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Best Tent Stove for Camping Like a Pro in Winters

Winter Camping all fun until the sun goes down, and the weather starts getting colder, you will soon start missing home and your warm bed. Luckily, there are tools that can keep your tent warm even when the temperature outside drops to minus. 

The most effective tool that provide both warmth and hot meal is Wooden-tent stove. These best tent stoves are much easier to use and are more effective than other types of tent stoves. We have reviewed the best portable wood stoves, so you could camp comfortably even in freezing temperatures.

Expert’s Choice –   The Winner

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Portable Titanium Stove

The stove is the lightest, yet the most effective stove because of its friendly design and build quality. This tent stove comes with all the necessary accessories like spark catcher and fireguard for the pipe.

Are the Tent Wood Stoves safe?

Wood stoves for tent are safer than other types of stoves, however, you must take safety precautions as using a stove inside a tent without proper planning and safety measures can be dangerous. The following precautions need to be taken for hot tent stove:

  • The floor around the stove should be protected with a fire-retardant sheet as using without a safety sheet can be dangerous for the tent and as well as for the occupants
  • The campers must use a Spark arrester with wood stove
  • Keep combustible materials away from the stove as the walls of the stove can get really hot
  • The stove pipe should exit via a built-in exit point or a through a hole made in your tent using a silicone flashing kit. The area where the flue pipe exits the tent must be made of fireproof material

Protecting from Carbon-Monoxide

Carbon-monoxide is called the silent killer for a reason, many campers have died due to carbon-monoxide. Carbon-monoxide is particularly dangerous in tents as it traps the gas inside. Therefore, tent stoves are introduced to minimize the chances of carbon-monoxide poisoning. The well-designed chimneys of tent stoves let out smoke safely.  

However, there are simple measures you can take to protect yourself from carbon-monoxide.

  • The tent you want to turn into a hot tent must be properly ventilated. Make sure your tent has proper arrangement for ventilation in both dry and wet weather conditions
  • You must Put off the stove before you sleep 
  • Keep carbon-monoxide detector inside the tent 

List of 7 Best Tent Stoves in 2021

Danchel Backpacking Tent Stove Features

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Portable Titanium Stove
  • Its door is made of Ceramic glass
  • It is extremely lightweight compared to other stoves of its size
  • It comes with a spark catcher and fireguard


  • Weight: 3.55lb      
  • Material: Titanium

The stove is made of titanium, which has better heat transfer efficacy as compared to other materials. Moreover, titanium is far superior to other materials when it comes to strength-to-weight ratio. Owing to the strength-to-weight ratio the stove under discussion weighs only 3.55lbs, but still highly effective and durable.

The door is made of Ceramic glass, which is can resist up to 1256 degrees. The good thing about Ceramic glass is that it lets you see inside the burning stove. Moreover, the door is well-designed, it doesn’t let the smoke come out no matter what.

It is the best option if you are fond of hiking or mountaineering as it is astonishingly ultralight and compact. Plus, it comes with a decent carry bag. It is available in different sizes; you can choose the pipe size according to your needs.

It is easy to assemble inside a tent, you don’t need an extra hand to set it up. However, the pipe has sharp edges, so you have to wear glows to roll it out.

The stove comes with all the necessary accessories like spark catcher and fireguard for the pipe.

Overall, it is the best backpacking tent stove if you are okay with the price.

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Portable Titanium Stove


★ It is perfect for backpacking due to its ultralight weight and descent carry bag
★ The package includes all the necessary accessories
★ The stove is made of Titanium and Ceramic Glass
★ Collapsible tent stove


✖ It is slightly expensive 

Kcelarec Camping Wood Burning Stove Features

Kcelarec Camping Tent Stove
  • It includes a wood drying basket and side rack
  • It weighs only 7.8lbs and packs compact
  • The stove is perfect for backpacking


  • Weight: 7.8 pounds      
  • Material: Titanium

Kcelarec is amongst the best ultralight collapsible tent stoves, it weighs only 7.8lbs and packs 19 x 14 x 4.5 inches. It is indeed the best titanium tent stove given its built quality and size. The package includes all the necessary equipment e.g. Spark arrestor that fits in the carry bag easily. Moreover, the pipe is almost 8ft long, so you can use it with tall tents as well.

