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Best Two-Room Tents for Camping Reviewed 2022

Most of us see camping as a tough activity as while on camping we do not have access to amenities that we enjoy at home and one of the amenities is privacy. Realizing the problem, tent manufacturers have introduced best two-room tents, which lets you sleep in privacy.

Expert’s Choice –   The Winner

  • The well-polished fabric and the six large windows of the tent redefine the concept of camping
  • The tent has a waterproof rating of 2000mm and attention to the details is impressive
  • The browning big horn series are mostly preferred by avid campers and hunters for its robustness and high-performance
  • The manufacturer offers excellent customer service
  • The tent is large surrounded by awnings, and with the flyoff half of the tent is mesh
  • The tent has a waterproof rating of 2000mm and attention to the details is impressive


  • Capacity: 8    
  • Weight: 35lbs   
  • Number of Seasons: 3

The browning big horn series are mostly preferred by avid campers and hunters for its robustness and high-performance in the tough conditions. The model under consideration is quintessential example of Browning camping series’ quality.

We were astonished to see the refreshing interior of the tent. The well-polished fabric and the six large windows redefine the concept of camping. Moreover, the tent has an all-mesh roof, which is a treat to the eyes in anytime of the day as far as the weather is clear.

It is a free-standing, which means it doesn’t require stakes for the stability of its frame, and you can move it around without taking it down. The tent frame is highly stable against strong winds. The tent is waterproof as we expect from Browning camping.

The tent has a floor size of 10ft x 15ft and a center of 7.25 ft. Its rainfly creates awnings on the doors for dry entrance and to place red shoes and socks to dry.

The biggest reason to buy Browning camping series is its generous customer service. If you misplace the tent stakes or other accessories or you break the tent poles, the manufacturer replaces it for you in no time.

The tent has a waterproof rating of 2000mm and attention to the details is impressive, therefore, the tent stays dry even during weeklong rainstorms. 

However, the floor is thin as compared to its walls, therefore, you have to buy the footprint provided by the manufacturer for your peace of mind.


★ Robust and Sturdy
★ Excellent Customer Service
★ Aesthetic


✖ Thin floor

Best Tent with Multi Compartments Features

  • The tent sets up in less than two minutes because of the pre-attached poles
  • It has three room dividers, which divide the tent into three small compartments
  • The tent gets plenty of air circulation owing to the smart vents and windows 


  • Capacity: 12     
  • Number of seasons: 3

This is the biggest tent in our list with three room dividers, which means you can have three separate compartments with the room dividers unzipped. 

Even after being such a large tent, it has pre-attached poles that assist the frame to pop-up in less than 2 minutes. CORE did amazing job in manufacturing such a large and easy tent, now families don’t have to panic about assembling large tents.

The floor size is 10ft x 18ft and a center height of 80 inches, it accommodates three queen-sized air mattresses and still leaves extra space for luggage. The tent has plenty of gear lofts and mesh pockets to keep things off the floor. Plus, at the center there is a strong hook to hang a lamp.

The tent has plenty of well-designed windows and adjustable vents, that together keep the interior pleasant throughout the year. Moreover, it has two large doors for easy access and exit, you won’t feel trapped inside this tent no matter what. The only downside of the tent is you cannot completely shut down the adjustable vents.

The tent is extremely weatherproof, all you have to do is stake the tent properly. The tent features taped seams and PU coated fabric that don’t let rainwater to seep in.

Overall, it is a great tent for large families as it is spacious and takes less than 2 minutes to set up. Plus, it is weatherproof.


★ Three room dividers
★ Extremely rainproof
★ Instant Setup


✖ Ground vents cannot be shutdown

  • Two large doors for easy entrance and exit
  • It is highly durable and doesn’t have any design flaws
  • It takes only 10 minutes to pitch the tent


  • Weight: 32lbs   
  • Capacity: 6-person   
  • Number of Seasons: 4 

Alps mountaineering Creek tent is a home away from home with a seven feet center height and 120ft² area. The tent has a room divider, which divides the tent into two rooms for privacy as the size of the tent allows multiple couples to share the space.

The tent has two doors, so that occupants of both of the rooms don’t disturb each other. Most of the manufacturers include only a single door for the tent as large as this, which makes camping hard as you have to jump over others in order to take a leak at night or for any other reason.

The tent is made of high-quality polyester with a waterproof rating of 1500mm. It is highly waterproof in all conditions, however, during continuous rainstorms the tent leaks a little.

