Couples Camping Checklist

The Must Read Couples Camping Checklist

Are you planning a getaway with your significant other?

What about the couple camping trip?


Are you stepping back due to the challenges of camping as a couple?

You do not need to worry; this couples camping checklist will help you in every way. First of all, make up your mind that if you are prepared well and embraced with all the camping essential for couples then no worry. Just get ready, memories are waiting to be made.

Yeah, there could be uncountable other options from a cool to an adventurous trip or something in between them, but we suggest you a cozy, intimate, and romantic tent camping with your bae.

Here in this article, we inked all couple camping gears to keep with you while packing your clothes. Moreover, we also covered other aspects such as How to set up a tent or romantic things to do while camping with your boyfriend.

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Basics Camping Checklist For Couple

The following are some basic and supremely important things to keep with you when you go out for a camping trip with your loved one.

  1. Destination
  2. Tent and Camp Pitching tools
  3. Medicine box
  4. Hammock
  5. Cozy bedding
  6. Personal hygienic things
  7. Rechargeable batteries
  8. Flashlight/strip lights
  9. Entertainment
  10. Electric stove
  11. Edibles
  12. Trash bags


Choosing the right destination is the most crucial thing. Make sure you both halves are heartedly agreed in this regard. If any of you does not feel well in the decided destination, believe us, it would be even worse than not going on any vacation for a long time.

Here is a simple solution!

Both of you make a list of your favorite destinations. Check out if there is any match. If yes then nothing could be this great and if your list does not match anything then have a cup of coffee, sit calmly with your laptop, and decide mutually which place would work best for you.

One more thing,

Always check for the weather conditions of the destination and make any necessary changes in this checklist according to the need. Camping in a rainy season can add the extra factor to your romantic getaway. Check out our camping in rain checklist for a well spent vacation.

Tent and Camp Pitching Tools

Tent and Camp pitching tools

After the selection of your campsite, now the first and foremost thing is to check for availability of a camp. If you already possess one then check it out thoroughly for any rips. If there is any irreparable rip then it is better to buy a new one.

Tip: A well reputed waterproof tent would be the best choice.

In addition to the tent, you must have all the necessary tools to pitch the tent. For your ease, pitch the camp once in your backyard to learn which thing would get hitched where. This practice would give you a chance to know how to set up a Tent and would save you from any inconvenience at campsite while pitching your camp.

Medicine Box

Medicine box

Of course, no one wants to get sick at his romantic camping date. So, your regular medicine intake must not be skipped. Keep your medicine box in your backpack so that it would be easy to take it on time without any laziness.

Besides the regular medicines, keep a complete first aid with you. Moreover, the insect repellent lotion as well as the insect/fly killing spray would be lifesaving things while camping. 

Tip: Pack some extra medicines as a precautionary measure. 


hammock tent

Keep a Hammock sling with you!

If you do not adapt sleeping on a floor bedding you can use it as your bed as well. Further, it would be helpful for sun-soaking while resting on your bed. Take some good pictures while cuddling in this air-bedding.

This would be really a nice addition for a best camping setup for couples.

Cozy Bedding

Sleep and romance are so interrelated you can’t deny the fact that comfortable bedding affects the mood of your partner.

If you are camping with your boyfriend or girlfriend and looking forward to a comfy and intimate sleeptime, take it thoughtfully and arrange all the needed things for creating the magical environment.

P.S: Plan everything which goes well with your choice of destination/terrain.

Personal Hygiene Things

No compromise on personal hygiene stuff.

If your suitcase is full and has a small space just for a dress only, you can leave one dress behind but not the personal hygiene things. There are some must-keep things, make sure you keep all of these.

  • Towels
  • Soap/shampoo
  • Tooth brush/tooth paste
  • Deodorant
  • Comb/ hairbrush
  • Flip flops
  • Camping shower
  • Toilet paper
  • Razor
  • Other personal products

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are must!

If it is a long trip then make arrangements for a generator to get enough electricity to fulfill all your basic needs such as charging your mobile, laptop, and electric stoves too if you are not firing the wood.

The solar panel is the best option if your campsite directly faces the sunlight.

Flashlight/Strip Lights

Cold air, dark night, warm fire, and bright stars..

What a combination!

Sometimes we avoid flaming the fire near our camp. Think if the warm fire is missing in the above dramatic combination. Obviously, the environment would not be the same and you would be in pitch-dark. Hence, you need a bulb or flashlight to enlighten your campsite.

Additionally, the strip lights are good to decorate your hut. It would look like a great dreamy night with your significant other. So, don’t forget to keep it with you.


Can you imagine the bae-cation without a romantic movie and music?

I know your answer.

So download some movies of mutual interest and enjoy watching your favorite movie while eating snacks. You can paint, dance, write, or read whatever you like by mutual consent.

Electric Stove

Electric stove for camping

This is one of the most important thing of essential camping checklist. Prepare yourself for a cup of tea that you need just right after pitching the camp and you don’t have any wood yet. So, keep this in mind and pack an electric stove at first hand.


We think, there is no need to remind you that you are a human being after all, you need food to get energy for living. So, keep a stock of some readymade sealed edibles with you.

P.S: Don’t forget to keep plenty of water bottles with you.

Trash Bags

This essential is not only necessary for a good vacation but also our ethical duty. Do never throw the waste here and there and not let it pile up anywhere near your camp. Its deteriorating smell can spoil your partner’s mood.

It is better to keep the trash in the storage bags and at the end of your picnic dispose of it in a landfill. So, keep plenty of trash bags with you.

Fun Things To Do For Couples While Camping

It’s really a daring challenge on its own to make your camping trip successful. Don’t get upset, we are always here to help you. Here in this section you will learn some camping activities for couples to get closer to each other.

Here are some camping ideas for couples that actually serve as couples camping goals to follow, let’s get into it.

  1. First of all, we recommend you to watch a romantic movie together. It will reclaim your love.
  2. Secondly, flame the fire, sit next to your partner, and pull the strings of guitar for a romantic tune. We assure you this will create magic in the environment.
  3. Dancing together could also be another reason for getting intimate to your partner. Play soft and relaxing music and feel the rhythm of your dancing breath.
  4. Moreover, cooking meals is also one of the fun things to do while camping with your boyfriend. Both of you must do cooking together to create an amazing memory of this trip.
  5. Together art creation would be an everlasting memory. We suggest you draw the sketch of each other than frame them and hang them in your bedroom. This would be really a fun activity.


We hope you have read the above article thoroughly. It states all the essential things you need while camping as a couple and includes some tips for camping as a couple. If you never did camping before, you can go through our camping for beginners checklist to get an idea how to get ready well for a memorable camping trip. We tried our best to compile all the primary needed things in this couple’s camping checklist but if somehow, we missed anything. Do comment us, we will add in our article.

Write these things in your sticky note and tick mark the things you already packed and arrange the ones you have not yet.

Happy Go!

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