Best Tent for Heavy Rain

Best Tent For Heavy Rain {Buying Guide 2022}

The most common camping fear is bad weather, but only if you are unprepared or skeptical about your tent. Even a minor leakage can spoil the whole camping trip, so it is better to choose the best tent for heavy rain.

Now the question is that how you will know that which tent is 100% waterproof given that every other tent claim to be rainproof and not everything on the internet is true? The easiest way to buy the best rainproof tent is to follow expert opinion.

Expert’s Choice –   The Winner

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

MSR Hubba NX

The superior rainproof coating and fabric and the lightweight and built quality earned it the top spot on our list. 

MSR Hubba Hubba is an ideal tent for those who are seeking lightweight, durable, and weatherproof tent for backpacking. It is not an ordinary tent but famous and loved by the majority of the trekkers and hunters. Mountain Safety Research (MSR) is an award-winning climbing equipment maker, serving since 1969. 

This tent Hubba NX by MSR is one of their best-selling backpacking tents. The tent is made of high-quality fabric—30D ripstop nylon— that is sturdy enough to bear rough use and extremely waterproof. The tent’s interior is roomy because of the geometrical hub pole design that saves more space, and it has two generous vestibules for extra luggage, so it is more than enough for two adults. 

The tent is freestanding; it means you can move the pitched tent without disassembling it. Other than the freestanding feature, it has a unified hub-and-pole system, and color-coded clips to make the assembling and dissembling of the tent easy.

The waterproof coating is durable, it lasts longer than expected, and the rainfly fit perfectly, so it is nearly impossible for the rainwater to seep in. It is one of the best tent for heavy rain. The poles of the tent are Easton Syclone, which are superior to all the other types of poles; therefore, you don’t have to worry about windy nights. But its two corners don’t have guylines, so if you are expecting extreme weather conditions, then buy wind ropes. 

To keep the floor clean and organized, MSR has included pockets and lamp hook. The manufacturer offers 3-years limited warranty, so it is a risk-free purchase. 

MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent


★ It is ultralight and compact.
★ The fabric and poles are of high-quality.


✖ Its two corners don’t have guylines. 

Wenzel is developing outdoor products since 1887 and has kept the legacy of designing reliable products ever since. Wenzel 8-person tent is among the best family tent for rain as it is made of high-quality polyester and the double-stitched flat sewn seams. Plus, the tent is coated from top to bottom with water repellent, even the zippers are treated with water repellency.

The floor size is 98 sq. Feet, so it can only accommodate eight adults if two of them sleep in the screen room. Two queen size mattresses can easily fit inside the tent. The extended awning, screen room, acts as a space to store luggage, porch, or even a sleeping place if necessary.

It cannot be used as a backpacking tent because of its weight, but the tent easily fits in the bag, and the bag is compact enough to fit in the trunk of any car. The tent can be set up conventionally. Usually, it takes 15-20 minutes for a single person to pitch it.

It has a sturdy frame; the roof frame is made of shock-corded fiberglass and supported by steel. The sturdy frame, together with the guylines and stakes, protect the tent during heavy winds. It can withstand any weather conditions except heavy snowfall.

The tent has high and low vents that keep the tent breathable no matter what’s going outside. On a clear night, one can enjoy the view through the no-see-um mesh roof, without inviting bugs. It has two doors; one large T shaped door to enter the screen room and the other to enter the bedroom and two large windows. Inside the tent, there are several pockets to keep things off the floor.

It is a large tent with an impressive weatherproof rating, so if you are looking for a spacious and weatherproof tent, then this is a perfect choice.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


★ It can withstand heavy rain and wind.
★ Great value for money
★ It has a generous screen room



The stakes are not strong

Core is on a mission to enhance all the outdoor activities, whether in the backyard or the mountains, and its product CORE Instant Cabin Tent complies with the company mission statement. If you are looking for the best cabin tent for rain, then it is a perfect choice.

This tent is highly convenient. Even a novice can pitch it in less than a minute, without feeling a need of an extra hand. Plus, the bags included in the package are expandable and easy to carry, but it is not designed for backpacking.

