Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent Review

The Most Comprehensive Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent Review – [Updated 2022]

Camping is alluring, and with time it has been adorn with creative concepts. The transition period from teepees to truck Bed tents has seen many other such products that are renovated every now and then to make the activity easier and more attractive. 

A truck can go anywhere and can park anywhere; designing a Truck Bed tent was a smart idea and is being used in the remotest countries of the world, not only by campers but off-roaders too. 

Kodiak is making rugged and comfortable tents for ten years now, and in this short span of time, it has outclassed many experienced outdoor companies. It is an American company that only manufactures Canvas tents. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is one of its best-selling products and we have reviewed this truck tent in detail.

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Kodiak did best to make it different from the previous versions of Truck Bed Tents, but it is compatible with few trucks. If it fits with your vehicle, then there are many compelling reasons to buy it.

The majority of the Truck Bed Tents fell prey to strong winds because of their vulnerable frame. Kodiak Canvas has ¾-inch steel poles that bring enough stability to the tent, that it can stand up to any mishap. 

Though the structure makes it slightly difficult for one person to pitch it, one can easily assemble it after a practice session. Plus, straightforward instructions are provided; if followed properly, the tent can be secured perfectly.

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Canvas is much better than nylon and polyester if you do not have a problem with the weight. Canvas tents are durable; they can last for decades if taken care of. Other than that, Canvas tents are watertight and are good insulators than nylon. 

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is made from Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas, so it is more breathable and watertight than the ordinary canvas tents. Though it is a 4-season tent, it cannot accumulate heavy snow.

The tunnel design and the decent center height make it roomy; one can easily carry out camping activities inside, unlike the old models of truck tents that were designed to provide only sleeping place.

It has a large D-shaped door that offers easy access to and exit, and the placement of the door is such that it does not require extra effort to access the tent. It has YKK zippers that are corrosion resistant, polished, and plated for visual appeal, extra durable, and resistant to cyclic mechanical effects.

The tent has five windows with meshes, that keep the tent breathable in every weather condition. The meshes are dense enough to keep insects at bay. Also, it has a cab access window. It has two storage pockets to keep essentials off the floor, and a lamp hook at the center to illuminate the Truck Bed uniformly. To keep the tent clean, it has extended awnings that provide a dry entrance.

It comes with a nice storage bag that occupies less space making the tent highly portable. The tent is around 46 pounds; heavier than most truck tents, but the durability and breathability of the canvas put the heavyweight out of sight.

Kodiak offers a life-time warranty, that implies a high-quality. It has excellent customer service; they get back to you in no time.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent Setup

Who Should Buy Kodiak Truck Tent in 2021?

Everyone who owns a truck, and fond of camping should buy it. The following trucks are compatible with this tent: 

  • Ford F Series,
  • Chevy Silverado,
  • GMC Sierra,
  • Dodge Ram,
  • Toyota Tundra 2016 or earlier (does not fit 2017 or later),
  • Nissan Titan

Why Kodiak Truck Bed Tent?

Conventional tents are exposed to the not-so-fun side of camping. It is difficult to find a hospitable ground, and even a hospitable ground can turn into an inhospitable one in no time. A Truck Bed is a safe option; you don’t have to check on it.

One has to make extra effort to make a camping trip successful, but Truck Camping requires far less effort. Even if your initial plan fails for some reason, you will have many others at disposal. But in conventional camping, there is no plan B.

Also, Truck camping is cheaper than conventional.      

Guidelines to Choose a Best Truck Bed Tent

Unlike a conventional tent, choosing a Truck Bed Tent can be tricky; one has to consider many things before buying a right truck bed tent. The following guidelines will help you choose the right one

Compatibility- Truck Bed tents are not universal; therefore, it becomes necessary to check the compatibility of a tent with your truck. Many tent manufacturers have Truck tents in different sizes, and few are customizable. Tent manufacturers provide the names of compatible vehicles. Even if you can’t get the list, the size of the tent will make it easy for you to find out.

Weather- Check the general weather conditions where you will be using your truck tent. If you are planning to visit the snowiest place, buy a 4-season tent with a tendency to accumulate heavy snow. And if heat or sun blaze is an issue, buy a well-ventilated and UV protect tent. Kodiak truck tent is a 4-season shelter, but it cannot accumulate heavy snow.

Setup- If you are camping alone, it is a must to check the weight and setup procedure of the tent. Truck bed tents are challenging to pitch than the conventional tents, and usually require more than a person to get pitched. Kodiak truck tent setup is not easy; make sure you practice before leaving for the trip.

Access to the Cab- Make sure the tent has a flap or window that leads to the Cab as you might want electric cord access to charge your gadgets. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent has a Cab window that makes it easy to electrify the Truck bed.

Extras- The followings are small value additions but can make life very easy. Most often, we do not consider them while buying a tent.

Storage pockets and Gear lofts- These keep the tent tidy and organized by keeping essentials off the floor. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent has two storage pockets to keep the essentials.

Lamp hook- when hanged at the center, a lamp can illuminate the whole tent, making it easy for you to carry on the camping activities. Kodiak truck tent has one lamp hook at the center.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, the truck bed itself acts as a floor

Yes, it is dense netting that will keep bugs at bay and won’t compromise on your privacy either.

The depth and size of Toyota Tundra 2018 and later does not match with the tent’s size.

This one is for an eight-foot bed, but Kodiak also have the same Canvas truck tent in different size that will fit Dodge Dakota. 

One can drive in 5-8 MPH, but when driven at a speed higher than that, the poles will bend. 


Truck bed tents are safer than conventional tents but take more time in pitching. Kodiak canvas truck tent is futuristic and well-designed than most truck tents. The canvas fabric makes it more breathable and watertight. It is compatible with a few trucks, which is the drawback of the tent. 

Other than that, there are no other significant cons to it. 

It is now your job to know your needs, and if the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent can fulfill those.

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