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9 Best Tent with Stove Jack for Winter Camping

Winter camping is always challenging and adventurous; that makes it the most exciting and memorable, as you make the best memories out of the most challenging situations. 

Having a hot beverage in the best tent with stove jack at a freezing temperature seems too much fun. There are many benefits of winter camping; in today’s crowded world, peace and silence are the most valuable assets once can have. Winter allows you to be with yourself, your loved ones, nearest and dearest ones, and enjoy your time in complete harmony. 

For winter camping, it is essential to be in the best and reliable gear. You cannot take a second chance; for this reason, it is necessary to have the canvas tent with a stove jack, which can keep you warm in stunning cold temperatures, and you can enjoy your time without the fear of getting sick. 

It is not easy to put fire in an open space, especially in winters, as there are chances snow can hit anytime and put out the fire, so a winter tent with a stove jack enables you to put fire and cook safely. 

Out Top 3 Picks

Best Canvas Family Stove Jack Tent

Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent

Dream House Canvas Outdoor Tent


Best Tent with Stove Jack Overall

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent

Danchel Cotton Bell Tent


Best Cheap Tent with Stove Jack

Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent

Preself Tipi Hot Tent with Stove Jack


What is a Tent with Stove Jack?

A tent stove jack is an opening in either in the tent’s roof or wall to insert the pipe of the stove. The stove jacks are made fireproof by sewing a small fireproof strip around the tent stove jack hole or sews a piece of fireproof cloth and dig a circular hole in it. 

But low-price tent manufacturers don’t offer fireproof stove jacks; instead, they advise the campers to cover the chimneys with fireproof materials or make the stove jack fireproof on their own before using the tent. 

10 Best Tents with Stove Jacks Review

Danchel Cotton Bell Canvas Tent with Two Stove Jackets

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent
  • It has all the qualities that high-end canvas tents with stove jack have but still comes at half of the price
  • The tent, once appropriately erected, then no natural power can distort the tent structure
  • It is a luxurious canvas tent

This Canvas Bell with stove jack is almost half of the price of American made Canvas tents, and the only difference between it and the high-end American canvas tent is the customer service. It has two stove jacks, one on the roof and the other on the wall; one measures 4-inch in diameter and the other 2.9-inch. The holes are protected with a high-temperature resistance strip, and you can also order a stack bib or heat shield for safer glamping. 

Like most Canvas shelters, it is the best tent for heavy rain, it never leaks in rain and snowfall, and it has a bath-tub floor made with synthetic material to prevent the water that pools under the tent. It has a thick, shiny pole at the center with rubber coating to prevent the pole from scratches, we checked it in 150km/h wind, and it was as stable as a Baobab tree. 

The stakes that come with the tent work poorly in snow or cold ground; you may have to purchase suitable stakes for cold ground or put effort to warm the ground for smooth penetration. The zippers don’t work smoothly, so you must use both of your hands, one to hold the seam and the other to open the zipper. Considering the price and qualities, it is the best canvas tent with stove jack. 

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacks


★ Great value for the money
★ 4-season luxurious tent 


✖ Rough Zippers 

Dream House Canvas Outdoor Tent 

Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent
  • It has a detachable floor which comes handy while using stove inside the tent
  • Its aesthetic design receives compliments

You want to feel like home away from home? You want to spend leisure time into the wilderness? Dream house outdoor tent is the tent you are looking for! It is the best canvas wall tent with stove jack.

The Dream house is a supported by a single pole in the middle and cover by waterproof treated cotton canvas, supported by guy ropes, which enable it to stand strong against wind and heavy rainfall. 

You might observe water leaking in under heavy shower for the first time but once you let it dry properly, there won’t be any water pouring in anymore.

The tent has also got a PVC detachable waterproof floor, you can install the tent in rainy season without the fear of water pouring up from the bottom.

In case of winter camping you can install a stove as it is a tent with stove pipe vent on the side wall. There are four vents on the top for perfect ventilation and are aesthetically designed.

This tent is best for 3 people, but it is so roomy that even after accommodating three people there still be space left for furniture and luggage. It can be used throughout the year in all seasons.

Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent


★ Spacious Space
★ Thick Canvas


✖ It gets dirty quickly

White Duck Canvas Bell Tent – Best 4 Season Tent with Stove Jack

White Duck Outdoors Canvas Bell Tent
  • 100% cotton with water and mildew treatment
  • Walls of the tent can be rolled up if needed
  • Seams are double-stitched, and the double filled army duck canvas keeps the tent liveable in every weather

The design of this canvas tent is based on the tents used by the US military in the 18th century. You can call it a military tent with stove jack. It is the tallest tent currently in the market, and the design is such that the height remains the same in most areas except the corners, where it measures 3ft. Though it is tall and luxurious, it is heavy, and you will need substantial space to transport it as its packed dimensions are 45 x 15 x 13 inches.  

