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Best Tent Stakes [TOP 10 Tent Pegs Reviewed 2021]

Tent Stakes are like the brake of a vehicle, just like a vehicle is useless without a brake a tent is of no use without reliable stakes. 

The majority of the tent stakes that come with the tents are not reliable for a wide range of conditions, so it is better to keep pegs in reserve that can be used in every type of soil. 

We have researched and reviewed 10 best tent stakes that are available on Amazon. 

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10 Best Tent Stakes 2021

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake is made of 7000-series aluminum; this stake penetrates rocky grounds smoothly. It does not take time to stake a tent with it because of the Three-sided Y beam design.

The majority of the stakes are made strong, but this is lightweight yet sturdy, which is rare to find. Above all, you do not need a hummer; it goes in with a modest force. It is slightly expensive than the majority of the stakes, but it is the best value for the money since no one wants a disposable and unreliable stake.

It can withstand a force of 60lbs; it means your tent is never going to turnover if it is staked with MSR Groundhog tent stakes. 

It is a versatile stake; it can penetrate into any soil type and stay straight because of its strong and sharp design.

Though it is the strongest stake in our list, be careful while pounding it since no stake can withstand a series of undirected strikes no matter how strong it is.

It is perfect for backpacking because of its lightweight yet strong character.

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit Key Features:

  • Best Ultralight tent stake
  • Sturdy and pointed

Realizing the need for the frequent campers, Eurmax has included a 10x4ft rope and an extra stopper that help the Non-Rust pegs from Eurmax standout among the competitors. 

Plus, the steel pegs are unbendable and designed to screw in and out easily without using any tool, but on rocky terrains, you will need a hammer to pound them in. 

These are long and heavy; therefore, they can be used in rocky soil, snow, and even in soaked sands. 

The material used to construct the peg is corrosion-resistant steel, and the stoppers are made of PVC. The large head makes it user-friendly. 

The stoppers offer secure anchoring by including hook and rope-stringing eyelets. 

It is a strong stake that can withstand windstorms, and versatile to be used in every conditions and terrain, indeed the best value for money. 

Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Stakes Key Features:

  • Comes with a rope and an extra stopper
  • Unbend-able
  • High-quality steel

From securing guy lines to anchoring a pop-up tent, Bare Four long stakes come handy everywhere.

These are unbendable no matter how hard the ground since they are made of S45C high-quality steel, but do not abuse them when pounding. They can last forever if used with care. 

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The design is convenient; the stopper on the top prevents the stake from getting stuck in the ground and takes no time to twist it in. You might find it hard to pull out the stake from the hard ground, but the protection it gives from windstorms is a good trade-off. 

The stakes are suitable for every terrain; it is appropriate for rocky terrain as it is made of high-quality steel, and it can also fit perfectly in the sand since it is 12-inch long. 

These are slightly heavier than aluminum and plastic stakes, but there are durable and less likely to bend compared to them, and above all, you can use them in extreme conditions. 

The stakes come with a storage bag. 

Bare Four long Stakes Key Features:

  • Suitable for every terrain
  • Unbend-able
  • 12 Inch Stakes

#4 TNH Aluminum Tent Pegs – Best Lightweight Tent Stakes

Heavier than the MSR Groundhog, but the notch is more reliable. The futuristic design of the TNH Outdoors Tri-Beam Tent Stakes makes it reliable in every condition. 

The head of the stake and the reflective pull loop give it an edge over its competitors. Plus, the sturdy aluminum is fit for soil with stones and roots. 

The regular length of the stakes may imply failure in the sand, but we tested it on a beach, and it fights perfectly against the 60mph winds. 

The high visibility ensures the safety and helps to remove it from the ground at dark without tripping over.

Unlike the other stakes, it has a single notch, the intention behind the single notch was to make the head stronger, and when we compared it with the stakes with multiple notches, this aluminum tri-beam proved to be stronger.  

The stakes come with a good-looking bag. 

The TNH Outdoors has an excellent customer service, you can get a refund or replace the item if needed. 

TNH Outdoors  Tri-Beam Tent Stakes Key Features:

  • Reflective chord
  • Best Lightweight Tent Stakes
  • Easy to use
  • Strong head

These classic shepherd hook design Vargo Titanium Tent stakes are universal and perfect for long hiking trips because of its lightweight and universal use. 

Titanium is three times stronger than aluminum, better strength to weight ratio, and doesn’t corrode or rust like other metals. 

The slick design makes it extremely portable, and it penetrates the ground with bare hands. It does not bend even when pounded in any direction, but if abused, it may bend. 

Above all, it can be used in every terrain, except the beach, where it may be half an inch short to hold a tarp or tent. 

The orange fluorescent coating increases visibility making it more convenient to use in grassy grounds. 

