nights. However, the rainfly does not include windows for ventilation, so on a rainy day, the tent attracts condensation.

Best SUV Hatchback Tent for 4 Person

Napier Sports Link SUV Tent
  • Multiples uses, can be used as stand-alone tent
  • Ample space for 4 persons
  • Universal Sleeve and can be attached to SUV, Minivan, Jeeps, Trucks

Waterproof: Yes| Seasons: 3| Material: Polyester| Attachment: Minivan, SUV, Jeep, Truck

Napier Sportz makes your vehicle a moveable campsite, and the best thing about it is that it can be connected to trucks, jeeps, SUVs and can be used as a rear tent for Minivans.

The universal vehicle sleeve of the tent is super easy to fit to the cargo area of a car and leaves no gap if fitted according to the instructions. Once fitted, the tent provides ample space for four persons and luggage.

Another impressive feature of Napier Sportz is that it can be used as a conventional ground tent, which means you can use it for backyard camping or in areas not accessible by car. The zippers and seams are highly durable, so you don’t have to buy anything extra for using it as a Stand-Alone tent.

Overall, the Napier Sportz SUV tent is a great value for money. One can take it to beach or BBQ party by the lake and feel protected no matter how the weather turns out. Moreover, the compact size makes carriage easy and the innovative design helps in setting up the tent with ease.

Napier Sportz Link
Rightline SUV GearTent
  • Extremely Waterproof 
  • Fits almost all kind of vehicles
  • Storage Pockets for phone, chargers.

Waterproof: Yes| Seasons: 3| Material: Polyester| Attachment: Universal

Rightline Suv Tent is almost a universal tent that fits perfectly with almost all kind of vehicles, and it can act as a standalone unit, when needed. It is easy to mount to an SUV, even a single person can pitch it less than 15 minutes.

Although, the tent claims to occupy six adults, but it is actually a 4-person tent. It has a single large mesh window with built-in storm flaps. However, the zippers are not of high-quality, so you have to be extra careful with them.

This tent keeps you dry in heavy showers as the tent’s floor is made of high-grade, water-resistant polythene, and is designed as bathtub floor to prevent rainwater from accommodating. 

Plus, the window is waterproof, when zipped up. However, you have to cover the tent with the rainfly properly and attach it to your vehicle according to the given instruction for dry camping experience.

It is difficult to find necessary accessories needed to set up the structure of SUV tents, and most of the times we have to buy them separately. However, this tent offers all the required accessories and still counts among budget tents. The package includes stakes, guidelines, carry bag and all the other required equipment.

It has storage mesh pockets, where you can keep items like your snacks, phones, chargers etc. Plus, it has a lantern holder at the center to hang a portable light.

Rightline Gear SUV Tent

Best SUV standalone Tent

Napier Backroadz SUV Tent
  • Three large windows with huge opening in the front
  • Big enough for 5 persons
  • Center height is 7 feet

Waterproof: Yes| Seasons: 3| Material: Polyester| Attachment: Universal

Napier Backroad is a large tent- designed for maximum of five people. This round shaped rooftop tent is compatible with SUV’s, Minivans and CUV’s. Plus, it can act as Stand-Alone tent, which means you can use it both for car camping and conventional camping. 

Also, it attaches to the cargo area of a car, so that you can accommodate more luggage in your car. Napier Backroads is a massive tent with a size of 9’ x 9’ and a center height of 7’, it is ready to accommodate three adults or two adults and a large dog.

The problem with most huge tent is that they don’t provide enough ventilation. However, this tent has three large windows and a large opening in the front, which together provides ample ventilation in hot summer nights.

Since it is an SUV family tent, it takes more than 15 minutes for two persons to pitch the tent, and if you are camping alone, then practice at home before leaving for camping. According to our observation, people with short height will find it a little bit challenging to pitch the tent; therefore, we recommend it for group camping.

This tent has an impressive waterproof rating but remember that it is not as waterproof as the high-end canvas or mountaineering tents, so you have to protect it from tropical rains and apply waterproof coating from time to time.

Napier SUV Tent

Best SUV Tent Tailgate Awning

Best SUV Awning Tent

Napier Sportz Cove Tailgate Awning
  • Lightweight Air Mattress
  • Wireless pump can blow the mattress 5 times with single charge
  • Comfortable and safe

Waterproof: Yes| Seasons: 3| Material: Polyester| Attachment: CUVs, SUVs, and Minivans

The special Napier Sportz Cove is a solution to all your camping problems while you drive on an SUV. It can be used for different purposes including picnics, tailgating, fishing, camping, and long trips. With the kind of awning it offers, this tent could ensure an improved shadow and let you enjoy scenic views at the same time.