This best wall tent stove has two ceramic glasses one in the front and the other on the side, it gives a better view of the burning woods. Moreover, the stove has a wood drying basket, where you can keep the wet wood dry for smokeless and quick combustion. Apart from the drying basket, the stove also includes a side rack, which can be used as a storage place for hot utensils.

The only drawback of the tent stove is that it doesn’t have a damper, which is used to control the amount of oxygen inside the stove. Other than that, the stove doesn’t have a drawback.

The stove is perfect for backpacking as it packs compact and you can also reduce the weight by leaving behind few accessories.

Kcelarec Camping Tent Stove


★ Compact and lightweight
★ Long pipe
★ Two Ceramic glasses
★ Includes drying basket
★ Perfect stove for camping


✖ It doesn’t include a damper 

Winnerwell Woodlander Camping Stove Features

Winnerwell Woodlander Medium Tent Stove
  • The door has a fire-resistant glass and a vent
  • The stove is made of high-quality stainless steel
  • It has two side shelves for cooking versatility


  • Weight: 20lbs     
  • Material: Steel

Winnerwell tent stoves are loved by winter campers all over the United States and Europe. This particular model is designed for 2-4 person tents no matter if it is a teepee or canvas. The stove is made of high-quality stainless steel, which never corrodes.

Although the stove is small, it has two side shelves for cooking versatility. It is designed with all the challenges in mind, so you won’t face any basic problems while cooking on it.

The stove has a 13.1 liters firebox and 2.5 inches pipe. Apart from those, the package includes a grate, spark arrester, and an ash scraper. It is extremely easy to assemble the stove, it rarely takes 5 minutes to set it up inside a tent.

This stove has three legs, which open wide and can be folded smoothly when required as they are equipped with sturdy springs.

The door has fire-resistant glass and a vent, it is an extremely well-built door, which doesn’t let the smoke come out. 

Overall, the stove is highly durable and well-designed. We recommend for couples and small families who love camping in extreme weather conditions.

Winnerwell Woodlander Medium Tent Stove


★ Extremely well-built
★ Two side shelves for cooking
★ The door has fire-resistant glass
★ Compatible with types of tent 


✖ Not compatible with large tents 

TMS Cheap Tent Stove Features

TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove Tent
  • The stove comes with all the necessary accessories and can be used with almost every tent that has a stove jack
  • It can be used as a drying rack when the grates are folded
  • It is a great value for the price


  • Weight: 30lbs    
  • Material: Stainless Steel

TMS portable camping lightweight tent stove is the cheapest tent wood stove on our list but still carries out the expected functions satisfactorily. The stove comes with all the necessary accessories and can be used with almost every tent that has a stove jack. However, the stove has few drawbacks, but that we think are bearable given the price of the stove.

The military tent stove includes removable legs and four expandable pipe sections. It not only helps in the portability of tents but also in the easiness of use inside a variety of tents. Moreover, the stove can be used as a drying rack when the grates are folded, this way you don’t have to worry about wet gear anymore.

One of the drawbacks of the stove is that its paint wears out at high-temperature. On first use the paint burns off, therefore, it must be used outside the tent till the paint burns off completely.

Note that, it is not a heavy-duty stove, but can be used to cook food and warm a small tent at freezing temperature. Overall, it is a great value for the price.

TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove Tent


★ Portable tent stove
★ Compatible with almost every kind of tent
★ Includes all the necessary accessories
★ Can be used as a drying rack 
★ Best among collapsible stoves


✖ Paint burns off on first use 

Fltom Hot Tent Stove Features

Fltom Camp Tent Stove
  • The stove has efficient airflow system
  • It is highly effective in freezing temperatures with single charge
  • The top of the stove has two side trays


  • Weight: 23.15 lbs      
  • Material: Steel

Fltom Camp Tent stove is not only a heater but can work as a cooking stove as well. The top has two side trays, which come in handy when you use it for cooking. Moreover, the pipe attaches from the back, so you can use the top as a cooking surface.

It is made of thick steel; therefore, it weighs more than 20lbs. The length of the stainless stove pipe is 4.69ft. Given the size of the pipe, this tent is a more compatible tent with lower walls e.g., dome tents.

The legs of the stove are collapsible making it easy to carry. However, the stove is not for backpacking as it is heavy.

The stove has an efficient airflow system, it provides a controlled wood burning. However, it burns through woods slightly faster as compared to other stoves on our list.

It is highly effective in freezing temperatures; it keeps the temperature pleasant even in the coldest regions. The craftsmanship is impressive, there is no design flaw and the stove looks neat and well-polished.

Fltom Camp Tent Stove, Portable Wood Burning Stove for Tent


★ It can be used as a tent heater and chimney oven 
★ It has an efficient airflow system


✖ It burns through woods quickly 

Bullet Proof Rocket Tent Stove Features

Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves
  • The stove is highly durable
  • The stove is 5 inches, so it can accommodate a large quantity of fuel

It is the sturdiest Stove in the market that is why it is named as Bullet Proof Rocket Stove. The unique design transfers heat more efficiently as compared to conventional design.

The stove is designed for cooking mainly but can be used as a heater in an emergency. The heating capability makes it compatible with large family tents as it provides enough heat to cook food for a large group.

The stove is 5 inches, so it can accommodate a large quantity of fuel. The cooking temperature can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the quantity of fuel and air control. The chamber is a bit rough so you have to insert the woods with a slight force.

The stove is made highly durable, but it is not as user-friendly as with other stoves in our list, so you have to choose between sturdiness and ease of use.

Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves


★ Surprisingly sturdy 
★ It has a large pot holder
★ Provides enough heat to cook a large quantity of food


✖ Not user-friendly as compared to other camping stoves on our list

US Caribou Portable Wood Stove Features

US Stove Caribou Portable Camp Stove
  • The stove is small and highly effective in small spaces
  • The package includes extra equipment like cleaning brush and poker stick
  • It has a 6-inches chimney pipe


  • Weight: 17.7 pounds    
  • Material: Steel

The stove is designed for small tents, it is not effective in large family tents. Although the stove is small it warms water for coffee quickly and keeps a tent as big as a 3-person tent warm in freezing temperature.

It has a 6-inches chimney pipe that is well polished. Apart from the chimney pipe, the package includes a spark arrestor, damper, cleaning brush, and Poker stick. It is a complete package; you won’t need to buy anything else.

US Stove Caribou Portable Camp Stove


★ Well-built
★ Includes all necessary equipment
★ Small wood burning stove for tents


✖ Too small for large tents 

How to Choose the Best Tent Stove for Camping


Backpackers’ topmost priority is to shed the weight of the backpack as much as they can as camping with heavy equipment can stop you from exploring beautiful spots. Wood Stoves for tent can be heavy as well as ultralight, it depends on how much you are willing to spend on it. 

Mainly tent stoves are made of Steel and Titanium. It is needless to say that Titanium has better weight-to-strength ratio as compared to Steel, but Titanium stoves are expensive while steel stoves are affordable comparatively. The weight of Titanium camping stoves can range from 3lbs to 10lbs while the minimum weight of a Steel camping stove is 20lbs.

Moreover, Wood stoves are far superior to propane stoves for camping as you don’t have to carry fuel with you until you reach your destination. 

Diameter and length of pipe 

The length of wood-burning tent stoves pipes ranges from 2.5 inches to 8 inches. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the length of wood-burning camping stoves pipes, so you have to choose the chimney pipe according to the jack in your tent. However, the diameter of chimney pipes are directly related to the power of combustion of portable wood stove.  

