Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review 2022

Exposure to green space and fresh air has many health benefits, and family camping also makes the familial bond stronger according to a study. To make camping trips more beneficial and pleasant, one needs the right outdoor products, and in these products, a tent should be on high priority. 

The right shelter in the woods or on the beach gives a sense of security, which in turn brings stability and enjoyment to the trip. But, a wrong tent can exaggerate the danger and uncertainty, that may ruin the whole camping trip that is why we have reviewed the Coleman 10 person Instant Cabin Tent in detail and jotted down a brief guideline on how to choose a 10-person family tent, so you do not spoil your next family or group camping trip with a wrong tent. 

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What to Look for in a 10-Person Tent? 

It is not rocket science to select the right tent, but one has to be familiar with the basics of a tent to make it the buying process easy. The following are the essential features that a 10-person tent must-have.

Weatherproof- According to archeology, the earliest shelters were made of stones and animal bones to protect humans from different weather conditions and animals. If a tent cannot protect you from harsh weather conditions, then it doesn’t even deserve to be called a tent. The following are the characteristics of a weatherproof tent: 

  • An extended rainfly that covers the tent properly.
  • A rainfly that is made from one of these materials: Ripstop nylon, coated polyester or silnylon.
  • A well-designed structure that leaves no space for the raindrops to enter.

Spacious- A decent headroom and elbowroom are the only comfort that you can expect from a camping tent since comfort like home are not possible in the woods except if you own a log cabin. If a tent claims to be a 10-person tent, buy it as a 6-person or 8-person tent. Also, consider the floor dimensions when finalizing a shelter for family or group camping.

Well-ventilated- On a clear day, most of the tents can provide fresh air, but when it is chilly outside or its raining only tents with ground vents or vented rainfly can prevent condensation by letting go the hot air through the smart vents. Therefore, buy a tent that has a vented rainfly or ground vents in addition to windows and mesh walls or roofs. 

Easy Setup- As automatic transmission replaced manual transmission, pop-up tents replaced conventional setup tents. These tents with preassembled poles set up within a minute; you do not have to push the poles through the sleeves. 

Room Divider- Camping with ten persons can be fun, but when its time to crash, you may want to have privacy; that is where the room divider comes handy. Also, it can split the tent into a store and bedroom. So, buy a tent with room divider for family or group camping. 

Extras- In competition, the outdoor companies add value to their tents that become the reason for a competitive edge, and with time these small values become a part of the products. Following are the few among many extra features that tents provide

  • Storage pockets and Gear lofts- These keep the tent tidy and organized by keeping essentials off the floor.
  • Lamp hook- when hanged at the center, a lamp can illuminate the whole tent, making it easy for you to carry on the camping activities.

Coleman has the honor of manufacturing camping stoves for World War II soldiers to lanterns that lit the first-night football game. It added tents to its outdoor equipment in 1950, since then the low price, but impressive shelters of Coleman are winning the race. 

We have reviewed one of the best-selling family tents of Coleman for you.

There are many reasons to prefer this tent over others, but the most captivating is its prearranged poles that keep you in high spirits by setting up in a breeze. Why waste your precious holiday on assembling a convoluted shelter, choose one which saves you more time to enjoy the camping activities.

Quick Setup

Coleman 10-person Instant Cabin tent sets up in less than a minute, and it is impressive since large tents require more hands and extra effort to get pitched.

Coleman Dark Room Technology

Coleman’s dark room technology blocks 90 percent of the sunrays. After staying up till late at night with your buddies or family, you do not want the sunrays to trespass your tent walls and turn your cozy room into a greenhouse. Therefore, Coleman coined the dark room technology so that you can wake up anytime you want. Plus, the tent stays livable even when exposed to sun rays.

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If for some reason, you reach the campground late, and you have to pitch the tent in the dark for that case, the Coleman darkroom tent has made the guy lines reflective, so you can easily tie up the shelter. Also, the reflective guy lines ensure no one gets hurt by tripping over them in the dark.


It is spacious like a castle; you can even fit in four queen-size mattresses and still find space to put your luggage. The center height of 6.7ft allows you to carry out any indoor camping activity without feeling restricted or cramped. Moreover, it has a room divider that is a much-needed feature when camping with a large group. The room divider adds to the privacy by splitting a large room into two, and you can even use the divider to separate the sleeping area from the luggage storage area, this way it will look more organized and tidier.


Coleman is known for its rugged and sturdy outdoor products. This tent is not an exception from Coleman; the Rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric can bear the harshness of inhospitable terrains and do not wear out with time, no matter how frequently it is used.


The patented hinged door is easy to open and close. Also, it is large enough to offer smooth entry and exit, but for a group as large as 10 people, one door may not be enough. The designer might have considered the extended width of the tent that leaves space for passage.

It will cause a mess inside the tent if 10 persons place their essentials on the floor, for that the tent has integrated pockets. These pockets keep teeny weeny things off the floor to let you move around easily and keep the essentials to hand. 


The WeatherTec™ system of Coleman with its patented welded floors and inverted seams do not let even a single drop to enter even when it is raining buckets. The floor is a bathtub style—a smart touch from Coleman— and Double-Thick Polyguard fabric protects from the extreme weather condition. But with time the waterproof coating may wear thin, that is why waterproofing a tent from time to time becomes necessary, here is a complete guide on how to waterproof your tent cheap. 


It is quite light compared to other tents; most of the 10-person tent weighs more than 30 pounds, but Coleman Instant Cabin tent is only 20 pounds. Also, the expandable storage bag adds to the portability as it looks compact and occupies less space, but it is not light enough to take on hiking trips.


In winters or rainy weather, it is necessary to have a vented rainfly or ground vents to protect yourself from condensation, the windows alone cannot keep condensation at bay. Coleman 10-person Instant Cabin Tent has a vented rainfly that keeps the tent breathable no matter what the weather condition is. Other than that, it has six large windows that boost the airflow together with the no-see-um-mesh roof. One can also enjoy the view of the starry sky on a clear night through the no-see-um-mesh roof.

Strong Stakes

 It can stand up to strong winds only when it is staked down properly. The stakes that come with the tent do not bend when pounded into rocky grounds, but if abused, they may bend. These sturdy stakes, coupled with the reflective guy lines, hold the tent firmly against high winds.

Coleman 10 person instant cabin tent

Who Should  buy Coleman Dark Room Tent?

Coleman has invested its experience and skills generously in the Coleman Cabin tent so that every family and group camping has a happy ending. If you aren’t a pro or find assembling a tent hard, this tent may bring ease to your camping trips. 

Moreover, if you do not like waking up early on your holidays, the darkroom technology can provide you with a sleep-friendly environment. The tent is built to last; you won’t need to buy a tent every now and then.


Following guidelines minimizes the chances of an irrational decision. Our guidelines can be helpful if you know what needs, and our detailed Coleman 10-person instant cabin tent review will make it easy for you to compare the tent you have in mind with the features of the tent under discussion.

Coleman Cabin Tent with the instant setup is convenient and smart. The darkroom technology is very rare to find, and the floor dimensions provide elbowroom even when you sleep 10 adults in it. It has one door, and the waterproof coating deteriorates with time except these the tent does not have any other drawback.

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