Best Tent for Couples

9 Best Tent for Couples for Romantic Camping

Expert’s Choice –  MSR Hubba Couple Tent

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

MSR Hubba Hubba is the lightest shelter with extreme shield waterproof coating for couples. The tent has freestyle design which means the tent can hold its shape without the need to staked out. 

When the weather is cold, the nights are long, and there’s a warm fire to keep you warm, what could be more romantic?

You will need the right mood, environment, and equipment to make this happen. Yeah! I am talking about the best tent for couples for romantic camping to experience such wilderness of forest and romantic adventure. It’s just a completely different vibe.

If you are stuck in an uncomfortable tent that is unable to keep you comfortable and warm when it is cold outside, your adventure could turn into a nightmare? While camping, you shouldn’t feel unsafe in your tent. Safer than your own home should be the goal. if you are first time camper or seasonal camper then you must go through this camping checklist for couples

Best Budget-Friendly Couple Tent

MSR Hubba is the expert’s pick for couples, but they are a bit expensive. What are the options for those who cannot afford high-priced camping tents? A Coleman Sundome tent is an excellent option for those who are not able to afford luxury tents. 

Coleman Sundome Features:

  • The tent is weatherproof, you will not get wet in the heavy rain or high winds.
  • This affordable couple tent provided excellent ventilation.
  • Easy setup in 10 minutes.

So why anyone would want more if they are getting so much for so low price? Check the latest price of Coleman Sundome tent on Amazon

Which tent should you buy 2 or 3 person?

The size of the tent differ from brands to brands. Some brands have a general procedure to make it big enough for 2 people, some have minimalistic approach and some brands have a mixture of both. 

The best way to get an idea about the space is to look at the measurement of floor size, if it has width of around 51″ = 130 cm, then it is fine for two person anything less than that seems to be a luxurious tent for 1 person. However if you have some camping gears with you, then a 2 person tent with vestibule or porch or two doors is a good option else 3 person tent would be ideal for 2 person. 

On the other hand a 3 person tent is an ideal choice for couples or friends, because you got a nice space to sleep comfortably, you can move in easily without disturbing your partner, moreover you can keep your gears organized, you wouldn’t even need the porch or vestibule with 3 person tent. 

However, weight is an important factor to keep in mind, if you are going for a backpack camping, then a 3 person tent could be heavy for you, if you have other camping gears with you, in this case 2 person tent is an idea choice. 

Moreover if you are going on a car camping then weight is not a problem and its all about your choice either 2 person tent is a best fit for you or 3 person. 

Best Couples Tents Reviews (2-3 Person)

Best Backpacking Tent for Couples

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent
  • Perfect Size for Couple Camping
  • Protect from stormy weather
  • It is a standalone design


  • Weight: 56 Ounces
  • Season: 3 seasons
  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Rainfly: Yes
  • Wall fabric type: Nylon
  • Footprint: Yes (sold separately)

Are you looking for backpack tents with lightweight and ultra-light standards? here you go. MSR Hubba Tent is one of the best backpacking tents for couples.

You can easily travel with your backpack tent as it is just over ultra-light standards. The walls of the tent are made up of quality fabric which makes the tent durable and strong.

The MSR Hubba tent is a 3-season tent so you can enjoy a couple camping in any kind of weather except the extreme winter conditions. It will protect you from the hot sun, rainy weather, and high winds.

It can easily fit two people with their camping gear. Moreover, it’s the best tent for older couples who love camping because it is so easy to set up and provides excellent comfort.

MSR Hubba Tent


★ Vestibules for extra storage
★ Material used is light and strong
★ Awesome ventilation
★ Freestanding design


✖ Poles could be broken easily

Best Outdoor Tent for Couples

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 3-Person Tent
  • The tent has zippers and meshes storage pockets
  • Great ventilation and mesh walls.
  • Freestanding makes setting up easy.


  • Weight: 6.1 Pounds
  • Season: 2 seasons
  • Capacity: 3 person
  • Rainfly: Yes
  • Wall fabric type: Polyester, Nylon, Aluminum, Taffeta
  • Footprint: No

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 3-Person Tent has got all the features that provides the buyer with the best quality at a budget-friendly price. It is the best outdoor tent for couples that has high-quality features and comfort. 

ALPS Mountaineering tents are well-designed for camping as they are easy to set up and lightweight. The backpack camping lover and hiking lovers would love this tent as it has all the features that the couples would need during romantic camping.

