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10 Best Tent for Tall Person (Buyers Guide 2022)

Have you ever ditched the plan of camping over a destination trip?

It’s okay;

But ditching a camping plan just because of your height is not okay. Do you think it wouldn’t be as comfy as a destination trip?

Just because you have not chosen the best tent for tall person isn’t mean that camping is not for tall people. 

Expert’s Choice –   The Winner

NTK Arizona

This tent made to our top product list for multiple reasons; the attention to details in its manufacturing, spacious space. The windows are screened with ultra-fine mesh that ensures safety from any kind of insect.

NTK Super Arizona Tall XL Tent

NTK Arizona
  • 100% waterproof (waterproof rating 2500mm)
  • 100% NANO-FLEX shock-corded fiberglass pole with an improved diameter
  • Double layer of 190T polyester integrated with polyurethane 2500 mm as a rainfly

This Arizona XL camping tent is the best tent for a family outing. It is a super spacious tent for 9-10 persons at a time. It is 6.7 x 8 x 17.4 ft that weighs 26 lbs. 

It comes with 3 windows and 2 D-shaped doors. The windows are screened with ultra-fine mesh that ensures safety from any kind of insect. However, makes sure the proper ventilation.

Talking about the weather, it works well in summer, spring, and fall. This 3 season tent is almost 50% mesh, so a full-coverage rainfly is made of double-layer 190T polyester, partially aluminum, heat-welded PU, sealed seams save from external weather. 

It is coated with polyurethane 2500 mm water column, thus gives 100% water resistance. The rainfly is just like a ‘TENT’ over a tent.

Moreover, the bathtub-style floor is made of a heavy-duty anti-fungus seamless polyethylene integrated with an inner silver coated layer. It keeps you dry and protects you from the fungus.

Furthermore, the NANO-FLEX shock-corded fiberglass rods and double gold plated ferrules add to its sturdiness.

A detachable room divider is also there, and you can attach it to divide the space into two. This way, you can set a play area for kids inside the tent. Due to the Aluminium Pin-and-Ring system, it is quite handy to setup.

This tent meets all CPAI-84 flammability requirements—heavy-duty carry bag with compression straps and ID label to personalize your tent.

NTK Arizona


★ Super Spacious
★ Fungus protection
★ Good ventilation
★ Waterproof 
★ Roomy pockets


✖ The zippers only work (up & down) from outside

Core 10 Person Cabin Tent for Tall People

Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent 2
  • Spacious and can accommodate 10 person
  • Two opposite-sided doors and ground vents are designed to aid cross ventilation
  • Cord’s H2O Block Technology is featured to avoid the water sneaking into your tent

The 10 people core tent spreads over 14ft x 10ft floor that is very much enough for 2 queen-size air beds. So it can reside up to ten persons without being overcrowded. A tough polyethylene floor can bear the crowd. 

Talking about the peak height, a 7 feet person can easily roam around in this new home’ away from home.

This camp is made of durable 68D Polyester, which itself is a water-resistant fabric. However, the seams are also sealed to avoid any water leakage.

There is a window to access the electrical supply for your tent. This window is completely seal-able when not in use.

As it does not come with pre-attached poles so it may take 15 to 20 mins to set up the tent.

Amazingly, the ground vents are installed to aid the cross-ventilation system. You can adjust the ground vents that pull the fresh air inside and push hot air outside through a meshy ceiling.

Further, the removable room divider and rainfly are also there, so you can use them whenever it is needed. Last but not least, a gear loft is there as an attic.

Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent


★ Water Block Technology
★ Supremely tall & wide
★ Detachable rainfly and room divider
★ Gear loft


✖ Water-resistance is questionable
✖ Poor zipper quality (one report)

Coleman Cabin Tall Camping Tent

Coleman 10 person instant cabin tent
  • The Pre-attached poles save you from extra effort to decide which pole would attach to which one
  • Darkroom technology blocks 90% of the sunlight from getting into the camp
  • This Coleman instant cabin is 6’7″ high at its center point, one of the best tall tents
  • The D-shaped hinged door is introduced for easy entrance and exit

Coleman has marked their presence with their quality products. This particular tent is one of the best tents for tall people due to many reasons. First of all, the center height (6’7″) is very much enough for a person up to 6 feet tall.

Secondly, the D-shaped hinged door is an extra advantage for a tall person as now you don’t have to crawl to get in the tent. 

Coleman possessed the patent for this innovation. The bendable wire gives the door the perfect ‘D shape.’ It has zipping closure. However, a piece of velcro is also there to aid the repetitive in and out visits.