These titanium stakes are lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum. Plus, it lasts longer because of the material used to construct it; it is a great value for the money. 

Vargo Titanium Tent Stakes Key Features:

  • Universal stakes
  • Extremely portable
  • Best tent stakes for hard ground 

Reviews of the 5 Other Tent Stakes We Tried

Chill Gorilla stakes holds firmly in almost every soil condition. Plus, the bright colors and reflective paracord make it easy to find them in the grass. 

The aluminum alloy is strong enough to take hard beatings without getting bend, and it is corrosion resistant. It has a futuristic design; 3 latch points, quad design, and high visibility makes it different than other stakes, but the stakes do not have notches, some users may find it inconvenient. 

It comes in different sizes to fulfill different needs, choose the extra-large stake for extreme conditions. 

You will need a tool to twist them in since they are not as pointed as the other pegs in our list, but they are extremely easy to pull out from the ground when it is to go home. 

Chill Gorilla stakes Key Features:

  • Innovative design
  • Great value for the money

#7 SE Metal Tent Pegs – Best Tent Pegs for hard ground

SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Stakes are designed to compete with the high-end pegs and to attain the need of every adventurist. These heavy-duty pegs hold firm in rocky grounds, sand, grass, and whatnot. It is one of the best tent pegs for hard ground

Plus, the sharp design and milled point allow it to penetrate the soil deep with little force. The stoppers prevent it from going off-track, and the multiple notches make it more convenient. 

The corrosion-resistant steel adds to the longevity of the peg, and therefore ideal for long camping trips—the hook and rope stringing eyelet just like the Eurmax add versatility to the already versatile stake. 

The stakes are fit for every camping trip, and it can anchor tarp, tent, canopy you name it. 

SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs Key Features:

  • Best tent pegs for hard ground
  • Durable stoppers
  • Thick and reliable

#8 Canopy Tent Pegs –Best Tent Stakes for Sand

Best Tent stakes for sand

The design and length of the Canopy stakes make it ideal for damp soils, beach camping, garden camping, etc. This stake is made of durable ABS plastics, which is unbreakable when staked in properly. 

It does not take time to twist in the stakes because of the well-designed spirals and long sharp head. Plus, you do not need to put effort into screwing it in and out; it twists in with a slight push. 

Keeping the tent firm in the sand can be cumbersome; most of the time, a light from the wind unanchor the tent, but the design of this stake helps to keep the tent stable against strong winds. We checked it in a 50-mph windstorm, and it did well. 

It usually takes ten canopy pegs to anchor a standard tent. 

We do not recommend it for rocky terrains, but we strongly recommend it for soaked soils. 

Canopy Stakes Key Features:

  • Lightweight Pegs
  • Long and sharp ​
  • Perfect for beach camping
  • Best tent stakes for sand

Coleman Tent Stakes may not be as strong as the other pegs in our list, but these come with a rubber mallet, nesting hand broom, steel rod stake puller, and dustpan and that too at a meager price. 

These pegs are nails with only a stopper on top that go inside anything from only a few pounds, but be gentle since unlike the other steel pegs in our list, these are slightly soft; when abused, they can bend. Also, it is straightforward to twist in and out the pegs because of its pointed shape and the hooks on top. 

The rubber mallet is light, but that also needs to be used with care. The dustpan is of high-quality and lasts longer than the rubber mallet. 

Keeps the stakes as a reserve, might come handy when the other pegs get broken on a trip. 

Overall, you get a nice package with a variety of accessories at a very low price, and they can last long when used with care. Also, it comes with a storage bag. 

Coleman Tent Stakes Key Features

  • Low price
  • Complete package

IIT 71021 Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs are not smart like the MSR groundhog and other pegs in our list, but these are the cheapest. Even with the simple design, it fulfills its duty. 

It is constructed sturdy; it does not bend when hammered to the ground and does not pop out easily. Other than using as tent pegs, these 9 inches galvanize steel pegs have multiple uses from securing fences to nettings. 

The steel is rust-resistance and lasts longer. As the stakes are not well-designed as the other stakes in our list, we do not recommend them for camping in extreme conditions; you may keep them as reserves since they come at a very low price. 

IIT 71021 Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs Key Features:

  • Low Price
  • Multiple use
  • 30 stakes in a pack


Here are the Best tent Stakes:

  • MSR Groundhog
  • Eurmax Pop Up Canopy Tent Stakes
  • Bare Four Tent Pegs
  • TNH Aluminum Tent Pegs 
  • Vargo Titanium Tent Stake
  • Chill Gorilla Tent Stakes
  • SE Metal Tent Pegs
  • Canopy Tent Pegs 
  • Coleman Tent Stakes Kit
  • IIT Galvanized Steel Tent Pegs

What To Look For When Buying Best Tent Stakes?

