Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent Review

Coleman Sundome 4-person Tent Review

The Coleman, a trusted brand since 1900, introduced the Sundome series to make the camping trips of Summer campers, Car campers and nature lovers, who spend months in the wilderness, comfortable and easy. The main reason to prefer the Coleman Sudome 4-person tent over other 4-person tents is its affordable price and ruggedness. 

Moreover, the Coleman accessories are easily available in almost every region, and you get to choose from many color combinations and optional packages.

You get impressive features and specs at an affordable price, and that’s what we expect from a century-old brand. However, the tent is designed for three seasons, and it is not light enough for long hiking trips, so if you are planning to camp only on regulated campgrounds or your destination is vehicle-approachable, then this the right shelter for you.


  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • Floor size:  9ft ✕ 7ft
  • Center Height: 4.11ft
  • Doors: 1
  • Porch: No
  • Rooms: 1
  • Pole: 2
  • Type: Dome

About the Manufacturer 

In its 120 years journey, the Coleman introduced millions of products that were famous among many generations, and during the World Wars, it had the honour to supply to American Soldiers. In 1960, Coleman manufactured its first outdoor tent, and since then, it is making numerous types of affordable tents and accessories. 

For being innovative, Coleman received numerous awards, and recently it received the prestigious Coveted award for the best family tents. One of the fine examples of its innovation is the Coleman 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent and the Sundome series tents.  


The saying, “You get what you pay for,” doesn’t stand true here, as the Coleman Sundome 4-person Dome tent provides everything that you expect from a reliable tent; however, there are few shortcomings of the tent, but that can be covered with simple tips and tricks, for example, the seams near the door leak in heavy rain to solve the problem use seam sealant on the seams before heading towards the camping ground.

Sturdy and Durable
The Coleman tents are known for sturdiness and durability, and this tent is no exception. Its double-thick polyester walls and polyethylene floor can withstand wear and tear, but the tent must be used with a tarp beneath it for longevity and weather protection. 

Remember that the tent is thick, but that does not make it a tent for extreme cold weather, so to save yourself from freezing temperature, you have to insulate the tent properly. It has two fibreglass shock-corded poles that can withstand enormous pressure, and together with the reflective guylines, it protects from winds up to 30 mph, but if you are camping in rocky terrain or sand, then you have to replace the stakes with strong stakes as the ones that are included in the package bend easily.

WeatherTech System

wind and rain tested

For rainy weather, the tent is incorporated with the patented WeatherTech system of Coleman, which includes inverted seams and welded corners, and the seams are above ground level by six inches to ensure that the puddle water doesn’t enter the tent, but as we said earlier the tent must be used with a camping tarp as the floor is thin.

Waterproof Rating

Moreover, the tent has a hydrostatic rating of 3000mm, which means a 3-meter column of water can be placed on its surface before any drops will show through the underside of the fabric.

The rainfly covers the entire tent, and the zippers have large cuffs and are inverted, so it is nearly impossible for rainwater to seep through the zippers. The only part of the tent that is vulnerable to heavy rain is the seam, so sealing it with a seam sealer can solve the problem.

Fire Retardant Material

The Coleman uses fire-retardant material to manufacture its tents, which do not let the fabric flare dangerously and gives the occupants enough time to escape. Also, the Coleman Sundome 4 tent is UV pro, which means it is protected from the UV rays to prolong the fabric life.

For the people who want to catch up on sleep and put the kids to sleep early, Coleman introduced the Darkroom version of the Coleman four-person tent, which blocks 90% of the UV rays from entering the tent and gives a perfect atmosphere to get cozy.


In its maximum potential, the tent can accommodate four adults, but that leaves no elbow room, so the tent is suitable for three adults. According to the reviews from customers, the tent is perfect for camping with dogs as it is spacious for a couple and a dog. The tent can accommodate a queen size air mattress; however, the door is small for the inflated mattress, so you have to inflate the mattress inside the tent. 

Gear Lofts

To keep your cellphones, glasses and other such small belongings safely, the tent has two large gear-lofts inside the tent, and a lantern hook in the center. 

Hinge Door

hinged door

The hinge door has an awning, which keeps your shoes dry in rainy weather, and another good thing about the door is it you can keep it close without zipping it. Dome tents usually have a short center height to protect it from high winds; however, the Coleman Sundome dome tent has kept the balance between comfort and protection by giving enough space to stand straight inside the tent.

Easy to Setup

Like the Coleman Sundome 3-person tent, it is simple to pitch the tent as it includes only two poles, continuous pole sleeves and snag-free instant-clip suspension, and the instructions are sewn into the carry bag, so you don’t lose them. However, it is not as easy as the pop-up tents to pitch the tent; it takes around fifteen minutes to pitch the tent, and in windy conditions, you will need an extra hand to pitch the tent without feeling frustrated.


The tent weighs just over 8 pounds; it is not meant for long hiking trips. However, given the size, it does not come in the category of Heavy tents, so when required, one can easily walk with it for a few miles. Plus, the carry bag that is included in the package is only 2 feet long and 6 inches square, so it is easy to carry and occupies little space in the trunk. 

The tent comes in two separate bags, so you can share the weight with your partner, and you can also replace the heavy stakes with light aluminum stakes to reduce the weight.


For cross-ventilation, the tent has one front zip-up window and one rear zip-up window, and a ground vent. Apart from that, the upper part of the door can be unzipped to reveal the screen, which lets in cool air. 

It is a refreshing tent for summers with the big windows and ground vents, but in cold temperatures, the ventilation arrangement is not effective enough to keep the condensation at bay, and the screen window lets the heat escape from the tent; therefore, in winters you have to keep the ground vent open and one window when it gets damp inside.


The Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent have few extra offerings, and the handiest among them is the Electrical-access port, which gives safe access to the electrical cords, so you can charge gadgets without letting bugs and other unwanted things. As we mentioned earlier, the tent has two large storage pockets and a lantern hook at the center, which keep the tent organized and clean by keeping things off the floor.

Customer Reviews Summary 

The Coleman Sundome 4 reviews are mostly positive, and the majority of the positive reviews praise its performance during strong winds and durability. Moreover, the tent received admiration for the value it provides at such a low price. The negative reviews are directed towards the bending stakes and leaking seams, which they say is because of poor quality control.

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent vs Competitors

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent Review

Weight: 8 pounds
Floor size: 7ft ✕ 7ft
Center Height: 4ft
Doors: 1
Porch: No
Rooms: 1
Pole: 2
Type: Dome

Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

Weanas Professional Backpacking Tentt

Weight: 6.2 pounds
Floor size: 6.9ft X 6.9ft
Center Height: 4.3ft
Doors: 1
Porch: No
Rooms: 1
Pole: 2
Type: Dome

Moon Lence Pop Up Tent


Weight: 4.9 pounds
Floor size: 32.7*7.1*7
Center Height: 4.1ft
Doors: 2
Porch: No
Rooms: 1
Pole: 2
Type: Pop up


The Sundome series by Coleman is praised by outdoor enthusiasts all over the World as it is affordable and durable, and therefore, Coleman is still introducing new Sundome models. 

The Coleman Sundome 4-person tent, like the other models, is affordable and Rugged, and it does well against strong winds and rain. The tent is designed for campgrounds that are vehicle-approachable and is best in three seasons. 

The tent’s downside is water ooze in during heavy rain, and the stakes that come with the tent bend in rocky terrains, so replacing the stakes with stronger ones and sealing the seams will earn it a place among the best tents for heavy rain.  

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