COLEMAN VS Core tents

Coleman vs Core Tents – Who wins this Battle

Core and Coleman are the two most well-known brands for camping equipment production. If you are a regular camper or have been related to the activity in any way, I am sure that you will be familiar with these names.

Both of these brands are top in their class and produce high-quality camping gear and equipment. While buying camping stuff, you need to keep in mind  few things, such as if it is the best one that you can get and if it will be capable of fulfilling your requirements.

In this article, you will learn about the difference between Coleman VS Core tents which will make you able to decide which brand is more better and which tent brand is best fit for your next camping trip. Moreover, you will also get to learn about a lot of the features and products that both these brands have to offer.

Core Tents:

Core Tents

Core is a brand that specializes in high-quality products. That is the reason why it doesn’t hesitate in going all out on its products. All of its tents provide the user with waterproof technology, including properly sealed joints as well as water repellent fabrics. Almost all of their shelters are equipped with active bead technology.

Moreover, the tents from Core are “instant” tents, this means that they are very easy and fast to set up with the help of the poles that are pre-attached with the body.

These special features when combined with the rest of the top-of-the-line characteristics provide you with high-quality water-proof tents. These tents are capable of keeping the water outside even in a torrential downpour.

Are Core tents Good quality- Features Explained

Core tents are some of the best quality tents in the market. They provide many special features that make them unique and allow them to stand out amongst all the competition.

Wind Protection:

As seen in reviews from hundreds of customers, Core tents are widely known for their protection against the wind. Even Cabin tents have been known to perform quite well in windy situations. This ensures that you will be safe in case you come across any unseen storm on one of your trips.

Water protection:

As discussed earlier, Core tents are equipped with some of the best water repellent technology that can come in camping equipment. These tents are equipped with H2O Block Technology that provides the best water run-off possible.

Extremely Affordable:

Contrary to what one might think, Core tents are not expensive they are very cheap as compared to other tents that provide the same features. Although, they might not be as cheap as those of Coleman.

Variety of Options:

Core tents offer a large variety of options when it comes to size. You can get tents from sizes that are appropriate for solo travelers to those for 12 people.

How long will a Core tent last?

Core tents are built to be extremely durable. They are equipped with some of the best materials and fabrics. They mostly use sturdy polyesters including the likes of 68D polyester that is known to be one of the most durable and strongest polyesters in the market. Core tents are very thick and are designed to serve you for years to come.

Which Core tent is the best?

In my opinion, no Core tent is lesser than the other, but each category has its top one. The following are the best Core tents in their respective categories.

In the solo tent category, the Core Dome Tent is the best tent that you can get your hands on. It is ideal for 3 people and can be used regardless of the season. This tent is very comfortable as well as very easy to set up.

The Dome tent features a gear loft in addition to a lantern hook and pockets that help in keeping things organized.

When it comes to occupying 4 to 6 people, nothings beats The Core Straight Wall Cabin Tent. It is very spacious, extremely comfortable, and durable. Moreover, it is extremely easy to set up.

Instead of getting several smaller tents, you can get yourself a single family-sized tent. It is the best two room tent. To enjoy your trips and adventures as a family, nothing gets better than the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent.

It weighs a mere 27.62 pounds and can easily accommodate up to 9 people. It is spacious and features a room divider as well as an adjustable ground vent.

Pros of Core Tents:

  • Extremely strong against strong winds. Even Core Cabin tents have been appreciated for protecting people when facing windy storms.
  • Durable polyester that will last for several years to come.
  • Almost all of the tents can be used any time of the year regardless of the season.
  • Comes with pre-attached poles for stronger configuration and easier as well as faster set-up.
  • The large variety of options.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Equipped with Block H2O technology for complete protection against water.a

Cons of Core Tents:

One major design flaw that has come up, again and again, is its zip. Many customers have complained about the zip being not made of good quality. Core has listened to these concerns and has promised that this issue will be solved as soon as possible.

Coleman Tents:

Coleman Tents

Coleman tents are famous in the market because of their affordable yet good quality tents. As compared to Core tents, Coleman tanks are a bit basic. They might not have all the special features that a similar Core tent offers, but they are available for people with a low budget.

Compensating on some features doesn’t mean that Coleman tanks are low tier. They are of good quality. They differ from Core tents in the sense that they don’t have as well-engineered. They are ideal for casual campers, the ones who don’t go out a lot or don’t cam in extreme conditions.

Coleman tents are made for people who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on tents, and just want one that can do just fine for a few trips.

Are Coleman tents Good quality – Features

Coleman tents can be considered as being of good quality. But, if compared with Core tents, Coleman lags far behind.

Designed for Casual Campers:

Coleman tents have been designed to target specifically those people who do not require a professional tent that can cost a lot.

Simple Design:

Coleman tanks are designed to be basic. They don’t have any sharp features such as a patio or a room separator. Although some models do have exit covers to keep the shoes and gears safe from rain, which is pretty much it. You won’t find any fancy shelves or room separators etc.


When comparing Core tents with Coleman tents, the zipper is a big factor. The reason behind this is that although the overall design of Core tents is much better than that of Coleman tents, Core tents have always had complaints from customers regarding zippers.

Either the zippers from Core tents don’t close properly or they break off. This is not the problem with Coleman tents, although their design is not as great, the zipper quality is top of the mark.

They have never received a complaint regarding this and hopefully will never do so.

