Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent Review

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent Review – (2022 Updated)

Coleman Sundome 3-person tent has the edge over its competitors due to the sturdiness and durability it provides at a low price, and Coleman is trusted as it has been meeting the needs of outdoor enthusiasts all over the world without discrimination. 

The easy availability of the tent accessories and excellent customer service from Coleman has earned it a good reputation; however, you will find misinformation on the internet regarding the specs and features of Coleman tent, and most of them convey exaggerated specs; therefore, we are jotting down the accurate Coleman Sundome 3 person Tent Review. 

The Coleman 3-person tent is the best-selling product for Coleman, and it is liked by campers who are either newbies or planning to camp at hospitable terrains. Remember that, though the tent is sturdy, it is not designed for extreme weather conditions, and if you are camping in cold weather conditions, you should not rely only on the tent and sleeping pads for warmth.


★ Can handle winds up to 18 mph easily
★ Door and ground seams are high off the ground 
★ Separate storage bags for Poles, stakes and fabric
★ Sturdy and Rugged
★ It comes in the category of Best cheap tents


✖ Stakes bend easily in rocky terrain
✖ Seams leak in heavy rain


About the Manufacturer 

The Coleman started manufacturing tents in 1960, and since then, it is influencing camping with its affordable tents and accessories. Coleman has also got the honour of manufacturing camping stoves for World War II soldiers to lanterns that lit the first nighttime football game.

It is a traditional tent manufacturer, which is trying to solve the problems of outdoor enthusiasts, and for that, it has received many awards. Recently, Coleman received the prestigious Coveted award for the best family tents. Coleman manufactures affordable tents and different types of tents that meet different needs. Its shelters are famous for their ruggedness.

Coleman Sundome 3 People Tent

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent Review
  • Wind and Rain Tested
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy Setup in 10 minutes
  • Budget Tent

Things to Consider before Buying Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent 

As you have already read the specs and features of the Coleman Sundome 3-person tent in detail, in this guideline, we will help you to relate the features with your intended camping trip needs and what you can expect from the best tent under $100.


The weight of a tent is an important aspect to check; if you are backpacking, then you will need a light and compact tent. Most of the tents are designed for spots, which are approachable by car, and the ultralight tents, which are designed for backpacking, are expensive. The Coleman Sundome 3 tent weighs 8 pounds, so it is not for long hiking trips; however, it comes with a carry bag and is not too heavy to carry in a car only; for short hiking trips, you can take it.


The Coleman Sundome 3-person tent’s floor size is 7ft ✕ 7ft, and the center height is 4ft. At the asking price of Coleman Sundome, it is hard to find a spacious dome tent, but as expected, the Coleman Sundome is spacious and yet compact when packed. 

However, to accommodate three adults in the tent, you have to sacrifice comfort, so for a comfortable camping experience, use it for 2 adults. Couples can use it as a tent for camping with dogs and won’t feel crampy if they have light luggage. 

Remember that, for extra space, you have to bear extra weight, and that is not what backpackers want. 

Protection from Rain

Most cheap outdoor shelters fail when it comes to protection from rain, and almost all of them exaggerate their waterproof capabilities. The campers also make a mistake by not following the camping in rain checklist and not waterproofing their tents after a few uses. 

One important thing that measures the waterproofness is the manufacturer’s attention to detail; the vulnerable spots should be covered properly like zippers and vents, seams should be thermally sealed for better protection, and the rainfly must cover the whole tent. 

The Coleman Sundome tent stays dry in light showers, but the seams leak in heavy rain, so you have to seal the seams to stay dry in heavy rain. The walls and floor don’t leak; however, you must use a tarp beneath the floor as it does not come with a footprint. If you think that you can seal the seams and take a tarp with you, then you can stay dry in every weather condition; after all, it is nearly impossible to find a 100% waterproof tent at that price.


Cross-ventilation is important in every weather condition. To know whether a tent is well-ventilated or not, check the window size and netting and what arrangements it has for cross-ventilation in wet weather conditions. 

For cold and damp weather, tents are incorporated with ground vents and rainfly vents, which keep condensation at bay. 

Another simple trick to keep a tent breathable during rain and snow is to keep the void between the inner tent and rainfly. Coleman Sundome tent has two large windows and a ground vent, which keep the tent breathable, but in weather conditions, you will feel slight dampness inside the tent.


The price of tents vary; you can find tents under $100 and above a thousand dollar, but the most expensive one is not always the right tent for you as you can fulfill your wants with a cheap tent; for example, why spend a thousand dollar on a big Canvas tent when you are going on a solo trip or with your dog, likewise it is not a good idea to buy an expensive ultralight tent when you camp only at the campgrounds of Florida. 

The Coleman Sundome 3-person tent is cheap but still protects from the wind and rain, so you should consider your needs before spending money on a tent. 


If you are planning a Phone-free trip, well and good, but if it is not the plan, then you will need a tent with E-cord access you will want to charge your gadgets; therefore, E-cord access is necessary as it doesn’t let in bugs and water, but E-cord. Moreover, you will need pockets as they keep the tent tidy by keeping things off the floor. 