CORE 9 has satisfying arrangements for weather protection; the extended rainfly is made of 68D polyester, and all the seams are heat-sealed, as a result, it is nearly impossible for rainwater to seep in. Other than protection from rain, one needs fresh air throughout the night; therefore, the tent has ground vents that draw fresh air, and the windows and mesh roof let go of the hot air. 

When it is chilly outside, the mesh roof can be covered with the rainfly, and the windows and ground vents can be shut, but to prevent condensation, let the ground vents operate. 

The tent is roomy; It has 14ft² of space for every occupant, and that’s when the capacity is met, but for a more relaxed camping experience, don’t fill it with more than six adults and luggage. Plus, it has a detachable room divider. The T-door is big, but it would have been better if two doors were included. 

As the millennials find it hard to leave without their gadgets, it becomes necessary to electrify the tent. Considering that, CORE Instant has designed an E-port for hassle-free and safe entry of electric cords to the tent, and the port can be closed when not in use. Considering H2O block technology and the spacious space, it is the best large tent for rain. 

➝ Read the detailed Review of Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent


★ Extremely Easy to setup
★ Multiroom structure
★ Spacious 


Heavy for backpacking 

KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent is a highly convenient tent with two large doors and two windows; therefore, it is a natural choice for festivals. It is not a backpacking tent. Kazoo has designed it with a beach tent in mind, so the stakes and poles are designed accordingly.

It is a double layer tent; therefore, rainfly is not required. All the windows have flaps and small rainfly for the roof vent. This tent spares you from adjusting the rainfly but provides rain and wind protection like a seam-taped rainfly. 

The tent has a waterproof rating above 3000mm, which is why it stays dry and warm in heavy rains. The poles are made of fiberglass, and the stakes are long and strong like a nail, so the high winds have not to chance against it if pitched correctly on the right spot.

The tent is easy to set up; the steps are straightforward, so it takes less than 5 minutes for a single person to set it up. It has enough space to accommodate three persons, but with luggage, three adults will feel crampy, so the right combination is two adults and luggage. The center height is ideal for carrying out camping activities.

The attention to detail was the top priority of Kazoo while designing the tent; you can see it from the zippers. But the poles are not strong; they can’t bear rough use other than the tent counts among the best rainproof tents. 

KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent


★ Dual-layer tent
★ Attention to details
★ Inexpensive 


✖ The poles are not strong enough to bear rough use. 

Columbia, known for its quality products, has designed a good-looking tent that doesn’t feel like a tent but a sauna. The pull-out windows and water repellent fabric give it an edge over its competitors.

Mammoth Creek takes more than 20 minutes to pitch up, but no force other than humans can take it down. With its sturdy structure, stakes, and guylines, the tent is a wall against high winds. For rainy weather, it has water repellent fabric that doesn’t get wet quickly. Plus, the tub floor and taped seams eliminate the chances of leakage. 

The extensive rainfly though a bit cumbersome to handle but protects from rain and does not leak no matter how long the sky pours down. For winters and rainy weather, Mammoth Creek has pull-out windows for ventilation. Your tent won’t get wet even if you open the windows during heavy rain.

The fabric is of high-quality, provides insulation during winters. After placing two queen-sized mattresses on the floor, and switching the heater on in winter, you will feel safe and cozy even if you are camping in Alaska. It has a room divider; you can keep the bear in the other room.

It doesn’t leak and stands firm against wind; therefore, it is the best 10-person tent for rain. 

Columbia Mammoth Creek


★ It is good-looking and spacious. 
★ The fabric is water repellent. 
★ It has a room divider. 


✖ It takes time to assemble the tent. 

Hikergarden Campros is the type of tent that undermines the high-end tents as it offers almost every feature at a low price that the expensive tents provide.

Hikergarden has spacious space and a room divider. The room divider can be used for watching movies or separating luggage beside for privacy. The manufacturer claims that it can provide space for eight people, but for more relaxed sleep, use it as a 5-person tent.

No matter how unpredictable the weather is, you won’t have to stress about it as long as you are in Hikergarden as it is double layered, comes with a rainfly, and has smart ventilation arrangements. 