Due to the pre-attached poles, this tent’s installation has become a matter of only a few minutes. Even a layperson can set up this camp quite easily without any help. 

These poles are extendable. You can set it up for two people or can extend it for more space just by sliding outward to the next latch knob. Make sure the latched is properly closed.

At its maximum capacity, it has space for 10 persons at a time. You can easily set 2 queen-sized mattresses. One thing that enrolls it for family camping is the ‘in-between partition.’ Your privacy is not compromised even when you are camping with the whole family.

Moreover, the darkroom technology makes it the favorite for the night owls as they are proposed to sleep till late in the morning. In addition to the light blockage, this technology also helps to insulate the heat, thus prevents the tent from getting heat up.

Apart from being the high ceiling tent, the lantern hook, the organizing pockets, the neoprene coverings, the extendable bag, the reflective guy lines, the rainfly, and one year warranty are some other worth considering factors.

Coleman 10 person instant cabin tent


★ Pre-attached poles
★ Instant Setup in seconds
★ D-shaped hinged door
★ Darkroom technology
★ Reflective guy lines
★ One year warranty


✖ Semi resistant to water

Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Hub

Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Pop Up
  • Solid fiberglass poles and metallic hubs result in the sturdy framework of this fully assembled and hassle-free tent
  • A removable floor is the x-factor of this 6’5″ high tent
  • An oversized rainfly is very easy to attach to roof panels, and it can resist water leakage up to 2000mm

Gazelle has the easiest hub-like structural frame of a tent, and they are trying to get a patent for this design. They brought innovation by introducing the easy to install hub-like structural frame, adding a screened-in convertible second room, and rugged and dependable Beefy YKK zippers.

It is very frustrating to get in-&-out with a broken zipper, so Gazelle paid special attention to the zipper quality.

Introducing the convertible room idea added a secure leisure area for inhabitants, and you can convert it into a sleeping place almost within no time.

The rainfly does not only provide water resistance, but it also makes sure the UV rays are protected. It is effortless to buckle up the oversized rainfly.

Moreover, there are six ultra-thin mesh windows for the best ventilation. There are two doors in addition to the windows; the main entrance door is a ‘two-door door and bigger than the back ‘D-shaped” door.

Talking about the best of Gazelle T4 Plus, how can we forget about the removable floor. You can easily pull out the 110 FT² polyesters (300D) tarp to shake out the dirt. Once you are done with cleaning, place it back and secure it with a hook-&-loop tape surrounding the tent’s interior. The 300 D polyester is water-resistant up to 5000mm by HH (Hydrostatic Head).

Apart from all the above features, this tent has two storage pockets, four wall-mounted pockets, and a removable gear loft.

Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Pop Up


★ Removable floor with high water resistance rating (5000 mm)
★ Oversized rainfly with a goof water resistance (2000 mm)
★ User-friendly innovations


✖ It does not bear windy weather 
✖ Some gaps left in the ‘floor to tent’ attachment, enough for the bugs to come in


Coleman Cabin Tent

Coleman 8-Person Tent Instant Family Tent
  • This 14 ft x 10 ft is spacious enough to accommodate 8 persons at a time and tall enough to stand up in with 6’4″ peak height.
  • The weatherTec technology knows how to withstand all kinds of weather
  • Small pockets along the inside walls are quite helpful to organize small yet important things

Coleman is well known for innovation in the camping industry. This 8-person tent weighs 36.3 lbs. and its dimensions are 10.3″ x 48″ x10.9″. Now you can check if it gets fit in the trunk of your car or not. 

This 3 season, tall camping tent features the WeatherTech technology, and the main features of this include the tub floor with welded corners, inverted seams, strong guy-lines, and covered zipper closure. 

Welding-inspired technology is used to hide the small needle-like holes in the floor. Some velcro straps are also there to hold the door if it is not zipped up.

Tip: Don’t forget to place an extra sheet under the tent for long-term use. This will give you extra protection from getting wet and extends the tent’s lifespan.

Moreover, its 6’4″ high roof is stretchable up to 6’7″. So, if you are tall and looking for a camping tent for a tall person, this could be your travel buddy on your next trip.

The instant tents are already fully-equipped. Once you have it, you are just three steps away from your new shelter; unpack it, extend the poles, and at the last secure the latches and guylines. Make sure the guylines are tightened well.

This 3 season tent is known for its boosted ventilation trait. It possesses four screened windows that let the air circulate. The fine mesh of windows does not let the bugs come in. However, you must be careful while going out and coming in through the door; after all, you have to remove the screen while doing so.

The cute small pockets are a big thing because sometimes, managing the big things; we forget to pay attention to small yet important things. Therefore, this feature adds to its worth.