The tent is designed with durable quality material walls and aluminium poles. The walls protect the tent from the all-weather condition while the poles make it strong.

Moreover, the tent has mesh doors and walls, which offer great ventilation and protect the person from all other elements. On top of that, the polyester tent will protect you from high winds and rain.

All in all, the ALPS Mountaineering tent is the best camping tent for a couple as it provides you with excellent features at a reasonable price. So it would be the best choice for anyone looking for a tent on a budget.

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 3-Person Tent


★ Great tent for the price
★ Two doors with vestibule
★ Limited time warranty 

Withstand high winds and rain


✖ No ground protection for the vestibule

Best Budget Tent for Couples

Coleman Sundome tent
  • Build-in Weather Tec system
  • Polyguard fabric is suitable for all seasons
  • Large windows help in air circulation


  • Weight: 3.4 Kilograms
  • Season: 3 seasons
  • Capacity: 2 person
  • Rainfly: Yes
  • Wall fabric type: Polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet
  • Footprint: No

Are you more of a car camping person? If yes, then you are at the right place. Coleman’s Sundome is a popular choice among car couple campers. They provide their customers with a variety of options; you can easily get a 2-person tent or a maximum 8 person tent from the Coleman brand.

The best Coleman tent for couples is the sundome tent which makes your camping more romantic at an affordable price. The 2-person Coleman Sundome tent has the capacity for two-person to sleep comfortably.

The tent offers excellent ventilation; it allows a significant airflow on summer nights and protects from cold in winters.

The only drawback of these tents is that they lack storage options. But no worries, you can still enjoy your camping if you have only essential items with you. Moreover, you can use your car as an organizer and store things.

All in all, Coleman Sundome is the best couple tent for car camping. It is a solid choice for car camping lovers who love to travel and camp at their favourite place.

Coleman Sundome tent


★ Budget Tent 
★ Easy to setup
★ Quality material
★ Proper ventilation
★ Durable


✖ Lack of storage

Best Lightweight tent for Couple

  • Perfect for all 4-seasons.
  • Spacious for 3 People
  • Features one door and one vestibule with storm flaps on the vestibule zippers


  • Weight: 1.59 Kilograms
  • Season: 4 seasons
  • Capacity: 3 person
  • Rainfly: No
  • Wall fabric type: Nylon-Mesh
  • Footprint: No

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL is one of the 4 season tents that is suitable for all weathers. It is one of the best tall tents that is different from previous ones. The freestanding hubbed-styles tent allows the couples to stand easily inside the tent.

Big Agnes has introduced many new features in their Copper Spur 3 person tent, such as pre-bent poles that give high volume and more elbow. The quality of the tent is very durable, waterproof and considered to be the best tent for heavy rainfall.

Having a freestanding hobbed design and fully two-layered tent construction, you have the flexibility to adjust the temperature. Furthermore, the convertible design withstands lots of pressure of heavy snow or stormy weather.

The Cooper Spur provides a bit more space than the usual 3 person tent, making it a luxurious tent for 3 persons.

All in all, the most surprising thing about this tent is that you can use it as a backpacking tent and car camping tent both. It would be the best outdoor tent for couples who loves both kinds of camping.


★ Reliable
★ Proper ventilation system
★ Waterproof 


✖ Less weather-worthy

Best Tent for Couples and Close Freinds

Bessport Camping Tent
  • Vestibules to accommodate backpack, boots or other stuff
  • Reflective guyline for wind resistance
  • Freestanding allows the lightweight tent to be moved and relocated without having to disassemble


  • Weight: 5.2 Pounds
  • Season: 3-4 seasons
  • Capacity: 2 person
  • Rainfly: Yes
  • Wall fabric type: Aluminum
  • Footprint: No

Bessport 2-3 Person Tent for Camping is all in one backpack tent, which provides you with all the features that you look into a couples tent while buying.

Its most prominent feature is its spacious design, which is large enough to accommodate 3 people along with camping gear. The two vestibules door helps to store camping gear safely. The interior area of the tent makes it the most comfortable tent for couples.

The walls of the tent are made up of durable quality material with aluminum stakes that make the tent sturdy. The ultra-lightweight of the tent makes it the best couple tent for backpacking.

