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5 Best Tree Tents To Buy in 2021 [For Every Camper]

As the concept of suspended tents is new, therefore the chances of loopholes in the design of the best tree tents are more, this implies more chances of wasting money on a wrong Tree Tent. But, as long as The Tent House is here, you will get to see only the right tents

Expert’s Choice –   The Winner

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent

RATED #1: By Backpacker, Outside and American Survival Guide. Winner of the prestigious Gear Of The Year Award.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Tree Tent

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Tent Key Features:

  • Winner of the prestigious Gear of the year award
  • Versatile 
  • Flat floor
  • 3 Season Tent
  • Solo Tree Tent

The design of this Lawson hammock tent offers multi-use; its lightweight and compact design allow you to take it for car camping, canoe camping, backpacking and bike camping. Also, it can be used as a hammock and a tent.

It has unique spreader bar and arch pole system, which eliminates the cocoon effect when strap to trees gives a flat floor to sleep on, this way it offers more space and comfort.

Lawson Hammock– the manufacturer of the hammock—has a reputation of making high-quality products for 23 years, this solo tent by Lawson is no exception, it beats high-end tents when it comes to quality with its waterproof ripstop nylon and polyester. 

Plus, the unique arch poles and spread bars give it the weight capacity up to 275 pounds, which is more than enough for solo camping.

Most of the hammock you will come across will not be 100% weatherproof. Still, this versatile tree-tent offers protection like a conventional tent with a rain fly that gives full-coverage and attaches directly to hammock eliminating the need of strapping the rain fly to other objects.

The integrated no-see-um mesh of the airborne tent gives a pleasant experience on a dry day by taking you closer to the nature around you except the bugs.

The progressive design of the tent allows you to pitch it in less than 5 minutes without any complications. When pitched you will be glad to see the spacious space it provides. Also, it has two pockets for essentials.

Tentsile Flite Plus Tree Tent Key Features:

  • High Quality Suspension
  • Surprisingly Waterproof
  • 4 Season Tent

The UFO-shaped tree tent is the coolest shelter in town with amazing weatherproof arrangements and strong suspension. As a mix of tent and hammock; it is a versatile tree tent that is redefining camping. 

The futuristic design of Tentsile Flite Plus includes three heavy-duty ratchets that are rated 2-tons. Plus, the web lock Set-up adds to the reliability of the suspension system of the tent. 

The anti-roll strap system of Tentsile is one of its kind, that ensures that you do not roll over to the middle of the tent waking up your partner in the middle of the night but make sure that you strap it according to the instruction provided with the shelter. 

The extended—5000 Hydrostatic Head– rainfly is made from high-quality 204 nylon fabric that keeps your dry and warm no matter how harsh the intentions of the mother nature become. 

In dry weather, the densely mesh walls and roof offer 360 degrees view of the surrounding keeping bugs and condensation at bay.

As the tree tent is new to most of the people, first-timers may struggle to strap the tent properly, considering that Tentstile has designed the tent such that the first-timers can set it up in less than 15 minutes. 

When strapped properly, the tent provides decent space for two persons and luggage. With a head height of 2.7 feet, it does not let you feel restricted and confined. It also includes underfloor storage and an internal mesh pouch to save you more space. 

You can also pitch it on the ground if you take a tarp with you.

Tentsile Stingray 3-person Portable Tree House Key Features:

  • Built to Last
  • Triple Hammoch Interior
  • Big Door
  • 3 Season TentA

Made from toughest UV resist material, this Tentsile Stingray 3 Person Tent protects by elevating you from hostile terrain, and when needed, it can be pitched on the ground like conventional tents.

It is roomy for three people and gear with triple hammock interior that separate the campers by providing three hammocks under one roof.

The extended rainfly of the tent not only protects you from extreme weather but also provide shaded porch when secured to the ground. The inner layer has a mesh net for stargazing and airflow with a door in the middle. The quality of the mesh net and rainfly is top-notch, they are made to last in tough terrains and in extreme weather condition.

The suspension of the tent is designed to withstand stress; it includes three flexible and durable ratchets which provide stability to the tent.  

The set-up process of this tent is not complicated, but it will take a maximum of 15 minutes of the first-timers.