Easy to Set-up:

Coleman tents are easy to set up, just like Core tents. The main difference comes in the shapes of both brands. Coleman tents are mostly designed in a dome shape.

They can be set up in mere minutes and don’t require two people. You can set them up alone if you’re by yourself.

Dome Shape:

A dome shape is ideal for better able to withstand rain and wind. A dome-style allows the wind to either flow downward or around the top. But at the same time, this has a disadvantage. Since the tops are round, the tent becomes prone to being blown away in a storm.

How long will a Coleman tent last?

As discussed earlier, Coleman tents are not designed to be very durable. They are made for casual campers who don’t want to use them in extreme conditions. For this reason, Coleman tents aren’t made to last very long.

If used in extreme conditions, they might not even last a few weeks and in less harsh or normal conditions, they might last a few months or even a few years if used carefully.

Which Coleman tent is the best?

Coleman has produced some of the best tents for casual and amateur hikers alike. Following are the best Coleman tents from this brand in their respective categories;

The Coleman Sundome tent the best solo tent from this brand. It is ideal for 2 people. This Sun Dome tent weighs only 3.4 KGs and can be used in as many as 3 seasons around the year.

It is made from a 75 denier ply sheet with polyester taffeta. It offers protection against water leakage with the help of inverted seams and welded corners. Moreover, its strong frame allows it to withstand winds of up to 35+ mph. Lastly, space has been made for e-port so that you can easily bring in electrical power.

The Montana Tent is the best tent from Coleman in 4 person tent category. It has a capacity of as many as 6 people. It is a 3 season tent and weighs approximately 19 pounds.

The Montana tent is very easy to set up and carry around with the help of its carry bag. It has a Polyester taffeta 75D. It has enough space inside for 2 queen-sized air beds and at the same time has extended door awnings. These keep the shoes and gears dry.

The Coleman 8 Person tent for camping is the ideal tent for a family camping trip. It has space to accommodate 8 people at once. It is a three-season tank and weighs only 24.5 pounds.

This tall tent is easy to set up as well as very quick at the same time. It has a strong polyester cover and a WeatherTec System with patented corner welds and inverted seams that help to keep the water outside.

Pros of Coleman Tents:

As compared to Core tents, Coleman tents are extremely affordable. They are available within the budget of low earners and can be used by campers who don’t want professional and expensive tents.

Dome design helps keep the tent water repellent effectively. Doesn’t let any water get in and keeps everything in place.

Zipper quality is top-notch. No customer has yet complained about the zipper on any one of the tents becoming loose or breaking apart.

Cons of Coleman Tents:

The Dome shape risks the tent flying away in case of a storm with strong winds.

Camping Tent Buying Guide 2022

tent buying guide

Now that you know the difference between a Coleman and a Core tent, you will need to know which one will be better suited for your needs. Before you decide to buy one, you will have to set up some parameters for yourself.

A tent will only be eligible for your consideration if it fulfills those parameters. Let’s discuss those conditions;


This is the most important factor. The tent size depends on the number of people that are expected to use it. If you often travel alone, then the solo tent will be better for you. Similarly, depending on the number of members on your trip, you can adjust tent sizes accordingly.

Water Blockage:

A tent is useless if it cannot block water coming in from the outside. H2O block technology is the latest in this field. The better the water retention and the water blockage of a tent, the cleaner you will be.

It is advisable to have a tent with extended door awnings. These are extremely helpful in places where you have chances of rain or fog during the night. The door awnings keep your shoes and gears safe.

Fabric Material:

The stronger the fabric material of a tent, the more durable it is. Moreover, the durability of a tent also depends on its stitching. A good quality fabric is useless if it hasn’t been stitched properly.

The same is for the design of a tent. If it is not designed properly, it surely will have design flaws. Either the tent will not hold or will not be durable enough for usage.


This has been discussed in detail in the article. Different models provide different quality tents. Some can only last a few weeks, some a few months, some a few years, and some a lot of years.

This entirely depends on the quality of the fabric used in the making of the tent. Its structure, its design, its quality material.


The design has a lot of effect on the performance and the life of a tent. The better the design, the better the tent will be able to endure tough conditions.

The better the design, the easier and quicker it will be to set up the tent. Moreover, a good design ensures the stability of a tent. If the design is not aerodynamic, it has a strong chance of getting blown away by a storm.

Ease of Set-up:

If a tent takes a lot of time to set up or if it takes more than one person to set up, in my opinion, it is useless. A tent should be extremely easy and quick to set up. It should be capable of being set up by a single person,

Final Thoughts on Coleman vs Core Tents Reviews:

Now that you have gone through this article, I am sure that you will have decided which tent is the better one. In my opinion, both the tent brands have their specific utility. Core tents are ideal for people who are dedicated campers and want to be professional in it. They are well designed and provide a lot of features, but probably at the cost of your wallet.

On the other hand, Coleman Tents are designed for rookies and people who just want to spend some casual time out in nature. They aren’t planning on using the tent a lot and don’t want it to be a bit heavy on the budget as well.

Moreover, Coleman tents don’t provide the added accessories that Core tents provide, this is most probably the reason why they are so cheap.

Thank you for giving this article a read. I am hopeful that this article will have helped you in deciding which tent you should go for. Moreover, I hope that you must have decided upon a tent from one of my suggestions.

Let me know which brand you love the most in the comment box. You can also share your queries related to the topic and I’ll get back to them as soon as I can.

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