Last but not least, the darkroom technology and room divider are two other x-factors.

Coleman 8-Person Tent Instant Family Tent


★ Best Tent for tall guys
★ 4 finely-screened windows
★ Zipper and Velcro straps closure
★ WeatherTech technology
★ Darkroom technology
★ Usable in 3 seasons
★ One year warranty


✖ Sometimes stakes got broken misfortunately, but no replacement parts are offered
✖ Leakage is observed at the junction where the room divider is in-sewn

Hewolf Waterproof Dome High Tent

Hewolf instant camping tent
  • This Instant tent is lined with a double layer of 190T polyester flysheet, making it the best waterproof outdoor camping tent
  • Due to Dome Fast Pop-up Top Mechanism, the poles are attached permanently; therefore, it would be easier to set up
  • By removing the inner, it gets turned into a shelter

This hexagonal tent has an interior space for a small family of 4, two adults and two kids. If you are a family of 4 adults, then it might be the overcrowded situation with this tent. 

As the inner layer of this tent is completely a mesh so you can use it as a mesh tent just for glamping. Moreover, you can pull the outer layer and use it as a shelter or sunshade on a beach. 

Lastly and obviously, as a water resistance tent with both layers together. We must say it is the best tent under 100$ or the best tent for tall people under 100$.

Its water-resistant feature prevents the rain from sneaking into the tent, and meanwhile, the opposite openings let the air cross conveniently.

It can occupy one queen size mattress, but preferably the mattress thickness must be less than 8″.

Hewolf instant camping tent


★ 4 people family tent
★ Works best in 3 seasons
★ Cheap tall camping tent
★ Dome Fast Pop-up Top Mechanism
★ Lifetime free poles replacement


✖ Not good for heavy windy days
✖ Lack of instructions on manual

Kodiak Canvas High Tall Tent

Kodiak Canvas 12x9 Canvas Cabin Tent
  • This tent has 5 windows screened with no-see-um fine mesh.
  • It comes with a removable Deluxe Awning of (8 x 8.5)ft. with steel frame
  • It is made by a Hydra-ShieldTM 100% cotton duck canvas.

Kodiak Canvas Cabin Tent is aesthetically pleasing, but honestly, it is one of the best tall camping tents with 7.5 ft height. The high roof and straight walls give wide space to move all-around inside your tent comfortably. Better to forget about hunching.

This rugged and versatile canvas cabin tent is manufactured with premium-grade and hydra-shield cotton duck canvas. The compact weaving and silicone finish make this canvas watertight yet breathable.

Moreover, the floor is a seamless, heavy-duty, and puncture-resistant 16 oz vinyl that keeps the water out.

There are 2 openings to the outside; one is a D-shaped door while the other is a side entry. Both have standard quality zippers as a closure. Besides the doors, there are 5 windows for ventilation purposes.

All windows are screened with NO-SEE-UM mesh. You can roll up the sidewalls for exposure to the external environment; however, window screens are not removable. You can also turn it into an awning by attaching poles.

One thing you must remember, due to being heavyweight, you cannot carry it on your back for backpack camping, but it’s one of the best high roof tent for car camping.

Kodiak Canvas 12x9 Canvas Cabin Tent


★ High roof
★ It can bear 60 mph wind.
★ Flexible design 


✖ Heavyweight 
✖ Plastic zippers

Coleman Tall Camping Tent

Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room
  • This 4-person tent for tall guys has a screened porch area which increases the area further by 35%, thus providing enough space as a lounge
  • This 6 ft. tall dome tent can occupy 1 queen-size air-bed
  • The Weathertec system is so powerful that it can withstand all 4 seasons

Covering all aspects of an adventurous yet comfy camping experience, Coleman sets the bar high with their top-notch quality outdoor accessories.
In this particular tent, an introduction to a porch area is worth appreciation.

When it is zipped up, it looks more like a compartment. The porch floor is just the same as the tent inside, but It possesses a mesh strip at the tent and porch’s junction. This ingenious feature lets the water get drained to the ground instead of getting into the main tent compartment.

You can use it any way you like. You can take off your shoes or keep your laundry basket out there, or you can also sit there with your partner creating memories. The porch is screened with a fine mesh, so don’t worry about the mosquitos and bugs coming in.

This 11 x8 ft. tent is as spacious as it fits one queen-sized air bed conveniently. It has 6ft—dome height. The screened panoramic windows let the light and fresh air come into the tent. Furthermore, the ground vents aid the airflow well.

As this 4 season tent is also featured with WeatherTec technology (inverted seams, the integrated tub floor, welded corners, strong guylines), it can stand with all kinds of weather. 