It has PU 1000mm waterproof rating; you will wake up dry even if it rains cats and dogs all night. The package includes 14 fixed stakes and 6 Guylines so that it can hold firmly against high winds. But to protect yourself from rain and wind, pitch it according to the given instructions.

Usually, 8-person tents have two doors, but Hikergarden has one. The entry is large enough for eight persons, but you might have to crawl over your fellow campers at night.

Assembling the tent might feel cumbersome for one person, but two persons can easily manage to pitch it under 10 minutes. Apart from that, it is highly portable because of the compact size, lightweight, and bag in the package.

It is the best 8-person tent for rain.



★ It is inexpensive
★ It has a Room Divider
★ Smart cross-ventilation arrangements


✖ It has only one door for eight persons.

The pop-up technology has made our lives easier by eliminating the cumbersome step of assembling a tent. OT QOTMOTOP has pre-assembled poles; that is why it can be assembled in less than a minute. Apart from that, it has a center height of 5’9’’ inches, which is why it feels like home.

OT QOTMOTP is known for its spacious space as it can adjust a queen size and a full-size air bed even after accommodating two full-size mattresses it leaves enough space to accommodate the luggage. You may not believe that one can pitch a tent of that size in less than a minute unless you pitch QOMOTOP.

For heavy rain, the tent is equipped with full seam-taped fly and welded corners. Plus, the inner tent seams are taped, and the floor is made of high-quality polyester. There is no way for the rainwater to seep in until you want it to, and it has a ground vent to prevent condensation inside the tent during rainy weather. 

On a clear night, the rainfly can be removed for stargazing. For high winds, the shelter has nine fixed stakes and strong poles that firmly hold the tent against winds.

It does not have a vestibule, but it has a gear loft and pockets to hold essentials like Flashlight, etc. and a Mud mat to keep the tent clean. 

For all the reasons mentioned above, it is the best instant tent for rain. 

OT QOMOTOP Waterproof Tent


★ Inexpensive
★ Easy to setup 
★ Surprisingly Waterproof
★ Spacious Space


✖ The zippers are of low quality. 

There are many pop-up tents in the market, but pop-up tents with spacious space, weather protected, and boosted ventilation are rare. Night Cat has all the features that we expect from a reliable shelter. One smart feature is its detachable rainfly, which can be used as a pavilion while fishing or beaching.

Night Cat has a waterproof index of 3000mm, and every seam is taped that are sufficient to protect its interior from rainwater. The 210D waterproof oxford fabric is sturdy enough to keep you comfy and warm in cold weather. The two doors together with the window also provide ample airflow, which keeps the tent cool in hot summer nights without letting the bugs to enter. 

It can accommodate a queen-sized air mattress, which is why it feels like a fort for two persons. The poles and the roof are designed to hold heavy winds, but the walls aren’t strong like the roof and poles, so to avoid any mishap, pitch it in the right place. 

This tent comes with indoor pockets to hold your essentials, buckles to make it easy to remove and connect the rainfly and strong fiberglass poles to hold the tent firmly. 

Like every other pop-tent, it can be assembled in less than a minute, but it can be pitched more smoothly because of the advanced hydraulic mechanism. 

The manufacturer has excellent customer service, so if you face problems with the tent, you can expect the manufacturer to solve it for you. 

Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent


★ It can be assembled in less than a minute. 
★ It can be used as a pavilion.
★ Inexpensive


✖ The walls aren’t as stronger as the roof 

Outdoor is making quality and inexpensive products since 1973 with a mission to provide comfort and ease to all the adventurists. Outdoor 4-person tent is convenient and smartly designed to ensure cross ventilation even in wet weather. The rainfly is kept off from the inner tent for maximum breathability that, together with the ground vents, provide cross-ventilation in every weather condition.

The rainfly fits perfectly and is weather-resistant, also it has a tub floor that protects from wet ground. Everything in the tent is weathertight, including the electrical port, and the seams are taped. But it is not as waterproof as the other tents in our list, so it is better to seal the seams after a couple of use in rain. It doesn’t bend in high winds even in 40mph winds.

