| 2022 | Ozark Trail vs Coleman Tent – Which One is Better and Why?

We get it, “Choosing a camping tent is one heck of a job, especially when it’s your first time.”

In a much better sense, if you cannot decide between which tent brand to choose, then you’ve got our back.

Today we will focus on comparing the two most reliable and famous tent brands, i.e., Ozark Trail vs Coleman Tent.

We’d try our best to remain unbiased in pointing out the difference between Ozark Trail and Coleman Tent.

With that said, let’s get right to the main discussion:

Ozark Trail Tents Overview:

Ozark Trail is owned by Walmart which sells different camping tents ranging in variable sizes and different price tags.

The brand focuses on one thing, i.e., “To help families enjoy their camping perfectly.”

Apart from that, Ozark Trail also makes smaller tents. However, they ain’t much worthy compared to the family-sized tents.

Here, you might ask:

Is Ozark Trail a good tent brand?

YES, it is!

The manufacturer has been working for a long time to help camper enjoy their vacations in the best possible fashions.

It specializes in making perfect family-sized tents, which offer better sustainability, rugged enough, and waterproof at the same time.

Similar to that, the tents this brand makes come with easy assembly as one can set them up within few seconds.

All in all, Ozark Trail Tent is quite reliable in terms of producing weather-resistant camping tents for families.

Are Ozark Trails Good Quality?

If there’s one thing we can guarantee about this brand, it’s none other than “High Quality Camping Tents”

That is, you’ll love the sophistication and minimalistic design of Ozark tents.

In this aspect, let‘s have a look at what kind of features you could expect from this manufacturer:

Improved Quality:

Ozark Trail produces family-sized tents while keeping quality in mind. All the accessories that come with the tents are made up of highly sustainable materials.

Moreover, the tents themselves can resist harsh weather conditions without causing any trouble.

Spacious Design:

Not to forget, the tents are quite spacious and can accommodate way more than what the manufacturer advertises.

Especially the family sized tents can adjust 10 persons at once. On top of that, it can still store extra camping items without any doubt.

Impeccable Wind Resistance:

We know you might’ve heard that Ozark Trail tents could not withstand the wind.

However, that’s not true. As per our personal experience, the tents can resist almost 90% of the wind conveniently.

Easy Setup:

The “Instant Setup” option makes the work much easier than expected.

Especially with the family sized tents, you can set them up within few minutes and that too without making any mess.


Ozark Trails doesn’t compromise on the durability of its tents.

All of them are designed to withstand harsh weather without downgrading their quality.

You can expect these tents to work for a long time considering that you are careful enough while using them.

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How Long will an Ozark Trail Tent Last?

Depends upon how you use the tent as well as the budget you spend on getting one.

One thing that we assure you is that they can last at least two seasons if you use them with proper guidelines.

Some of the family-sized tents can also last 3 to 4 seasons depending upon the kind of weather you use them in.

It all comes down to how careful you are about the tent and how much do you use it throughout the year.

Are Ozark Trail Tents Waterproof?


The tents that this manufacturer produces ensure impeccable water resistance, thanks to the high-quality materials used in them.

Some models might leak depending upon how you set them up. However, overall the tents do offer a satisfying job in maintaining the waterproofing ability.

Which Ozark Trail Tent is the Best?

Based on positive customer feedback, durability, and budget range, we’d like to recommend the top 3 picks as follows:

Ozark Trail 4-Season 2-Person Hiker Tent

Although we are not a big fan of small tents when it comes to Ozark Trail, this model has worked quite well for camping enthusiasts.

It features a dome-like design, which makes the tent spacious from the inside while maintaining its low profile.

Apart from adjusting two persons, you can store different camping items in it and still have room left for other accessories.

Fortunately, the tent won’t let you down in rainy conditions as it’s resistant to water.

The two-door interface helps campers to enjoy different views as per their preferences.

A good addition from Ozark Trail with an affordable price tag is what every camper says about this specific tent.

Suitable for “Outdoor Use”, this 4 Person tent from Ozark Trail has surely got the attention of many campers.

First off, the tent is completely resistant to water and leakages, thanks to its rugged rainfly.

Instant Setup option can help you assemble it within few minutes.

What we loved about this tent is its spacious design. It can easily adjust 4 fully grown persons with room still left for keeping backpacks and other extras.

In short, the HKD Tent is best suited for a small group who want to explore nature in different seasons.

Ozark Trail Cabin Tent for Family

With support of up to 10 members, the Family Cabin Tent by Ozark is a miracle on its own.

What’s more surprising about this family tent is that it comes with two rooms separated by curtains for complete privacy.

Other than that, the waterproof rainfly is already present to keep everything convenient enough for camping enthusiasts.

Finally, the mesh material used in the body of the tent could keep it ventilated enough with air circulation.

Ozark Family Cabin Tent is one of the most versatile camping tents from Ozark Trail up till now and it’s available at an affordable rate as well.

Pros and Cons of Ozark Trail Tents:


  • High-Quality tents.
  • Affordable and reasonable.
  • Instant Setup option included.
  • Tents have a spacious design.
  • Resistant to water and leakages.
  • Long-lasting and rugged design.
  • Properly ventilated tents.