The poles and guy structure frame are sturdy enough to bear the 35mph wind efficiently. A detachable rainfly is also included in the package for extra protection.

Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room


★ 35% extra space
★ 4 season tent 
★ A detachable rainfly is included
★ 6 ft.  peak height
★ Ample pockets
★ Easy to set up


✖ Great weather resistance but not completely waterproof 
✖ Lack a lantern hook


Browning Big Horn Camping Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent
  • The 3-Seasons tent’s stand-up height is 7 feet (88″)
  • For efficient ventilation, there are four (4 by 2)ft—tall half-circle windows. The meshy-roof also serves the purpose.
  • Besides the strong guylines, they offer steel uprights designed to keep the wall straight, thus providing maximum space.

This aesthetically pleasing tent is all designed to have quality time with your family camping out in any kind of weather except the extreme cold weather. Cold weather is an exception is due to the netty roof. You can also enjoy a winter camping experience with this tent after spending a little amount on warm and cozy sleeping bags.

Talking about the Summer, this tent can bear up to 40 degrees. If it’s a normal drizzle in the rainy season, the polyester rainfly is enough to save you from getting wet, but if it’s heavy rain, a 3M waterproofing spray would be a savior. We must say it is a fair-weather 3 season tent.

The Big Horn 5 is the best tent for a 7-foot tall person, so now you don’t need to hunch down while stepping in-and-out and changing clothes. It has 4 half-circle screened windows. You can roll up the window wrapper but cannot take off the window screens.

Further, there are 2 doors(15 feet x 10 feet) awning on both of them. The awnings extend 16″ at their farthest. Both doors are the same size and located diagonally to each other. The doors are 12″ up from the ground because the bathtub floor goes up to 12″. Therefore, it would be kind of hard for your pet and little kids to step in-and-out on their own. So, it might not be the best tent for camping with little kids.

Further, there is a room divider to separate the whole tent space into two compartments. This divider is irremovable, but you can tie it up to make one big space. There are 3 ample pockets and 1 light hook on each side of the divider. But if a door is open, you cannot access 2/3 of them.

Lastly, the standard zipper, factory steel stakes, fiberglass poles, and steel uprights play their part in this tent’s quality for tall people.

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent


★ 7 feet peak height
★ Steel uprights and Fiberglass poles 
★ Rainfly with buckle-click tie-outs
★ Effective ventilation
★ Spare parts availability


✖ Lack of attic
✖ Thin flooring


ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Tall 4-Person Tent
  • Featured with a unique hub design and pole clips that quickly snap over the fiberglass poles for quick setup
  • The straight sidewalls allow space to roam around the tent
  • Big awnings over the front doorway and back side window

ALPS mountaineering tents are best known for camping in hilly areas. This 4 person camp covers a (7’6 x 8’6)ft. area that can occupy one mattress in it. This is known for a 4-season tent, but the water resistance is not up to that mark. Honestly speaking, it does not tolerate heavy rains.

The sturdy poles and hub structure is designed to help the campers with easy setup. The poles are made of fiberglass; hence they can stand against windy weather. It is equipped with heavy-duty stakes, strong guy ropes, and four large screened-windows.

Talking about the interior, it is aesthetically pleasing. After placing the mattress, you are left with a small enough place for other camping gears.

At the top of one corner of ALPS, there is a vertical piece of three mesh storage pockets that are very useful for placing the small but crucial gears. There is an eyelet centered on the roof to hang a lantern.

Overall, it is a good tall tent with a great bargain price.

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Tall 4-Person Tent


★ Reasonable price
★ Latest design
★ Strong and Stable Big awnings 
★ Best Backpacking Tent for Big guys
★ Suitable for camping in hilly areas


✖ Poor instructions manual 
✖ Allow water leakage


Best Tent for Tall Person – Buyers Guide 2021

Buying a perfectly suitable tent is not a headache as it is thought. If you are clear in what you want, then it’s like a no-brainer.

There are a dozen companies selling camping gear, including tents, and each company has hundreds of different models. All these tents are made for specific conditions.

Most importantly, you must know what kind of trip you are planning to choose the best backpacking tall tent for you.

Are you planning a solo camping trip or going with your family?

Are you venturing off for a backpacking trip or car camping?

Your pets are with you, or are you going alone?

And many other questions are there to think about before buying a perfect tent for you. Some common factors are discussed here:

  1. Building Material
  2. People occupying capacity
  3. Height of the tent
  4. Budget
  5. Seasons
  6. Weight
  7. Storage
  8. Ventilation
  9. Rainfly & footprints
  10. Quick Set-up

Building Material

First of all, even before thinking about other factors, you must be aware of the tent’s durability. Because wherever and with whomever you are going, the quality of the tent must be of top-notch. 