In summers, the temperature inside the tent stays pleasant because of the large windows, two doors and smart vents. On a clear night, you can remove the rainfly to stargaze through the mesh roof.

The poles are color-coded and the process of assembling the tent is straight forward, so it takes less than ten minutes for two persons and maximum 15 minutes for a single person to pitch the tent. Moreover, the tent comes with simple instructions, which makes it easier to pitch the tent properly. 

Though this large two-room tent is roomy enough to accommodate 6 persons, but it is ideal for four adults.

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Two-Room Tent


★ Two rooms and two doors 
★ Easy to pitch
★ Spacious
★ Designed for extreme weather conditions. 


✖ Storage pockets are not well-designed

  • The tent is made of nylon; therefore, it is more comforting and stronger
  • The most selling feature of the tent, other than the space, is the full-fledged builtin closet
  • The tent has eight windows for ventilation


  • Capacity: 8    
  • Weight: 35lbs   
  • Number of seasons: 3

Coleman has once again introduced an affordable tent that gives a tough competition to high-end family tents. It is astonishingly spacious and features everything that a family expects from a best two room tent.

The most selling feature of the tent, other than the space, is the full-fledged built in closet. The closet has hangers and shelves that can accommodate plenty of clothes and other such stuff.  The closet is a great relief for campers especially for parents, who camp with their kids.

The tent is made of nylon; therefore, it is more comforting and stronger. The tent features inverted seams and cuffed zippers apart from an effective rainfly, which together do not let even a single raindrop to seep in. However, during horizontal storms the rainfly becomes inefficient because of limited size.

The occupancy potential of the tent is slightly exaggerated as it is ideal for six adults and not eight, however, if the camping group or family includes children, then it can accommodate eight persons easily.

The tent has eight windows for ventilation and the with the rainfly off, the roof is all mesh, which lets you enjoy the view without coming between you and the starry sky.

It is simple to pitch the tent, but you have to practice pitching it at your lawn before heading towards the camping ground as it gives tough time to newbies.

The removable divider provides maximum privacy and divides the tent evenly.


★ Surprisingly Spacious
★ Features built in Closet
★ Affordable Tent


✖ The rainfly is ineffective against horizontal rain

  • It is a reliable tent with excellent built quality
  • The tent has two large panoramic windows and smart ground vents
  • It doesn’t leak no matter what


  • Capacity: 4       
  • Number of seasons: 3

It is among the best four person tents that also includes a screen room, where you can place chairs and coolers to enjoy the weather and surrounding. This Cabin tent is extremely waterproof and durable if you are an avid camper in unhospitable terrains, then it is the right tent for you.

The tent has two large panoramic windows, which provide clearer view as compared to mesh windows. Note that, the windows can be covered for privacy. Apart from the windows, it has smart ground vents for ventilation during cold weather or rain, and the inner tent has all mesh ceiling.

The tent has a maximum capacity of 4 persons, but it is ideal for a couple and large dog. The screen is generous as it can accommodate two chairs, luggage and air cooler easily. The screen room is weatherproof, you can sit in it while it is raining dogs and cats outside.

The tent takes considerable time to set up, so you must practice at home and follow the instructions, provided by the manufacturer, to save yourself from frustration.

The tent has ample mesh pockets, but it lacks a hook at the center to hang a lantern. It comes with a nice carry bag.

Overall, it is one of the best small two room tents.


★ Highly Waterproof Tent
★ Weatherproof screen room
★ Panoramic Windows


✖ No hook to hang lantern

  • This two- room family tent is highly waterproof
  • It comes with pre-attached poles


  • Capacity: 9  
  • Weight: 40lbs   
  • Number of seasons: 3

Ozark Trail Cabin tent is laden with impressive features, and still has a nominal price tag. The reason it made to our list is its built-quality and the well-designed screen room.

Though the tent claims to be instant setup tent, however, the screen takes minimum 5 minutes to set up as it requires staking. The bedroom takes less than two minutes to set up as it has pre-attached poles that only require unpacking from the package.

This two-room cabin tent is highly waterproof because of the fabric and attention to the details. For the peace of mind, take a footprint as it doesn’t come with a footprint. Plus, the screen room is floorless, so you will need the footprint for that.

The angled walls of the screen room are vulnerable to rain, so you can only enjoy the view in rain if you sit closer to the bedroom wall. The screen room is roomy for 2 chairs and a table.