For starters, the SUV shelter offers a 2 feet awning. That means, you will stay clear of rain, penetrating sun rays, and harsh winds. 2 feet space is more than enough to set your camp without any hassle.

Besides, Sportz Cove does come with a mesh door, which not only protects the users from mosquitos but is transparent as well. The transparent design of the door enables users to enjoy scenic views at night easily.

Assembling and setting this tailgate awning is as easy as cutting butter with a sharp knife. It will take you no more than a few minutes to set it up and start your relaxation time at the same moment.

As far as the construction is concerned, the Napier Sportz does feature a strong polyester taffeta along with a polyester mesh layer. Along with durability, the mesh plays a vital role in keeping the inside environment ventilated enough.

In the end, there’s a lightweight carrying case available in which you can store the tailgate awning if you have decided to pack up your things. The carrying case could be stored in the trunk of an SUV easily.

Napier Sportz Cove Tailgate Awning

Best SUV Awning Room

ARB SUV Awning
  • Functions as a fully enclosed room or mosquito net
  • Rear wall can be unzipped to provide access to the vehicle
  • Includes mesh pocket panel to house your magazines or personal items

Waterproof: Yes| Seasons: 3| Material: 300D Oxford Polyester| Attachment: SUVs, Vans, Trucks

Up next on our list is the latest ARB 813081 awning room. Quite frankly, people are getting interested in trying it out and according to most of the users, it does work like a charm. However, we must warn you first that this room is not a stand alone. That is, you have to get a separate awning along with awning poles if you want it to work.

Anyways, the ARB awning room features a sturdy 300D oxford polyester construction. Besides, it does not allow any UV rays to enter the room, thus keeping the campers as protected as possible.

The mesh overlays make the inner environment as ventilated as possible. Good thing is that even the side panels have got the mesh layers to keep the inside fresh enough.

In addition to that, you will surely get an internal organizing storage compartment. It’s suitable for keeping important accessories protected from getting lost.

The package include a nylon carrying back for easy storage, 2 guy ropes, and 6 pegs. If you already have an awning, it would take you no more than 10 minutes to set up this SUV awning room.

Best SUV Tailgate Tent

SUV Tailgate Tent
  • Spacious Interior, ample space
  • Vestibule for protection from wind and rain
  • Could be used as stand alone tent

Waterproof: Yes| Seasons: 3| Material: Polyester| Attachment: SUVs, Minivan

Tailgate has designed a simple tent that is compatible with almost every vehicle and can also stand-alone if required. It has a capacity of accommodating 5 persons when required, but it is perfect for three adults.

This tent comes with an extended rainfly, which has opening for better ventilation during wet weather. Inside the tent, there are multiple gear pockets and a mud mat at the door to keep the tent clean.

The tent is designed with attention to details; however, the instructions are complicated, and it is difficult for a single person to pitch the tent without putting extra efforts.

It attaches perfectly to SUV without leaving any opening for mosquitoes to enter. The inner tent has mesh screens, so you can enjoy the surroundings from your comfort zone.

The stakes that are included in the package are a bit thick for rocky terrains, so if you are intended camping ground is rock, then you might have to spend few dollars on best tent stakes. Overall, it is a best SUV tent with screen room.

SUV Tailgate Tent

Best SUV Canopy

  • Lightweigh SUV canopy and packs small
  • Easy to Setup
  • Rain and Windproof

Waterproof: Yes| Seasons: 3| Material: Polyester| Attachment: SUVs, Minivan

Versatility Teardrop has multiple uses; it can be used as a gazebo, when attached to a vehicle. Plus, if used with the provided poles it can act as a ground shelter. 

The poles are made of high-quality steel; however, you have to use glows while dealing with the poles as they are rough. If you are planning a car camping with family, then it is the perfect choice for you.

hasika Versatility Teardrop Awning

Other Useful Accessories for Comfortable SUV Camping Experience

Additionally, we have reviewed accessories that can be a great addition to your SUV camping

Best Air Mattress for SUV and Truck Camping

Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Realtree
  • Built-in rechargeable battery air pump
  • An integrated air coil system evenly distributes weight across the mattress providing you with a better night’s sleep

The Pittman outdoor beds are a good value for money. These airbeds come in multiple sizes and fit perfectly in most trucks. Plus, the airbed can be inflated in seconds with the help of electric pump that is included in the package.

Also, the company provides hand pump as the battery that comes with the airbed is not reliable. For truck bed camping, Pittman outdoor airbeds are ideal.