Different tents are made with various materials; few are made by canvas or made by polyester. Again it all depends on the campsite, but it is preferable to go with a polyester one as a water-repellant polyester.

Regardless of the material, every tent is integrated with some sealants, so canvas-made tents can also be water-resistant. Their resistance depends upon the type of sealant used.

Water-resistance of polyester tarps is directly proportional to their thickness; the thicker the tarp greater the water-resistance.

In addition to the tent’s main material, the poles’ material is also of great importance. Mostly they are made of fiberglass or Aluminium. Again there is a difference in strength even between different fiberglass-made poles.

However, if we talk about fiberglass and Aluminium, if the budget is not an issue, choose the Aluminum-made poles as they are a bit more sturdy than fiberglass-made poles.

Occupying Capacity

It is quite self-explaining. Choose the tent with the best capacity regarding the number of your travel buddies. Besides the people, do consider the space for luggage as well.

Height of The Tent

Height is a prime factor to consider before buying the right tent. Nobody can enjoy camping when you are crimped down all the time. Therefore, buy a tent which is tall enough to stand-up easily.

Tip: check the door height as well.


Budget is a deciding factor in the selection of the right tent for you. Sometimes you find the best matching tent for your next camping trip, but you lose the game just because of your limited budget. Hence always keep this in mind through the process, not just at the end.

We suggest you expand your budget a little bit if you find a perfect matching tent according to your destination.


Depending on the structure and building material, the tents are specific for certain seasons. For instance, the thicker the polyester of a tent, the better it is for a rainy season. The stronger the poles, the better it can stand against the windy weather.

Talking about the structure, the number of doors and windows also matters for a well-ventilated tent. Well ventilated tents are best for the summer, spring, and fall seasons.


Weight is also a considerable feature, but you must be clear of what kind of camping you are planning before setting an optimum weight. If you are venturing out for a backpack camping trip, then go for a tent that is low in weight. On the contrary, for a car camping tour, weight is not an issue buy anyone that fulfills other requirements.


The meshy(see-through) pockets are not less than a benediction while camping. The attic and these pockets are essential; otherwise, you might lose small yet crucial stuff.

Imagine you are out there far away from your home for car camping and you lost your car keys.


We believe there is no need to explain the importance of a well-ventilated tent. It is better to pay attention to it rather than crying in a suffocated tent. Do check the windows and ground vents for the best camping experience.

Rainfly and Footprint

The size and material of these two things are of great importance, before explaining how their size and material matter, let us explain what purpose they serve.

As the name suggests, a rainfly is a sheet that covers the top of a tent. Rain flies are available in different sizes and materials. The oversized and waterproof polyester material is preferred. It is further integrated with different kinds of sealants to get the most out of it.

A footprint is a tarp that is placed under a tent. It prevents the water from getting into the camp. Further, it protects the tent floor, thus increases the lifespan of a tent.

Quick Set-Up

Last but not least, easy installation is also a prime feature to look upon. Obviously, nobody would like to get frustrated at the beginning of a memorable experience.


Camping does not belong to a certain group of people, it is for everyone who likes to. Tents were taken as a low-roof shelter but they also got evolved with time. Different kinds of tents are available in the market so are the best tents for tall people.

Now there is a variety of tents for heighted people too. All these tents have a common feature of high-roof but changing their other features such as water resistance and durability. So, the one we recommend are NTK Super Arizona GT Tent and Core 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent.

If you have any confusion, comment below we will definitely help you to get your perfect match tent.

Best Tall Tent 2021 FAQs

The height of a tent depends on its type and capacity. Dome tents have shorter center height for protection against high winds. In contrast, Cabin tents have comparatively taller center height for comfort. The average height of Cabin tents ranges from7ft to 20ft. The tents taller than 15ft are usually for parties.

Normally, tall persons feel claustrophobic inside a tent because of the short height of tents, which does not let a tall person carry out camping activities inside a tent easily. If a person can stand inside a tent without his head touching the roof of a tent, then it is the right tent for him/her.

The main difference between a tall and long tent is the center height. A tent is called long when its floor area is longer than usual, and a tent is called tall, when its center height is taller than usual.

The tent is right for a tall person when the tent center height is higher than the person’s height. A perfect center height is 7ft as it provides space without adding too much weight. Moreover, with the increase in center height the vulnerability to winds also increases. Therefore, we have to keep a balance between center height and wind protection.

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