It is 100 percent cotton with water and mildew treatment, and the center pole is steel. For ventilation, it has eight windows and four vents adequately protected from wet weather. The seams are double-stitched, and the double-filled army duck canvas keeps the tent liveable in every weather condition, whether it is snowing or raining. 

The stove hole measures 5 inches in diameter and is high temperature resistant. The tent’s walls can be rolled up if needed, making it the ideal shelter for family events. 

The only downside of the tent is its weight; other than that, it is the best winter tent with a stove jack in the market. 

White Duck Outdoors Canvas Bell Tent


★ Luxurious tent for family glamping 
★ Tallest tent in the market 
★ Superior Canvas 


✖ Heavy 

Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Wood Burning Stove

Russian-Bear Hot Tent Wood Burning Stove
  • It is a complete tent with everything you need for hot winter camping
  • The package includes both a wood stove and stove jack

Are you the kind of person, who spends a lot of time away from home camping in the mountains, wilderness, and forests, especially in the winter’s harsh weather? The Russian-Bear Hot Tent is the perfect camping gear for you. 

You can spend hot winter camping without any fear of getting cold as the tent walls are double-layered made for extreme weather conditions, and you can use it for summer camping as well by simply removing the inner awning layer. 

The exterior layer is made of waterproof, high-tech oxford fabric. There is a skirt around the bottoms to protect any water penetration into the tent. The windows and door have mosquito net attached as well. The three-layer bottom is designed for freezing temperatures, and it protects the ice or snow beneath the tent from melting due to the stove. 

This all weather tent with stove includes a stainless-steel stove and chimney, and the interesting thing about the stove is that the sidewall is made of a heat-resistant ceramic glass, which has a higher heat emission rate than steel. Secondly, it serves as a light source and gives a very soothing light effect at night-time. 

The dome shape enables the tent to stand strong against heavy rain and wind, and it is extremely easy to assemble and dissemble. The 4-season Russian-Bear is ideal for five people, perfect for a family with kids for winter camping. 

Russian-Bear Hot Tent Wood Burning Stove


★ The package includes a well-built woodstove
★ Easy to assemble and dissemble 
★ Perfect for ice fishing
★ It comes with heated floor


✖ Costly 

Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent

Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent
  • An Ultra-Light tent with a stove jack
  • It can accommodate three adults when needed, and if used as a two-person tent, it will be surprised to see the extra space

This tent is a perfect match for the winter camping gear, easy to pack, and almost takes 10 minutes to pitch. This is the best lightweight tent with stove jack. Its ultra-lightweight puts less burden on your load and occupies less space in your backpack. 

The Preself 3-person tent package includes a tent, a stove jack, which will keep you warm in cold weather camping, a support bag, and an accessories bag. The triangular shape tent has two big vents, a double door, and a spacious space for a family of three or close friends for camping, and it is a 4-season hot tent. 

It is made of anti-tear patterned polyester and is waterproof, can use it without any fear in windy and rainy weather, as it can resist strong wind and rainwater cannot penetrate. 

So, if you plan for winter camping or camping in the rainy season, this is the best backpacking tent with a stove jack you can have. However  some of the users have complaint that this tent is not even enough for two people along with stove. 

Some people may not like a floorless tent, I think it should not be an issue as you can keep a rug or carpet with you, and it saves on weight, and the tent remains clean. 

Preself 3 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent 2


★ Waterproof
★ Ultralight 


✖ Floorless 
✖ It is small for three adults

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Canvas Bell Tent

  • A huge luxurious tent for every season
  • The manufacturer has paid attention to the details and used high-quality materials to manufacture it

Are you a person who loves to go out with family or have a large group of friends and want to go into the wild? 

Setting up many small tents is hectic and consumes a lot of time, saving you time, energy, and money by having the PlayDo 4-season shelter which is the best camping tent with stove jack. 

The tent is made of cotton fabric with waterproof material; it can resist moderate rain, stands strong against wind, and has a waterproof floor; in the case of a wet surface on rainy days or in winter, you do not need to worry. 