Pittman Outdoors AirBedz Realtree

Coleman Comfort Smart Cot Features

sleepingo double sleeping bag
  • Warm and Spacious for two adults
  • 4 Season Sleeping Bag even for Fall Season
  • High quality zippers

This massive sleeping bag can be taken anywhere because of the ultra-lightweight. Plus, the mix of cotton and polyester make it the most comfortable mattress without compromising on the quality. 

It is best for winter camping as the mattress is designed such that it minimizes heat loss during cold weather. Plus, it can be used either as one large queen size sleeping bag or two individual sleeping bags.

Sleepingo sleeping bag in SUV camping

Why should you prefer an SUV Camping Tent over a regular tent?

Camp Anywhere

An SUV gear tent is an extension of your vehicle; therefore, the need to lug your camping gear and supplies to a distance place is eliminated. With an SUV tent, you can park anywhere and Camp. 

More Space

When attached to a vehicle, an SUV car tent can provide more sleeping space as you can use the tent as sleeping area and the car as storage or vice versa. In regular tents, you have to keep the luggage in the sleeping area, in contrast,  SUV tents offer ample storage space. 

More Protection

Having your automobile at your disposal, you can use it as an adjacent retreat room in case of any emergency. Some people avoid camping because of bears, wolves and other large wildlife, so using a tent that attaches to SUV can help you protect yourself and family from wildlife.

Best SUV car camping

How to choose the Best SUV tent

SUV tents are complicated, and it is difficult to find the best SUV tent without a detailed knowledge about them. This section talks about the important and extra features that an SUV tent must have.


Tents are categorized as 1-season, 2-seaons, 3-season, and 4-season. However, most common are 3-seaon and 4-season tents. If you are planning to camp in your SUV or Truck or Van in spring, summer and autumn, the 3-season tent is right for you. For winter camping and camping in extreme conditions, 4-season tent is the right choice.

Remember that 3-season SUV car tent can keep you dry in heavy rain and snowfall, but it cannot accumulate snow and keep you warm during freezing temperature. For freezing temperatures, 4-season tents are the right choice.


Like all the things, SUV tents also require heavy-duty materials and built quality that can withstand the test of time and use. Most cheap tents use poor quality plastic poles and tent fabric that become the main reason for uncomfortable camping experience. Moreover, these low-quality tents can harm your vehicle.

Most campers use large elastic bands to seal off the back of a car against unwanted elements, but for a better protection one can use magnets between the transition material and the car for a tighter seal.

For frame, most tent manufacturer use fiberglass, aluminum and steel. All the materials mentioned are reliable; however, fiberglass pole structure is the most inexpensive option and it does not rust.

Most campers use large elastic bands to seal off the back of a car against unwanted elements, but for a better protection one can use magnets between the transition material and the car for a tighter seal

Fabric Quality

Polyester and Nylon addition makes a tent long-lasting and such tents can withstand tough times as their thick bases ward off possible rips and tears. Moreover, these fabrics are easy to maintain as they are lightweight and easy to clean.


A freestanding tent does not need stakes to get it in shape or hold its shape; its poles are enough to erect and support the tent. The most significant advantage of these tents is that you can move them around without dissembling them. 

Most freestanding tents come with a rainfly, which requires to be staked, and the single-wall freestanding tents don’t come with stakes usually. We have reviewed tents that are freestanding and can also be connected to a Vehicle.

Best SUV Tents FAQs

The first step to setup an SUV or Minivan tent is to pitch it like a traditional tent, and after setting up the tent unzip the door and mesh that faces the vehicle to access the cargo area for SUV tent attachment. The third step is to move the tent towards the cargo space of the vehicle. 

After that, slip the adjustable sleeve of the tent under the bumper and over the roof of the vehicle. In the fourth step, hook the bottom straps on either side of the vehicle to any part of the wheel well and tighten the strap and also tighten the sleeve strap located on driver’s side of the tent and ensure that the exhaust pipe is outside of the sleeve. 

The final step is to attach all the hooks to your vehicle. If you find the setup procedure, then you can go for SUV popup tent.

Yes, and they can be more efficient in keeping the bugs out than conventional tents, when attached to the vehicle properly. However, few SUV tents do not attach to the vehicle tightly, and thus, leave a way in for bugs.


A Standalone tent does not need stakes to get it in shape or hold its shape; its poles are enough to erect and support the tent. The most significant advantage of these tents is that you can move them around without dissembling them. 

Most Standalone tents come with a rainfly for rain protection, which requires to be staked, and the single-wall freestanding tents don’t come with stakes usually. These tents are easier to set up but are not stable against strong winds.

Tents for SUV are expensive as compared to conventional tents. The normal price range of cheap SUV tents is $200 to $300. However, the price can change depending on the quality of the tent, but the floor price is $200, so it is difficult to find an SUV tent less than that price.

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