It is slightly heavier for backpacking, so do take the weight into consideration before leaving for camping. Overall, it is a high-quality tent with an impressive design which is worth the expense.

Here Is The Video on How to Set Up a Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent

Tentsile Connect 2-Person Tree Tent

Tentsile Connect 2-Person Tree Tent Key Features:

  • Durable and Rugged
  • Strong Suspension
  • Multi-use
  • 4 Season Tent

It is the old version of Tentsile Flite Plus, heavier but durable and well-ventilated. The connect series is famous among tree-tent lovers.

Like other tree-tents from Tentsile, this has too stable suspension with three ratchets that are easy to strap and provide safety and comfort in every weather condition.  

It is a versatile tent; it can be pitched on ground like traditional tents when the conditions are favourable but if you are planning to pitch it on the ground do take a tarp along with you for more comfort and longevity of the tent.

It is roomy for two persons with a hatch in the middle; it is perfect for claustrophobic people not only because of its spacious space but also the no-see-um mesh body, which is designed to keep the temperature inside the tent pleasant and to enjoy scenic views around you. Plus, it has four foldable doors that do not let you disturb your fellow camper when moving in and out.

The rain fly and the fabric of the tent can survive harshest conditions; there is no chance that you are getting wet on a rainstorm. 

Though it is a 4-season tent, tree-tents slightly differ from traditional tents when it comes to insulation, so do take along a warm and dry sleeping bag.  

It is heavy for backpacking, but overall, it is a durable and comfortable tent.

Skysurf Triangle Hanging Tree Tent Lightweight Backpacking 2 Person Tree Tent

Skysurf Triangle Hanging Tree Tent Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Low Price
  • 3 Season Tent
  • Cheap Tree Tent

Skysurf Triangle Hanging Tree Tent is not durable like the other tents in our list, but it is lightweight and cheaper tree tent compared to the other.

It includes only one ratchet for lightweight, but we would recommend that you use it with three ratchets if you are a first-timer.

It is weatherproof with reliable rain fly that covers the whole tent to make sure you wake up warm and dry, but we would not recommend it for extreme weathers. Plus, the no-see-um mesh walls like expensive tree-tents keep insects away and let in fresh air without compromising on your privacy.

It has decent suspension arrangement; premium hammock straps and built-in ratcheting system which makes the set up easier.

It is perfect for hiking and trekking because of its lightweight. Also, if you are tight on budget, then this is the best cheap tree tent for you.

What have we Selected for you in Best Hanging Tents?

Versatile – As a human we miss old times and are convinced easily that past times were better. Considering that, we have selected only those tree-tents which can also be pitched on the ground.

Weatherproof – Majority of the tree-tents you will come across will not be weatherproof as most of them are made for sunny days. But all the tents that made to our list of Best tree tents are surprisingly weatherproof, which can be as an alternate of a traditional tent.

Firm Suspension – Like stakes of traditional tents, the ratchets of tree-tents keep the tent stable. The tents in our list have a robust suspension system that never disappoints.

Ventilation – We go on camping to get closer to nature as much as we can, to enjoy the fresh air and stargazing. Then why would we want a confined and suffocating tent?

All the tents in our list are well-ventilated and do not come between you and nature.

Durable – A tent should be durable and sturdy since it is used in tough terrains mostly. The quality of the fabric, zippers, ratchets, and poles must be checked before buying the tent. Our list includes only those tents which are highly durable. 

Set up time – The most irritating thing while camping is wasting time doing stuff that you do not like. Why spend your precious holiday setting up a complicated tent? Considering that, we have selected those tents which are easy to set up.

Why Tree Tents?

Because it is above the ground! Not convinced? Okay, let’s peek on a few other reasons

If you are a hunter, then tree tents are best for you since it maximizes the chance of sighting your hunt.
It offers a new camping experience that is more fun than the traditional tents provide.

It is difficult to find a levelled and dry ground to pitch our tent in the woods, and we end up with a rough ground most of the times. Tree-tents are airborne, high from inhospitable conditions to provide more comfort and safe camping.

These were few among many convincing reasons to try the unique tents.


It becomes very difficult to choose among the options, when all of them are of high quality. An ideal tent is that, which is according to your needs so buy any one of them based on your needs and budget. Besides, all the tents we have review are reliable, you would not regret buying any of them.

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