There are mesh windows around the tent for better ventilation, and it has a stove pipe hole made of fireproof material; in case of winter camping, you can install a stove in it. It has SBS zippers, very prominent zipper manufacturers globally, on its front door and windows. 

The tent has spacious space for ten adults and space for the luggage and even can place furniture and luxurious camping beds for bad back in it. You can use this tent as a store in your backyard or farmhouse to save the space inside your house. 


★ Easy to assemble and deconstruct
★ Excellent customer service
★ Spacious space
★ Weatherproof 
All-season Tent


✖ Heavy 
✖ Slippery guylines

Robens Klondike 6 Person Tent with Wood-burning stoves

  • The floor can be folded back to the door while cooking or heating the tent
  • Small canvas tent offering the same features that premium canvas shelters do
  • This 6-person tent with a stove jack has a waterproof rating of 5000mm

Robens Klondike is an easy tent for a small family with a foldable groundsheet and a stove pipe hole. The tent is 100 percent polycotton and has an alloy pole at the center. It is a tipi shaped that gives a decent headroom of 180 cm and protects from strong winds by not giving them enough area to exert their force. 

It has one vertical door with ventilation panels, low vents, and roof vents, and all of them can be controlled from the inside, which is necessary for tents with a stove hole. Moreover, the floor can be folded back to the door while cooking or heating the tent, so the floor stays safe from the jumping embers. 

The tent has a waterproof rating of 5000mm and all the vulnerable spots like the door are better protected than the rest of the tent, so the tent never leaks. The tent is warm in winter not only because of the stove but the tent material too, but in summers you may feel a bit uncomfortable as it doesn’t have windows. 


★ Tipi tent with stove jack 
★ Removable floor
★ Internal Apex vent control


✖ No windows 

OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent

OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent
  • A well-built tent with attention to details
  • It is a lightweight tent, suitable for both camping and backpacking
  • The tent has YKK zippers, which work smoothly, unlike the zippers of most low-price tents

If you are a lone wolf or you need private space while camping, this is the best tipi tent with stove jack for you. It is effortless to set up and bind for one person, and the lightweight makes it more comfortable to carry it through long distances into the wild. 

OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent is a low-priced, high-quality product, which can be used throughout the year in all four seasons. The tent is made of silicon-coated nylon fabric, which is very durable and waterproof; you can camp in the rainy season without the fear of rainwater pouring in. The heptagon shape enables the tent to stand firm against strong wind and heavy rainfall. 

It is a tent with a stovepipe hole and has a space in front of the room as a fireplace and two windows at the top for good ventilation. So, if you plan a winter camping, make sure you take a stove jack and a stove pipe with you. The tent has YKK zippers, which are very durable and the most reliable zippers.

OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent


★ YKK zippers     


✖ Not roomy


Tepee Hot Tent for Hiking and Backpacking

  • It is a perfect tent for mountaineering and backpacking
  • Though it is ideal for one person but can accommodate two people if needed
  • It is rugged and a modern version of a tipi tent with a stove jack

Tipi hot tent is a backpacking tent with ultralightweight and compact size. It has an opening for a stovepipe, but it is not secured with a heat shield, so you must wrap the chimney with a pipe jacket to prevent the tent from catching fire. 

The tent has a waterproof rating of 2000mm and is well-built. For cross-ventilation, the tent has two large smart windows that help in wet weather conditions and dry summer. The center pole and stakes make it stable against winds, but it must be staked down in an appropriate ground. 

It has two doors and ample space for two persons, as the company has mentioned it as 3 person tent but it is not. Given its size, it should have been easy to pitch, but it takes a single person to pitch it in around 10-12 minutes, but it is not as frustrating as the old tents. It is a cheap tent with a stove jack, but you must be extra careful while using a woodstove in it. 


★ Ultra-lightweight 
★ Waterproof
★ Low price
★ Backpacking hot tent


✖ Doesn’t have heat shield for stove jack 


Canvas Tent with stove jack

Tents with stove pipe vents can be harmful to the environment and human life; therefore, experts’ careful consideration and guidance before buying a camping tent with a stove jack can save from a loss. The guideline that we have included below covers the features related to stove jack. 

Check the Stove Jack

The stove jack must be made of fire-retardant material, e.g., fiberglass silicone. Unfortunately, these fire-retardant materials are only common inexpensive canvas tents. Still, most low-price camping tents don’t secure the hole with such materials, so it is up to the user to secure the chimney with a pipe jacket or the whole with fire-retardant. 