It has a center height of 7 inches, you can carry out any activity in the tent without your head touching the roof. The floor size of the tent is 14 x 13.5 ft. 

Remember that, it can accommodate 9 persons only when pushed to the limits, but for relaxing camping experience use it as a 6-person tent.

The tent has storage pockets, electric cord opening and a hook to hand lantern.

Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent


Large and high off the ground
Firm frame 


One has to put considerable effort to set it up 

Wenzel Double Room Klondike Family Camping Tent
  • The polyurethane coating and double-stitched seams protect the tent from rainwater
  • It has a large screen room for relaxing and storing extra gear


  • Capacity: 8   
  • Weight: 26 pounds 
  • Number of  Seasons: 3           

It is a large double room tent; a screen room for relaxing and storing luggage and a spacious bedroom that can accommodate two queen size air mattresses. Wenzel is making outdoor equipment since 1887, it has generously applied its skills and experience to offer comfort for families at an affordable price.

The tent is designed for three seasons; Summer, Spring and fall. In warm weather, the high and low vents and the windows provide ample airflow inside the tent. However, the rainfly is of dark color, which slightly increases the temperature inside the tent, when exposed to sunlight. 

The polyester fabric, polyurethane water-resistant coating and double-stitched seams ensure you and your family stay dry and fresh throughout the camping trip. Moreover, the no-see-um-mesh roof and walls are perfect for stargazing on a clear night and to relish the surrounding on a beautiful day.

The tent takes maximum 15 minutes for a single person to assemble the tent. Instructions are sown to the carry bag, which are easy to follow. Wenzel 8-person, when compared to other 8-person tents is lightweight, therefore, it is easy for a single person to pitch the tent.

It has built-in pockets to keep the tent organized, and a large T shaped door for easy entrance and exit. However, the tent doesn’t have an opening for electric wires.

Overall, it is a best tent for groups, who have extra luggage and want their tent well-organized.

Wenzel Klondike Double Room Tent with Porch


★ Weatherproof
★ Large Screen Room
★ Can accommodate two queen size air mattresses


✖ A bit hot with the rainfly on  

Bessport 10 Person Camping Tent
  • It has ground and roof vents apart from windows to keep the tent well-ventilated throughout the year
  • The tent is easy to pitch and lightweight comparatively
  • Protects against every weather condition


  • Capacity: 10       
  • Weight: 24 pounds   
  • Number of seasons: 4

Bessport 10-person Tent is a complete two-bedroom tent with a removable room divider. The color combination and the breathable fabric of the tent make it the most aesthetic two room camping tent.

The tent has a floor area of 15ft x 11ft, which is more than enough to sleep 6 adults and can accommodate 10 persons if needed, however, we suggest it for a 6-8 persons.

The two tall steel poles create a long awning where you can sit and relax, and also provide clean and easy access to the tent.

It has ground and roof vents apart from windows to keep the tent well-ventilated throughout the year. Moreover, the polyester fabric used in the tent is extremely breathable.

It has a waterproof rating of 3000mm; therefore, you can expect extra weather protection from this two-compartment tent.

The tent comes with 11 guy ropes and 24 steel pegs, that are extremely tough and can penetrate any type of ground.

Remember that, the tent is lightweight and follows traditional pitching process that is why it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes for a single person to pitch this tent.

Bessport 10 Person Camping Tentt


★ Well-designed room divider
★ Lightweight


✖ Windows zip from outside 


  • All mesh roof and a large mesh window
  • It is among the best inexpensive 2 room tents
  • The joints and poles are strong


  • Capacity: 12    
  • Weight: 35lbs      
  • Number of Seasons: 3

The brand name is unfamiliar to many, but the tent they have manufactured is among the top 2-bedroom tents.  The tent is inexpensive as compared to other large two room tents.  

It has a 141 square feet total floor area, which means it can accommodate 9 persons easily and 12 persons when needed.  It has an effective room divider, which can be tied and untied easily. Each compartment size is 7ft x 5ft and the center height is 6.8ft. 

It has a fiberglass poles, which are almost unbreakable. Realizing the common problem of camping, the manufacturer has paid extra attention to the joints, and made them strong, so even you treat them rough, they won’t break.

The roof is all mesh and so is the large window, which together make everyday of your camping trip memorable and pleasant. You can view the surrounding from your comfort zone.

The tent is highly durable as it is made of extra thick polyester and the zippers are of high quality. It comes with 12 stakes that can penetrate through any type of soil.

