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How to Set Up a Tent – [A Complete Guide with Video]

With the rapidly growing urbanization, people in most parts of the world are unable to take out time for nature. 

This is one of the reasons that people nowadays are less aware of the little things of nature than they are about complex technologies.

Camping is a perfect way to make your bond with nature stronger again. You can gaze at the sky to track the movement of stars, listen to the wild and much more. 

But if you do not know how to pitch a camp then you will most probably spend the night being angry at yourself.

This article will help you to pitch a tent like a pro.

What do you need for Setting up a Tent Perfectly?

  • Tent body
  • Tent stakes
  • Tent fly
  • Tarpaulin
  • Flashlight
  • Hammer
  • Handheld
  • Brush

These are the basic items you will need to set up a camp. Apart from these, you will need several other items from food to insect repellents for camping.

What do you need before setting up a tent perfectly

Precautionary measures: Before leaving for a Camping 

  • Check Weather Forecast

Always check the forecast before you go camping as it helps you to take items according to the weather and to be mentally prepared. You might delay your camping trip because of the forecast weather but if you do not check you might end up camping in the weather you do not like.

  • Reserve a Campsite 

Most scenic spots are filled with campers throughout the year. It is better to check whether the campsite you are planning to visit requires a reservation or not, if yes then do not procrastinate.

  • Research your destination

Since the world has done much progress in becoming a global village; We can scrutinize anything on the internet. 

So why not research your destination, it will help you not only to decide, whether to camp there or not, but will also help you to get prepared so you could enjoy your camping to the fullest.

  • Beware of Carbon monoxide poisoning 

It is not a good idea to take items on camping which emit carbon monoxide significantly. Even if you do take them with you, keep them outside the tent, and do not forget to extinguish the fire before you go to sleep.

  • Leave early 

It would be difficult for you to choose an ideal location for camping if you reach your destination after the evening. Pitching a camp is very difficult in dark, especially when you go camping alone. Leave for your destination early, so that you set up your tent perfectly before the night.

What to do before pitching a Tent?

  • Check the ground 

Try to set up your tent in an ideal location. Make sure the ground is free of rocks, roots and other hard stuff because they will not only puncture your tent but also will not let you sleep comfortably no matter how much drunk you are.

  • Look up 

According to research, more than 100 people die because of falling trees and branches in the US every year. Look up to make sure that there are not any branches that are about to fall. Looking up can also protect you from beehives.

  • Look for water

You will need a substantial amount of water supply; stay near the water to avoid wandering at night for water. But most of the time campers pollute lakes and rivers to avoid that set up your camp at least 200 feet away from lakes or rivers.

  • Track the Sun 

If you are camping in summer, you would not want the sunlight to heat up your tent throughout the day. To avoid that choose a shaded ground. In winters do the opposite.

Step by step guide to Set up a Tent

After you have checked your surroundings, it is time to get to the real task.

✔️ Step 1- Arrange the parts

Take the tent out of the bag. Arrange the parts systematically into respective groups—tent body, tent stakes, tent fly and tarpaulin.

✔️ Step 2- Lay the tarpaulin

Lay out the tarpaulin on the spot where you want to set up the tent. The tarpaulin protects the tent from getting wet. It also acts as a cushion between the tent and ground to provide comfort and protect the tent from twigs. It is essential for the durability of your tent also.

✔️ Step 3- Unfold the tent

Unfold the tent and lay it out on the tarpaulin such that the window and the door side are positioned according to your preference. Pull the corners of the tent till it lays flat on the tarpaulin. 

If the tarpaulin is larger than the floor of the tent, then fold the visible edges beneath. This ensures that water collected by the rain fly doesn’t get underneath the tent base over the tarp.

✔️ Step 4- Stake it

Most of the tents come with built-in loops that are strategically placed along its perimeter. Insert the stakes into the built-in loops. Use a hammer to pound the stakes in securely. Pull the corners of the tent while staking it. 

✔️ Step 5- Assemble the poles

The poles are made foldable with the help of a stretchable string. To assemble the pole, interlock the sections with a push force. Most of the time when sliding it through the sleeves of the tent they get detached and it is very frustrating; To avoid that, do not pull the pole while sliding it through the sleeves.

✔️ Step 6- Hook the poles

After joining the sections, lay them out. Now identify which pole fits into which sleeve. To make this step easy poles are made color-coded. If the poles are not color-coded, then you have to visit the instruction manual.

After you have identified the poles’ positions, it is time to slide the poles through the sleeves till it reaches the opposite corner, then hook the end of each tent pole into the corresponding loop. As you do this, the tent will take shape and stand up.

Note that some tents have clips instead of sleeves. If that is the case, then bend the poles to secure the end of the poles into the attachments at the base of the tent. Next, clip the sides and top of the inner tent onto the poles.

✔️ Step 7- Lay the Tent fly

The majority of the tents are not waterproof. Water-proof tents are expensive so most people cannot afford to buy one. A tent fly makes do not let rainwater pour into your tent like a tarpaulin. To stay dry, do not forget to secure it over the top of the tent.

Place the tent fly over the tent. Make sure that the door to the tent fly is aligned with the door to the inner tent. Once aligned, clip the tent fly to the inner tent and secure it to the ground with stakes.

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