Coleman Sundome 3 People Tent Features

The Coleman has invested its experience on this tent generously, so it doesn’t have any major flaw, but some compromises have been made because of the tent’s low price; still, the tent is better than its competitor in many aspects.

Sturdy and Reliable Tent

The Coleman three-person tent’s most selling feature is its Sturdiness; the tent can last forever if used with care. The Polyethylene floor feels impenetrable, but the tent does not come with a footprint, so you have to use a tarp beneath it for longevity and protection from the weather. 

The walls are thick polyester; therefore, they last long even when used regularly, but the tent is not warm like the 4-season tents, so you have to insulate the Coleman 3-person tent for extreme weather conditions.

The rainfly is extended, which covers the tent properly; however, it would have been better if Coleman had provided the option to keep more distance between the walls and rainfly to protect the interior from condensation during rain and cold weather. 

In normal conditions, the two large windows and the ground vent keep the tent refreshing, and the best part is the mesh roof that can be used for stargazing and extra ventilation during summer.

Rainproof Tent

For rain, the tent is equipped with a bathtub floor and WeatherTech system, which keep the tent dry during showers. In heavy rain, the seams leak as it is not designed to handle constant and heavy rain, but you can seal the seams before heading towards your destination; it will keep the tent dry, and take a tarp for extra protection. 

In windy conditions, the tent holds like a tree as the two fibreglass poles are shock-corded, and the dome design of the tent dodges wind, but the stakes are not reliable in the sand and rocky terrains, so you have to spend few dollars on stronger stakes. The tent is tested in 18 mph winds; it held well without disturbing its position.

Spacious Tent

The tent can accommodate three adults in its full potential; however, it should be used as a two-person tent for a comfortable experience. A twin air mattress can fit inside the tent, even you can accommodate a queen size airbed, but it leaves small space for luggage. 

If you want extra space for the luggage after accommodating three adults inside the tent, then you should get the Coleman Sundome 4-person tent, which offers the same specs and features. 

Dome tents usually don’t have ample center height, but Coleman Sundome 3-person dome tent provides 4ft center height, which is taller than most dome tents, and one can easily stand inside the tent without putting extra effort.

Easy Setup in Minutes

The tent setup process is straightforward, and for guidance, the instructions are sewn into the tent bag. However, the tent doesn’t pop up, so you need to spend at least 10 minutes setting up the tent, and you may need an extra hand if you are a newbie. Push the two fibreglass poles through sleeves, then attach the peg rings. 

Secure the tent rings with stakes in the ground; once the tent is in shape, strap the rainfly to the upper pole and stake the corners. Given the labour, you have to practice at home before leaving for the campground as you will know if you need an extra hand to set up this tent or not.

Gear Loft and Electrical Access Port

The tent has few extras to offer, like a gear loft and electrical access port; these two additions, though minor, but makes life easier. The electrical access port will allow bringing electricity inside the tent without letting bugs and water inside, and the gear loft keeps the tent organized.

Inexpensive Shelter

This Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent 2021 is for the people who want an inexpensive basic tent that can be used on rough terrains and has ample space for the occupants and luggage. The low price also attracts newbies, who don’t want to take the risk of spending money on expensive shelters for their first camping trip. 


The tent weighs 8-pounds, which is not suitable for long hiking trips, but for campgrounds and short backpacking trips, the weight won’t be a problem. The tent comes in two separate bags, so you can share the weight with your partner, and you can also replace the heavy stakes with light aluminum stakes to reduce the weight.

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent vs Other 3 Person Tents Features Comparison

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent Review

Weight: 8 pounds
Floor size: 7ft ✕ 7ft
Center Height: 4ft
Doors: 1
Porch: No
Rooms: 1
Pole: 2
Type: Dome

Winterial 3 CampingPerson Tent 

Weight: 4.4 pounds
Floor size: 6.8ft x5.3ft
Center Height: 3.8ft
Doors: 2
Porch: No
Rooms: 1
Pole: 2
Type: Dome

Hillman 3 Person Camping Tent

Hillman Camping Tent

Weight: 5.6 pounds
Floor size: 6.3ft x 6.3ft
Center Height:
Doors: 2
Porch: No
Rooms: 1
Pole: 2
Type: Dome

Customer Reviews Summary 

The customers of Coleman Sundome 3-person tent have given positive reviews about the product, and most of the reviews mentioned the sturdiness and great value for the money. The negative reviews are because of the weak stakes and leaking seams, but they have mentioned that they bought V-shaped stakes and sealed the seams to cover the flaws. 

For the sleeping capacity, the customers say that it can accommodate two adults and a kid easily; however, three adults feel cramped in the tent.


Coleman, the award-winning and one of the oldest tent manufacturers, has again come up with an affordable yet durable shelter. The Coleman Sundome 3-person tent is praised for its double-thick walls, low price and spacious space. It can accommodate three adults when needed and can protect them from harsh weather; however, it is a 3-season tent, so use accordingly. 

The tent takes time to pitch, and the newbies may require an extra hand to set it up, but it is easy to carry as it comes with a compact bag and weighs 8 pounds. The downside is its stakes, which can’t cope with rocky terrains, so you have to spend extra dollars on stakes or you can find best tent stakes here, other than that this tent is a great value for the money and is counted among the best 3-person tents. 

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