Inside the tent, there are plenty of storage pockets, however, it doesn’t have an opening for electric cord.

Overall, it is an impressive cheap two room tent that can last forever if taken care of.           


★ Extremely Sturdy 
★ Spacious
★ Inexpensive


✖ A bit hot when exposed to sunlight


  • The tent is highly durable
  • Considering the size, the tent is lightweight and can be used as a backpacking tent on short trips


  • Capacity: 8
  • Weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Number of seasons: 3

Campros 8-person tent has an aesthetic design and bright color, it will be, no doubt, the most prominent tent in the campground. Not only it is aesthetic, but spacious and tough, too.

The tent is made of 185T polyester, which is not only durable but breathable, too. Plus, it comes with color-coded unbreakable fiberglass poles.

The tent can accommodate two queen-size air mattresses easily. The room divider of the tent provides maximum privacy and is easy to attach and detach.

It is waterproof and stands firm against winds up to 40 mph, however, the tent hydrostatic rating is only 1000mm, therefore, it cannot bear a long week rainstorm.

The front door zippers of the tent are slightly rough, so you have to be careful with them. Except that, the tent is of high-quality and durable.


★ Colorful Tent
★ Lightweight


✖ Rough Zippers 


Best Multi-Room Tents Buying Guide

When choosing among multiple options, it is obvious to become skeptical among multiple options, therefore, we have included a detailed buying guide to help you choose the best 2 room family tent.


Multiple room tents usually have a size greater than 120 Square feet as a tent less than that size cannot be divided into multiple rooms. Normally, room divider divides the tent into equal size compartments. The maximum capacity means the tent can accommodate the given number of persons when challenged its limit. 

However, for comfortable camping experience, always buy a larger tent than the claimed capacity e.g. for 8 adults buy a tent with a maximum capacity of at least 10-person

Assembling a Tent

The larger the size the more difficult it is to pitch a tent, however, the tents we have reviewed are either two room pop-up tents or have straight forward assembling process. 

Remember that, some large tents take hours to assemble and most of the times it is nearly impossible for one person to pitch a large family especially in windy conditions, so it is better to buy a tent that has a simple set up process.

Screen room or two bedrooms?

Two room tents include either two bedrooms or a screen room and a bedroom. Screen room is used for dining, relaxing and enjoying the weather from your comfort zone. 

However, you cannot use a screen room as a sleeping place. Therefore, before buying a 2-room tent check whether it has two bedrooms or a screen room and a bedroom.


The most annoying thing in camping is a leaking tent. Unfortunately, almost half the tents that claim to be waterproof are not, so you should have a basic knowledge of the features behind the waterproofness of a tent. To know whether a tent is waterproof or not, you have to see its waterproof rating. The waterproof rating is usually from 500mm to 8,000mm, and the higher the rating is, the better the tent’s waterproofness. 

Another important thing that measures the waterproofness is the attention to details by the manufacturer. The vulnerable spots should be covered properly like zippers and vents. Seams should be thermally sealed for better protection, and the rainfly must cover the whole tent. 

All the tents in our list are extremely waterproof, therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time checking whether the tent is among the heavy rain tents or not.


Two room tents make camping easier because they offer privacy and a place to store extra luggage. It is hard to find a better multiple room tent as most tents that claim to be a multiple room tent lack proper room divider or required size. 

Realizing the problem, our team has gathered the top best two-room tents, so that you don’t have to spend days researching. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent is our top recommended product as it the toughest and most comforting at the same time. However, all the tents that we have reviewed are top notch, you won’t regret buying any of them.

Best Two Room Camping Tent FAQs

It depends on the dimensions of the tent. That being said, a two-room tent usually have a capacity between 6 persons to 12 persons. The easy way to find the right size tent is to multiply the number of occupants by 20 square feet since a single adult needs at least 20 square feet to sleep comfortably.

The average weight of two-room family tents varies between 25lbs and 40lbs. The weight depends on the size and the material used to manufacture the tents, Polyester and Canvas tents weigh more than nylon. Plus, some tents have steel stakes, which add to the weight tremendously.

Yes, every tent we have reviewed is waterproof. However, some screen rooms cannot protect from rain splashes. Remember that, waterproof coating of tents wears out and you must apply waterproof coating from time to time to ensure the tent doesn’t leak on your next trip. 

Usually, two room tents are large in size, therefore, they cost more than other tents. The price of most two room tents is greater than $200 dollars, but you may find only a small two room tent cheaper than that.

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