Note that : most winter tents for extreme weather have built-in jacks for chimney pipes, but if your tent doesn’t have  an opening for stove pipes, then you can easily build in a pipe jack. 


Camping stoves have a number of accessories, however, we are mentioning only the necessary accessories. 

The first is damper, which is for regulating the heat. with damper you will be able to use less quantity of fuel and control the temperature; therefore, a damper is an important accessory. 

Second on the list is spark arrestor. As its name suggests, a spark arrestor keep your tent safe from sparks. Without a spark your tent might catch fire or damage the footprint. 

A wood grate is used to keep the burning woods off the floor of camping stoves to keep the airflow effective inside the stove. Moreover, the wood grate keeps the stove body clean by accumulating ash. 

Compatibility of Tent and stove 

Before finalizing a camping wood stove for tent, make sure that it is compatible with your tent. Most of the times we make a mistake of using a stove that is either too small or too big for the tent size. For larger tents, you will need a big stove that has a big chamber for wood and a pipe with large diameter. 

A large stove for cooking is perfect for a large group of campers as small stoves have small cooking platform. Remember that, you should use a fire-retardant material as a pipe jack. 

Types of Tent Stoves

There are different types of tent stoves, the most used types of tent stoves are:

Portable Tent Stoves 

Portable tent stoves are designed for adventurists, who go camping and backpacking frequently. These stoves are lightweight and compact, and include all the necessary accessories. Portable tent stoves are more than capable of heating even a large canvas tent to comfortably cozy temperatures in freezing conditions. 

Most models include basic air intake adjustors that influence burn rate, fire grates, drying racks, and even small glass windows so you can monitor your fire without opening the fuel door. Almost all the tent stoves on our list are portable tent stoves.

Glamping Stoves 

Glamping stoves are larger than traditional stoves, but still portable and packable. These stoves have larger chamber and door. Glamping stoves are expensive because they are counted as a luxury item. These stoves normally include all the equipment that are required in cooking and heating. 


Wood tent stoves are the best source of heat in both summer and winter. In summer wood stoves can be used for outdoor cooking and in winter it is a source of heat, too. The best camping stove is that which is easy to carry and well-built. 

Our list includes the best tent stoves; however, our team highly recommends Danchell outdoor Titanium wood stove as it is the lightest and most effective stove in the market currently.

Best Tent Wood Stove FAQs

Wood tent stove are a cheaper source of heat. These stoves consume dry wood and in turn provide heat to cook food and keep the tent warm. Mostly, these stoves are used for boiling water and cooking food, however, campers also use it as heater.

Yes, most canvas tents come with built-in pipe jacks and even if they don’t have a jack it is easy to build in a jack by your own without damaging the tent. The fabric of canvas tents can bear the heat of wood-burning stoves, and also retains the heat perfectly.

Hot tenting means using a heat source inside your tent. Typically, hot tenting refers to using a wood stove in a canvas tent for heating and cooking purposes. Some tents have built-in wood stoves; therefore, are called hot tents.

Wooden tent stoves are safer and easier as compared to stoves that use other fuel sources. Unlike propane stoves, one doesn’t have to carry fuel all along to the camping site when using a wooden tent stove. Moreover, it safer to use a wood tent stove than using propane stove as there are less chances of your tent catching fire.

Whether you are on hunting trip or cold weather camping, you must put off the fire inside the stove before going to sleep as it minimizes the risk of carbon and hazardous fire. Even without a flame present, hot embers and ashes can ignite nearby flammable materials.

Danchel Outdoor Titanium Tent Stove is the best camping wood stove to bring when camping as it weighs only 3.55 pounds, still can keep a large tent warm and has all the necessary equipment that are required for cooking. It is the best option if you are fond of hiking or mountaineering as it is astonishingly ultralight and compact. 

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