  • Small tents are bang average.
  • Chinese manufactured tents could leak sometimes.
  • Not ideal for snowy weather.
  • Build quality of peg loops is questionable.

Coleman Tents Overview:

Coleman, an American-based company, specializes in making stupendous outdoor and recreation products.

The brand is in the scenario since 1900, and it surely knows the requirements of campers and hikers.

With a diverse range of outdoor products, the camping brand focuses on making durable and sturdy tents to meet the demands of its customers.

Talking of the tents, they offer versatility, are extremely resistant to weather, and could work perfectly in snowy conditions as well.

Moreover, the motto of Coleman is to make extremely durable tents at an affordable price tag.

Unlike Ozark Trail, it has focused on producing solo camping tents as well as a diverse range of other camping products.

All in all, Coleman is the favorite brand of Americans when it comes to outdoor camping activities.

Are Coleman Tents Good Quality?

The manufacturer is in the outdoor recreation scenario since 1900. So, the brand knows about how to make its customers happy.

With zero tolerance for bad-quality tents, there are very low to minimum complaints about Coleman tents.

In fact, most of the campers have praised the quality and affordability of their camping tents.

Some of the reasons people love Coleman tents include:

Value for the Money:

Coleman tents offer value for the money you spend on them.

They are available at a reasonable price tag, and even with that, the tents ensure longevity.

Diverse Range of Tents:

Unlike Ozark Trail, you’ll find a diverse range of solo, medium, and family sized tents from Coleman.

You can choose the kind of tent you wish for from Coleman and the brand will not disappoint you for sure.

Instant Assembly:

Just like Ozark Trail, the tents offer instant assembly.

The manufacturer even advertises this option with the claim that users can set family sized tents in no more than 60 seconds.

Is it true?

Of course! As per our testing of multiple Coleman family tents, they got arranged in less than a minute.

Weather and Water Resistance:

Coleman tents could endure harsh weather while keeping the inside as comfy and relaxed as possible.

Plus, the tents resist water as much as air resists electricity. So, you can rely on the brand, especially if you want to go camping in a rainy season.

Extra Spacious:

Last but not the least, the camping tents offer extra space to store different camping items and important accessories.

How Long will a Coleman Tent Last?

Longer than you might expect!

The American manufacturer won’t let you down, especially if you are worried about the tent’s longevity.

Use it season after season and it will work just like you’ve unboxed it for the first time.

That’s something extraordinary considering the fact that Coleman tents are quite affordable.

Are Coleman Tents Waterproof?

Coleman uses the most advanced Polyester material while making the tents.

This material is lightweight, properly ventilated, and most of all, waterproof.

So, the tents could resist water like a charm for many seasons to come.

Which Coleman Tent is the Best?

When it comes to the best, here are the top 3 recommended  tents for your next camping adventure:

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

This new and updated Sundome tent from Coleman is made up of durable Polyester Taffeta material to withstand worst case scenarios.

Properly welded from all sides, the tent won’t allow any leakage nor any water to drip inside making it completely insulated.

Good thing about this compact tent is that the manufacturer has tested it with winds as high as 35 mph. The tent stood firm and passed the test perfectly.

Ventilation is good enough, thanks to the large windows of Coleman Sundome.

All these qualities and specs combined with an affordable price make this tent a perfect camping partner for 2 persons

Coleman Dome Tent for Camping

The Dome Tent for 4 Persons blocks almost 90% of sunlight, thanks to its Dark Room technology. Thus it could make your stay relaxed and comfortable.

Secondly, with use of high quality materials, the tent is meant to reduce heat on the inside. Hence, the internal environment will become cozy enough for you.

Offering space to 4 persons, it can also keep all your important camping items inside and keep them safe from rain or dust.

Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, you will have peace of mind while using the tent.

Consider it if you want to go on a camping trip with your friends.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds

Finally, the Cabin Tent from Coleman is here with a robust shape and durable overall construction.

It can accommodate 6 persons at once and has a room for keeping extra items safe and secure.

Besides, the Cabin Tent does offer water resistance along with improved ventilation, all due to the presence of an updated rainfly.

Made with rugged Polyester 150/155D, the tent can withstand winds, rain, and other uncanny circumstances without any hurdle.

It’s a perfect option for a family trip at an affordable rate and we think you can keep on using it for many seasons to come.

Pros and Cons of Coleman Tents:


  • Diverse range of tents.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Extremely durable and rugged design.
  • No leakage or water dripping problems with the tents.
  • Instant Setup for Family models.
  • Covered with a limited warranty.
  • Ensures proper ventilation.
  • Made in USA.


  • Not as spacious as Ozark Trail tents.
  • Family Cabins don’t perform exceptionally well.
  • Small tents could go a bit lousy.
  • Coleman doesn’t answer warranty claims from users.

Final Takeaways: Which Tent is Better Ozark Trail vs Coleman Tent?

While doing the comparison of Ozark Trail vs Coleman Tent, we came to a conclusion as follows:

Ozark Trail Tents make perfect family sized tents with a justified price tag. However, their small tents are not up to the mark.

In contrast, Coleman Tents offer better value for the money and have got a diverse range of tents to choose from.

As per our verdict, we recommend you should prioritize your preferences first, and then make a decision.

For instance, we’d suggest you to go for Ozark Trail if you want to go on hike or camping with a large family.

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