Length – The longer the stake, the more reliable it is, but a 6-inch stake can work perfectly in rocky grounds just like a 10-inch stake. A stake longer than 8-inch is the right choice for beach camping. So, it is better to consider the geography of the area you will be camping in before choosing stakes. 

Weight –There is a miss conception that a heavy stake holds firmly than the light one; this is not true. It depends on the design of a stake and the metal used to construct it, so if you are planning to hike for days, then ultralight pegs are a better option. 

Metal – Titanium, and steel are more robust than aluminum, but when it comes to weight aluminum, win the race. The lightweight does not mean that an aluminum peg will bend when pounded with a mallet, but steel and titanium are more suitable for extreme conditions. 

Know Your Tent – It is better to check the guy lines and loops of your tent before buying stakes for it since stakes have a different type of notches and paracord. A stake with multiple notches has a mostly weak head, and a stake with a single notch is stronger. 

Shape – Tent pegs come in the following shapes:

  • Nail shape: These stakes are perfect for rocky grounds since the pointed tip can penetrate into rocks and roots.
Nail shape tent peg
  • V shape: The V shape is suitable for almost every type of soil.
v shape tent stake
  • U shape: These are perfect for soft grounds. It will take time to twist them into hard grounds
u shape tent stake
  • Skewer style: These are perfect for sand and can be twisted in without using a tool.
skewer shaped peg

Longevity – Always buy stakes which are corrosion resistant. 

Avoid plastic made pegs; they can break easily and make your tent useless on a windy night. 

Best Stakes for Every Soil Type

We need different stakes for different conditions, e.g., a stake designed for beaches cannot be used in rocky soil and vice versa. Therefore, we have listed the best stakes for every soil type. 

Best Tent Peg for Sand 

Not all stakes hold firmly in the sand; there are some stakes that have passed tests in loose sand because of their shape and length. A long and wide stake made of aluminum works perfectly in beaches. 

TNH Outdoors 8X Aluminum Tri-Beam Tent Stakes are tested at the beach in 60mph, and they stood firm against the powerful winds. It comes at two lengths; 11.8inch and 7inch; buy the 11.8inches long stakes for loose sand. 

Best Tent Stakes for Hard Ground

Most tent stakes bend in hard grounds from pounding, and it is either because of wrong pounding or low-quality stakes. Other than that, it is better to buy steel stakes with pointed tips as it penetrates the ground smoothly and doesn’t bend in the process. 

Bare Four 12-Inch Tent Stakes are the best steel stakes in the market; they are unbendable and pointy. Bare four’s design is user-friendly; the stopper on the top prevents the stake from getting stuck in the ground and takes no time to twist it in. 

Best Tent Stakes for Rocky Ground

For rocky grounds, campers usually prefer steel stakes as they are unbreakable and penetrate easily, but they are heavy for backpacking. The best stake for rocky grounds is MSR Groundhog Tent Stake; it is ultralight and sturdy. It can withstand a force of 60lbs; it means your tent will never be turnover if it is staked with MSR Groundhog tent stakes. 

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake is made of 7000-series aluminum, superior to other aluminum stakes; this stake penetrates rocky grounds with ease. It does not take time to stake a tent with it because of the Three-sided Y beam design.

Best Tent Stakes for Wind

Any stake can detach from the ground easily if it is not compatible with the soil, so more protection in heavy winds can buy compatible or universal stakes. Three Y beam stakes fix better than any other type of stakes but always buy steel stakes with pointy tips for hard grounds.

We recommend MSR Groundhog for strong winds because of its Three Y beam and sturdy design. It is almost a universal stake that penetrates every ground easily except loose sand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is better to wet the ground before you push the stake in, pour the water on the spot, wait for a couple of minutes, and then use a mallet or hand to fix the stake inside the ground. Some stakes don’t require much effort, but you will need a mallet or hammer for some. Be careful while pounding the stakes as low-quality stakes can bend easily.

Normally, you need one stake per corner. Plus, if your tent has guylines, then you will need one stake per guyline. Also, for a more secure camping experience, you may want to carry twice that number in case one of your stake breaks.

People usually confuse tent pegs with stakes, but there is a difference between pegs and stakes. Pegs are longer than stakes and require a hammer to get fixed. Stakes shorter and can be easily fixed with a mallet or hand.

Winter camping is unforgiving when you don’t do it in the right way. You have to clear the whole spot where you want to pitch the tent; you can’t just pitch a tent on snow as it will turn to bumpy ice because of your body heat.


It becomes very difficult to choose among the options, when all of them are top-notch. We have already discussed about how to choose best tent anchors at the start of the article. 

Follow the guidance and just choose the best option according to your requirements. Besides, you would not regret buying any of the best tent stakes we have reviewed.

If you found our review helpful, then you must go through our other reviews.

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