The Bessport tent has 2 clip-poles attached, which makes the tent breathable and easy to set up.  You can easily move the tent to another place without disassembling it; all this is only possible with the freestanding feature of the tent.

Bessport Camping Tent


★ Available in different colours
★ Easy to setup
★ Durable


✖ Heavyweight

Best Waterproof Couples Tent

KAZOO backpacking tent
  • Two porch areas, the best feature to store supplies and luggage
  • Spacious space for 2 people
  • Well designed lightweight backpacking tent

This KAZOO Waterproof Backpacking Tent is a freestanding dome-style tent that is the perfect couple tent for backpacking. The tent provides the buyers with various features at an affordable price.

The tent is designed to allow the inner area of the tent to remain protected and dry even during the rain. Moreover, the freestanding dome-style of the tent is supported by three poles with the tapered inner area, which makes it self-supporting.

The KAZOO Backpacking Tents have a proper ventilation system which makes the tent breathable and allows proper airflow from the ground.

The footprint in the tent saves the tent’s floor and creates a floor under the vestibules. Having a footprint makes the tent more livable and presentable. It also protects your stored stuff from groundwater and mud.

The tent is considered a bit bulky for a two-person tent when we compare it with other options in the market. But still, it is a true bargain with all the features at an affordable price.

KAZOO backpacking tent


★ Proper ventilation
★ Two Porch feature


✖ The weight details are bit exaggerated

Best Tent for Retired Couples

  • A weatherproof system keeps the tent dry
  • Easily fits two-person and a dog
  • Interior design offers great ventilation


  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Season: 3 seasons
  • Capacity: 2 person
  • Rainfly: Yes
  • Wall fabric type: Polyester
  • Footprint: No

It is an ultra-light two-person tent with a convenient design that offers quality and durability. Furthermore, the tent has great space that you can even fit a dog with two people. 

The polyester material of the tent makes it waterproof, keeps you dry in all weather conditions. Have you ever got such a quality tent at an affordable price? I am sure. Never!

It is the best tent for retired couples who love to spend time in nature. Clostnature Tents are easy to handle and consider as safe. The tent is portable and can easily be set up by one person in no time. The tent is heavy as compared to other backpack tents, but still, you can easily carry them comfortably.

Clostnature Tents have the best customer service ever. They offer a lifetime warranty and a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. Even if the customers are not satisfied with the product, they offer a refund. What an amazing deal! Go and get the best tent for couples for romantic camping.


Smart Design 
Highly waterproof and well ventitaled
★ Spacious interior
★ Easy to setup and take down


✖ Few complaints of tear in the tent

Iforrest Sleeping Pad Features

Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent
  • Backpack-friendly compact folding poles with gearloft loops
  • Easy set up with Free standing feature
  • Good ventilation, while still retaining warmth


  • Weight: 4.57 pounds
  • Season: 3 season
  • Capacity: 2 person
  • Rainfly: Yes
  • Wall fabric type: Polyester, Nylon, Aluminum, Fabric
  • Footprint: No

The Kelty Salida tents are lightweight and easy to carry on your back. They have plenty of room with side mesh pockets and large zippered pockets. You can easily store whatever gear or item you want to store inside the tent.

The tent has fit pro-technology, which adjust on the fly easily, providing the couples with a customized fit to adjust the tent according to their need. Furthermore, the tent has a ventilated back panel that keeps the tent cool and dry during extreme weather conditions.

By getting this tent, you will avail yourself of the maximum fun of camping without getting into any fuss. So, what are you waiting for?

Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent


★ Lightweight and budget friendly  
★ Stand alone without stakes
★ Highligh weaterproof


✖ Bit tight for two person


Best Beginners Tent for Couples and Friends

Yodo Camping Tent
  • Durable glass fibre poles
  • Two-way zipper mesh for ventilation
  • Available in different colours

Do you want the best tent for couples? Here is another option for you. The Yoda store two-person tent is an amazing deal for backpack camping as it comes with many multiple accessories.

The Yoda tents are light in weight; you can easily carry them on your back while backpack camping or hiking. Moreover, it takes no time in setting up or taking down. It would be an ideal outdoor tent for couples.

The Yoda tent is made up of durable quality material, has an excellent ventilation system and rain-fly vented roof. The durable glass-fibre poles of the tent make it more sturdy and durable.

