Camping in the Rain Checklist

The Complete Checklist for Camping in the Rain

If you are venturing out for camping and uninvited rain crosses your plan.

Do never let the rain put you down in your adventurous plans.

Actually, rain is not that bad for camping how much it is considered. Some genuine tips for camping in the rain can turn this misfortune into a magical experience.

Read this article till the end to know all the necessary gears for camping in the rainy season.

In this Article

Checklist of Necessary things for Camping in the Rain

I created this checklist by my own experience and did a lot of research to make sure that I am not missing anything important. This is a complete checklist for camping in the rain. Paste this Solo camping checklist somewhere and start your packing accordingly.

  • Destination terrain
  • Water-resistant tarpaulin
  • Tyvek suit
  • Bivy sack
  • Firestarter
  • Waterproof storage bags
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Neon colored layering up clothes
  • Snacks
  • Medicine box

Destination Terrain

The terrain is the most important thing you must consider before venturing off for camping. In this regard, marshy and flat areas are not good choices. You may get stuck in a lot of backwater around you.

It’s better to avoid tree-crowded areas too. If they are not pretty strongly anchored they can bring the unfortunate.

Water-Resistant Tarpaulin

Waterproof tarp camping in the rain

A waterproof tarp is a SAVIOR!


Even if it’s not raining still you must have a water-resistant tarp with you as rain does not ask permission before coming down. 

If you already possess the normal permeable tent don’t worry I am here to teach you how to waterproof a tent cheap. Yes, you can turn it into a waterproof tent by spraying the hydrophobic solution on it. Moreover, you can install a flysheet to make it water-resistant one.

There are some instructions you must follow before stepping out of your home for camping.

  • Buy a well-reputed impermeable tent
  • Learn how to set up a tent.
  • Check for any leakage by running water over it.
  • Dry and pack it in a waterproof bag along with other necessary camping gears.
  • Keep an extra tent with you.

One more thing, consider a tent with an awning window for air ventilation purposes. 

Tip: it’s Better to pack the tent at the very end of packing because you need it as a very first thing at a campsite.

Tyvek suit

Tyvek Suit


How can someone forget about his Tyvek suit while getting out for camping in the rainy season?

This is another important thing you must possess. You are there for some fun so you can’t sit in your tent all the time, you have to go out to experience the weather and how much you try to remain dry but eventually, you will get wet.

Therefore, the Tyvek suit is MUST!

Bivy Sack

Bivy Sack

There is no substitute for a peaceful sleep and obviously, a wet floor would not let it happen.

You need two things maintained for a good sleep, the temperature, and the dry floor. Bivy sack serves with both of these requirements.

Tip: Add a damp-proof groundsheet as an insulation layer beneath the Bivy sack for a better job.

Fire Starter

Camping Firestarter

Camping and fire is a mesmerizing combination.

You need to fire for many different reasons. Obviously, you can’t cook anything without the fire. Do you?

Secondly, cold weather can minimize the body heat more quickly than anything else so you need to manage a fire-starting material with you. It could be a water-repellant matchbox or lighter can also serve well.

You can also use some hacks to start a fire such as the cotton dipped in petroleum gel (vaseline). This hack can work even when it is raining.

You can pack some newspaper or other kindle with you, they could be multi-purpose camping gear while raining. You can use the newspaper for soaking up the damped shoes and can also be used as a fire-starter.

Waterproof Storage Bags

Camping in the rain is not that scary how much it sounds. If you are prepared well then no worry. Just learn some camping in the rain hacks and you are good to go.

In addition to other important things, you can’t deny the need for trash bags. They are one of the most important rain gears for camping.

Keep lots of waterproof storage bags with you!

You must have separate bags for everything and some spare bags too for wet clothes and trash.

Rechargeable Batteries

I am not in favor of keeping big generators with us unless we are going in groups of people. Lithium-ion batteries are the perfect solution for a short trip but if your trip prolongs a week or above of course you need a generator and head torch along with other electronics.

It would be secure to set up the generator at some distance from your camp and cover it with an impermeable protecting sheet. 

One more thing,

Be careful about circuit breaks!

Double-check if the circuit breakers are installed or not.

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Neon Colored Layering Up Clothes

Layering yourself with raincoats can preserve your body heat or you can face severe consequences.

So, add some neon-colored water-repellent jackets in your camping in the rain checklist.

You may be wondering why I said neon-colored.

I think you don’t want to be understood as a bear or any other wild animal. Bright color can be seen far from and you will be safe otherwise this could be the recipe for the disaster.


In addition to the cold weather, it’s food deficiency that can lead to low energy and body heat. Therefore, make sure you are taking enough calories to survive this adventurous experience of camping in the rainy season.

It is quite possible that you can’t light the fire due to the wet floor and the absence of any tinder. So keep plenty of edibles with your other accessories for camping in the rain.

Medicine Box

Medicine box

No man! You can’t forget to keep your medicine box with you.

Medicines are FIRST!

The case is dismissed!


How about the rain when you are just about to leave for camping. It can be annoying as an uninvited for some people while others take it as a fun addition. You don’t need to get worried I have summarized all the important gears for camping in the rainy season for you.

I hope you have read the above article thoroughly and well aware of all the life-saving camping gears and learned all the hacks that how to waterproof a tent cheap and warming up your tent.

Still, if you need any assistance we are always here to help you out. If somehow I missed any important accessory for camping in the rain do let me know in the comment section below. I would definitely respect your opinion and update the checklist.

Happy Camping!

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