Secondly, make sure the jack’s weather flap can be tied away from the chimney because if it touched the chimney, the tent could catch fire. Mostly, wood stove jacks are 4inches to 8inches in diameter, so make sure the stove you have is compatible with that. Almost all the high-end Canvas tents are fire treated to minimize any mishap, so a fire treated tent is the best option. 


Owing to the danger of carbon monoxide, the tents with stove jack offer adequate cross-ventilation through windows, roof, and ground vents. Moreover, the tent must have an option to open or shut the vents from inside the tent. 

Most Canvas tents also have carbon-monoxide indicators, and even if a hot tent with a stove jack doesn’t have a built-in carbon-monoxide detector, you must take a carbon-monoxide detector with you if you are planning to use a wood stove inside the tent. 

Structure of the tent 

A tent with a stove jack must be staked properly with best tent stakes, and the guylines should be secured as an unstable tent can fall on a wood stove and cause a fire. Most campers prefer Canvas shelters for its stability in every weather condition and the ample space to safely use a wood stove. 

Camping Wood Stove

It is important to buy a stove that is compatible with your tent in size. Check the diameter of the stove jack of the tent and make sure it fits with the chimney. Plus, the stove must be protected with a windshield and has an ember catcher in place. 

Camping Wood Stove

Canvas Tent Maintenance and Waterproofing 

Canvas tent can last a lifetime if taken care of, and they are much expensive than nylon and polyester tents, so maintaining them will ensure that your money is not lost. Fortunately, a canvas shelter requires minimal maintenance compared to other types of tents. 

  • Before storing the canvas for a more extended period, you must hang it to dry thoroughly under the sun; it will save you a tent from mildews and smell. After the tent has dried out completely, store it in a bag and place it in a dry place off the ground, it will save the tent from rodents. 
  • Most tents require annual waterproofing, including Canvas. Waterproofing with a wrong solution affects the tent breathability; therefore, canvas shelter comes with detailed user instructions, and they include the products that go well with their shelters, so before the waterproof treatment on your tent, consult the user manual. 
  • You should be delicate with your canvas while cleaning it and don’t apply a soap solution as it can affect the tent’s waterproofing. Pitch the tent, clean off the dirt with a soft bristle brush after removing the loose debris and dirt, wash it with cold water and use a soft cloth to clean the stains but don’t be rough with it. 

What is Hot Tent Camping?

The only difference between conventional camping and hot tent camping is a woodstove. In hot tents camping, campers take along a woodstove and a tent that supports it to heat the interior and cook inside the tent. 

Campers usually prefer Canvas shelters for hot camping as they are extremely waterproof and well-built. Plus, Canvas shelters have ample space for everyone and everything, but nylon tents are appropriate for backpacking and mountaineering. 

Our list has backpacking tents with stove jacks that make it possible to enjoy hot winter camping in the most inhospitable environments. 


While selecting a tent with a stove jack, you must prioritize safety over other fancy features. In the past, only expensive canvas tents offered safety and stove jack, but now owing to the increase in competition, manufacturers are coming with low-price tents with wood stove jack.

Unfortunately, not all the low-price tents are safe; therefore, we have provided a guideline and listed the best tents with stove jack. 

To make it easier for you, we recommend Danchel Cotton Bell Tent for hot camping because it is a complete package and you won’t have to worry about anything from weather to space. 

For backpacking winter camping, we recommend Tipi Hot Tent because not only it is ultralight but roomy, too. 

Best Tents with Stove Jack – FAQs

Pop up tents are the easiest to put; it takes less than one minute to pitch the tent. One such tent is Night Cat; it has an advanced hydraulic pressure mechanism that makes it the most interesting and easy tent; it literally sets up in less than 30 seconds.

No, you cannot install a stove in every tent. The most suitable tents for that are cotton and polycotton, but since not everyone can afford to buy canvas and canvas are heavy, so you can’t backpack with them. You can install a stove in ripstop nylon and silnylon tents, but make sure the tent is weatherproof and treated with fire-retardant. 

You can use a stove in a tent, but you should have the right tent and take precautionary measures. Select a tent with a stove jack that is protected with fire-retardant. For carbon-monoxide, you must have cross-ventilation inside the tent and carb0n-monoxide detector. Also, you need an ember catcher for a safe hot camping experience. 

It depends on the environment you will be camping in more than the season. If you are expecting snowfall and high winds, then a 4-season tent is the right choice. Among 4-season tents, a canvas wall tent with a stove jack is the warmest and most stable tent. 

But the canvas is heavy, so if you are backpacking, then any winter tent with a stove jack or a 4-season tent is suitable. 

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