CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

CORE is not experienced, but a skillful outdoor brand. It has earned a name among adventurists for its creative and durable outdoor products. They are on a mission to create products that will enhance all your outdoor adventures, whether they are in the backyard or the mountains. 

We have reviewed one of the best selling tent Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent in detail.

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Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review 2021

Core 9 Person Instant tent has all the features that a shelter needs to be on the top; what it doesn’t have is the promotion that will find it the attention which it deserves. You may find a more aesthetic tent than the CORE Instant cabin tent, but you cannot find a more convenient shelter than it. 

Carrying a 9-person shelter to a distanced campground and setting it up is not a cup of tea of starters. As I have said that, the CORE 9 is extremely easy to set up, even newbies can pitch it in less than a minute. Plus, the expandable carry bag makes it portable as it feels compact and occupies less space than the majority of the 9-person tents. 

After enjoying camping activities all day, you may want to have some privacy when it is time to sleep, realizing that the designer has included a room divider that turns the cabin into a multi-room shelter. 

Another feature that makes it user-friendly is its free-standing structure. A free-standing structure allows you to move a pitched tent around without the need to disassemble it. Also, you don’t have to stake it on a clear day, but it is better to stake it down when you are expecting a bad weather condition. 

The reason that is called a cabin tent is its center height. Unlike conventional tents, cabin tents are taller that makes it easy to carry out every kind of activity inside the shelter without your head touching the roof. CORE 9 Instant Cabin tent has a height of six-and-half feet; even the tallest in the group can stand tall inside it. 

The main reason to take a tent on camping trips is to protect yourself and your family from inhospitable conditions, including bad weather, so a shelter that cannot protect you from rain or storms is useless. 

The shelter under discussion has satisfying arrangements for weather protection; the extended rain fly is made of 68D polyester, and all the seams are heat-sealed, as a result, it is nearly impossible for rainwater to seep in. 

CORE 9 instant cabin tent is a 3-season tent; fall, spring, and summer. In these three seasons, one needs fresh air throughout the night; therefore, the tent has ground vents that draw fresh air, and the windows and mesh roof let go of the hot air. When it is chilly outside, the mesh roof can be covered with the rain fly. The windows and ground vents can be shut, but to prevent condensation, let the ground vents operate.

Core 9 person Instant Cabin Family Tent


A shelter has to be extra spacious to accommodate nine persons. CORE Instant tent has 126ft² floor size, and when it is divided among nine occupants, it leaves 14ft² space for everyone. It may feel tight for nine persons if you are expecting elbowroom. It has an ideal size for a family of six with a lot of extra room for luggage and additional gear, even after fitting in two queen-sized air mattresses. 

core 9 tent review

Instant Setup:

The instant setup may imply that the tent is vulnerable to strong winds. Well, it is not the case since the CORE instant comes with steel stakes, which are pointed and strong as a nail. Moreover, the telescopic poles adorn the tent and aid to keep the tent stable. The center pole does not touch the ground; it seems a design flaw, but even if it did, it would not make much difference. 

On a clear night, you may want to stargaze with your partner, the mesh roof of the CORE Instant cabin tent lets you enjoy the starry sky, and at the same time protects you from bugs. 


It has a T-shaped door; designed to provide separate ways for entry and exit as a single can cause chaos in such an enormous tent. But it would have been better if there was another door at the other side of the tent, so one could go outside in a middle of a night to take a leak without disturbing the fellow campers. If you think a double-door tent is more suitable for you, then read our best 8-person tents reviews to find one. 


As the millennials find it hard to leave without their gadgets, it becomes necessary to electrify the tent. Considering that, CORE Instant has designed an E-port for hassle-free and safe entry of electric cords to the tent, and the port can be closed when not in use. 

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

When all the nine people place their essentials on the floor, the tent will look untidy and unorganized. This tent has storage pockets that can hold essentials like smartphones, torch, etc. Also, it has a hook at the center to hold a lamp or lantern. 

The zippers of the tent are not well-designed; on a rainy day, it may let in droplets if not taken care of. Other than that, the tent is well-built. 

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Setup (Complete video)

Who should buy Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent?

Since it sets up in a breeze, a person who does not like or find it cumbersome to pitch a tent would love it. Similarly, the spacious space makes it a suitable tent for family and group camping. Also, it can be used in any terrain except high altitude terrain that gets heavy snow throughout the year. 

The tent can also be used for beach camping, but you have to take longer stakes since the one that comes with the tent are shorter for sand, you may find best stakes here. 

It cannot be carried on backpack as it is heavy, so if a paved road leading to the campsite, then this tent is highly recommended.


Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Family and group camping are more prone to wrong planning than any other trip. It is hard to find a shelter that offers space for nine persons and portability at the same time. Therefore, following expert’s guidance becomes necessary.

Our expert team has reviewed one of the best Core 9-person tents in detail and has provided basic guidelines on how to choose the best core 9-person tent. It is now your job to know your needs, and if the CORE Instant can fulfill those, then do not hesitate to order it. 

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