However, the tent is not suitable for a rainy day other than being the best option. You can get this tent for fishing alongside the river or camping during the summer. It’s a quality tent with many features at an affordable price.

All in all, they have excellent customer service also. You can contact them whether you have any issues or are not satisfied with the tent.

Yodo Camping Tent


Can be rolled up 
It has connectors for similar mattresses
★ Budget Tent mattress for Camping 


Short for people taller than 6 feet
✖ Only two and a half inches thick 


Car camping vs Backpacking

Car camping is the best choice for couples for camping during summers. The reason for this is that you can set up camp close to your car. With your favorite person, you can even drive up to your favorite place or city while easily carrying your camping gear along. While backpack camping means you have to carry all the camping gear on your back. The purpose of backpack camping for couples is to enjoy nature together while walking and afterwards set up a tent at any place you like.

The car camping tent should have the capacity for 2 or 3 people to move in easily, while backpack tents do not have capacity issues. As you have to carry the backpack tents on your back, they should be light in weight, while the heavier tents are best for car camping. Car camping tents are bulkier to handle, while backpacking tents are lighter.

When you plan a romantic camping trip, you must have the right tent. The tent should be able to provide comfort, safety, and protection from the elements. The choice between the best backpacking tent for couples and car camping ultimately depends on you.

Best Camping Tent for a Couple – Buying Guide

Couples Tent Buying Guide

Buying the best tent for couples for romantic camping is not an easy task. You have to consider many things before purchasing a camping tent. So, let’s talk about some of the standard features of a camping tent that you have to consider. This guide is intended to assist you with your purchase.


The material of a camping tent is of utmost importance. Various companies use different materials; some use aluminium poles, while others use fibreglass and steel. The aluminium poles are lighter in weight and easy to move around. On the other hand, fibreglass and steel poles are thick but strong enough to deal with a heavy storm.

Easy to Setup:

A tent has multiple parts such as a tent body, rainfly, and stakes, so you should buy one which takes less time and is easy to set up. The bulky tents take so much time and energy while setting up, so we should avoid them.  There are various instant tents in the market that are set up quickly by one person in no time. We should prefer them.


The seasons of the tent are totally up to your choice. 3 season tents are designed for different weather conditions. They can withstand heavy wind and snow. They provide excellent ventilation. In contrast, the 2-3 season tents are not suitable for all weather conditions. They are just suitable for summers and not even water-resistant.  So, the tent you choose depends on your personal preferences.


The weight of the camping tent matters for backpacking, but it’s not an issue for car camping. The weight of the tent varies with its size. 8 person tent would be heavier than a 3 person tent. However, the ideal weight for a backpacking tent is 2.2lbs as you have to carry the tent on your back while travelling or hiking.

We recommended you get the tent with average weight so that you can easily handle it without any hustle.

Freestanding or Non-Freestanding

The freestanding tents have aluminium poles which help the tent to withstand on the ground anywhere. They are easy to move and relocate to another location at the cost of some weight and price.

For non-freestanding tents, you need trees or anchors to attach the tent with them. The poles are lighter and less costly, but more difficult to handle. It’s a matter of couples’ preference and their experience.


The waterproofing feature is one of the main reasons that make the tent worthy of buying. The waterproof fabrics improve the quality and provide full coverage from the rain. We recommend keeping this feature in mind whether you love all-weather camping or just summer camping.


To conclude, the MSR Hubba Hubba is the recommended tent for Couples. The lightweight, the quality material used in the tent is the expert’s choice that competes for all the other options in the marketplace.

While looking at the price element, Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent would be the perfect choice for those who want a car camping tent with excellent quality features at an affordable price. 

Best Backpacking Tent for Couples FAQs

The weight of 2 person tent is ranging from 2 lbs. to 5 lbs. The 2 lbs. is considered to be the ultralight tent which is perfect for backpacking. Whereas above 5lbs weight is a regular weight and could be recommended for car camping. 

There are many 2-person couple’s tents that are easy to set up, but the most simple among them is the Clostnature Tent. The Clostnature Tent is the 2-person couple’s tent that is easiest to set up by a single person.

Dome-style tents are considered to be the best 2-person tent for couples. Dome-style tents are easy to set up and prevent water and rain from entering the tent.

No, certainly you don’t need vestibules for these couples tents as they already have vestibules which makes more space for couples to store their gear. Vestibules protect camping gear from getting wet or muddy and allow you to move freely in the tent.

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