The tent can accommodate a queen size mattress and luggage, so it is pretty roomy. It has pre-attached poles, so it takes less than a minute for a single person to pitch it, all you have to do is unpack the tent and pull upward on tent hubs. It is the best 4-person tent for rain.

Outdoor Camping Tent


★ It is highly breathable because of the ground vents and extended eave technology.
★ It is roomy for 4 persons. 


✖ It doesn’t have a gearloft or pockets. 

One of the primary reasons for including this instant cabin tent to our list is its patented WeatherTec™ system and the welded floors and inverted seams that do not let even a single drop to enter even when it is raining buckets. The floor is a bathtub style, and Double-Thick Polyguard fabric protects from the extreme weather condition. 

We usually wake up early in the morning while camping because of the sun rays, therefore Coleman introduced the darkroom technology to not let the sun rays wake us up from sleep. The other benefit of the darkroom technology is that it keeps the temperature inside the tent moderate.

It can accommodate four queen size air mattresses and luggage. Plus, the center height of 6.7ft makes sure that no one among the occupants—even the tallest—does not feel crampy. It also has a room divider for privacy. The patented hinged door of the tent is easy to open and close. Also, it is large enough to offer smooth entry and exit, but for a group as large as ten people, one door may not be enough.

Most of the time, we trip over the guylines at night considering that problem Coleman has made reflective guylines, and the reflective guylines also come handy while pitching the tent in the dark.

The tent sets up in breeze because of the pre-assembled poles, the majority of the family tents take considerable time in getting assembled.

There are pockets inside the tent to keep things off the floor.

Read the detailed Review of Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent 

Coleman 10-person Instant Cabin Tent


★ It is spacious like a castle
★ The guy lines are reflective
★ Extremely easy to setup


✖ It has only one door for ten persons

How to choose the best Camping Tents for Rain?

It is a myth that waterproof tents are expensive, and few high-end tents we came across could not handle heavy rain. There are a few specifications and features that you have to consider buying the best rain tent.

Waterproof Coating:

Most of the waterproof tents are treated with polyurethane (PU) and silicon coatings. These create a thin layer over the fabric, which doesn’t let water seep in. Some tents are coated better than the others, but it is hard to find out until you use it. 

The waterproof rating, which is measured in HH or MM, may help to find out how waterproof a tent is. Usually, tents waterproof rating varies between 1000mm to 5000mm; the higher the waterproof rating, the better the shelter. Some tents use water-repellent fabric that enhances the waterproof capability of a tent. 

Built Quality 

The waterproof capability doesn’t depend on one feature; if the tent is poorly built, but its waterproof rating is 6000mm, it will leak even in a light shower. The zippers, windows, doors, vestibules, hooks, etc. should be watertight. Plus, the rainfly should fit perfectly on top of the tent. 

Sealed Seams 

All the seams must be sealed to prevent leakage. High-end tents use heat to seal the seams, and that is superior to any other method.


In rainy weather, we cover the roof and close the windows, so there should be other vents to keep the tent livable. Considering that, Tent manufacturers have introduced pull out windows, ground vents, and extended eave technology that keep the tent breathable in every weather condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It depends on the coating; usually, waterproof coating lasts only 6-12 months. 

No, canvas tents are watertight without waterproof coating, but they are heavy and expensive. 

DWR fabric is water repellent; it doesn’t absorb water; therefore, it mostly stays light and dry. 

Yes, a tent can be waterproofed easily by sealing the seams and applying urethane coating. 

Not correctly, the waterproof coating adds weight, but it is insignificant. 


In the final verdict, we recommend two tents, one large tent, and one small and lightweight tent. Moreover, every tent that we have mentioned is rainproof and reliable; you won’t regret buying any of them according to your need after going through the guide.

We recommend MSR Hubba Hubba NX for backpacking. The tent is made of high-quality fabric—30D ripstop nylon— that is sturdy, Ultralight, and extremely waterproof. It is the best tent for rain and cold.

Our 2nd choice is Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent it is inexpensive and is coated from top to bottom with water repellent, even the zippers are treated with water repellency. It has a screen room and a spacious bedroom that is supported by strong poles. 

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